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Affiliate Links: There are a few special ingredients in this recipe. T...

Affiliate Links: There are a few special ingredients in this recipe. T...

Affiliate Links: There are a few special ingredients in this recipe. The links below are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something by clicking and buying through my link I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you:

Can you please give me the sweeteners measurements in sugar measurements since I use different sweeteners. I also noticed in your instructions you mentioned Swerve but didn’t list it in your ingredients. I assume you used the monk fruit sweetener instead? In other words how much do your sweeteners equal in sugar so I will know how to measure mine. Thank you so much.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this recipe. It’s so quick and easy, and SO delicious.

I cut down on the sweetener and omitted the vanilla, but otherwise this is by far the best keto dessert recipe I’ve had – and I’ve been keto on and off for four years.

Tart, sweet, delicious and simple. I’ve made these three times in the last two months!

Would you please send me the nutritional information on lemon bars? I posted a pic on a group after making them and even shared the recipe so others could go to this page and see it but now many are asking for calories and carbs ?? I have no idea they just looked so yummy and are Keto and made with healthy ingredients. Lol ?? anyhow I’d love any info you have regarding this to share with others. Thanks a bunch! This recipe was absolutely delicious ????????

Can I ask how you calculated your nutritional information? When I imported this recipe in to my carb manager app it’s calculting the net carbs and calories much higher. Net carbs at 22g and calories at 201g. Just trying to figure out which is accurate ??

22 net carbs or total carbs? There is probably an issue with the import. I figure my macros by manually inputting each ingredient I used into MyFitnessPal, then setting the # of servings, and it gives me the macros. I’m not super familiar with carb manager, but it sounds like an ingredient/import issue.

How did you figure the net carbs so low? I just made them (and SUPER yummy btw) but when I entered the recipe into My Fitness Pal, the net was much higher … I’m guessing from the fresh lemon juice -since nothing else has much carbs…? But maybe I’m not figuring correctly.

Most likely you’re seeing the sugar alcohols from the Sweetener in the recipe. MyFitnessPal doesn’t automatically subtract sugar alcohols – or even show them in the nutrition facts – and that throws things off. All of my recipes already have all sugar alcohols subtracted already ??

I have made other bars like these but I used the granual Lakanto in the curd and it crystalized. Does the powdered Lakanto not crystalize after they are chilled? I would hate to waste all those ingredients again. I had to throw away a 13×9 pan of them.

Yes, you’ll definitely want to use the confectioner’s sweetener. It can crystallize, but it’s MUCH harder for that to happen. Also, it is possible to use granulated sweetener if that’s all you have, but it requires such delicate handling to no crystallize I usually use confectioner’s.

Do you let the crust cook until golden? I took mine out at 13 minutes. It was warm but definitely not cooked. I decided to just put the lemon on top. The crust started floating! I’m still cooking it so we will see how it turns out.

I see in the recipe for the lemon part where you add the Confectioners sweetener, however I see .5 tsp of liquid stevia on the list of items, but nowhere in the directions is it actually added. Can it be left out? Does it go in with the powdered sweetner? Thanks! I can’t wait to try them!!

Same!!! I used the exact ingredients and followed the directions and the second I added the lemon to the “sugar” & egg mixture, it turned into soft scrambled eggs. Experienced lemon bar maker here but first time making a keto version. I also question the 1 T of xantham as it usually only takes 1/2 tsp for a whole recipe. hate I don’t know what I did wrong, keto ingredients aren’t cheap. so bummed.

So I made these yesterday. Your recipe says 1 Tablespoon of xanthum gum. Is that a typo? They turned out awful. that would be my only guess as to why. Im gonna try them again with a teaspoon and see if that was the problem. I’m a very experienced baker and they were an epic fail for me.

I made these and my first attempt was a failure. The crust was too watery and never really set up well. I also used a mixer and I think I over processed the Xanthan Gum. The second time was perfect. I modified the crust (1c almond flour, 3 T butter and 1 tsp Lakanto classic cooked at 300 degrees for 15 mins.) and I mixed the lemon curd by hand instead of using a mixer. It’s was delicious and the texture was perfect.

[…] Memories! Both my mother and grandmother used to make lemon bars for my sister and I growing up. They are the classic comfort food to me! Made keto, sugar free, and low carb you can enjoy this classic lemon dessert guilt free! Recipe by Fit Mom Journey, (HERE) […]

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