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Jasmine Rice Pudding pressure cooker recipe that

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Top 10 Cookery Schools in America

Working in a restaurant is not like cooking at home for friends and family, and living in a professional kitchen may not be the right choice for the most passionate chefs. Many do not understand or understand the extraordinary devotion, time and hard work that they spend to become a real cook - a true chef alone.

Consider these 10 things before you apply to the kitchen school, and if you still have the courage to offer the intensity of the kitchen industry - or if you're just burning with a non-extinguishing passion - it's important to get the right training.

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The chef who asks for every candidate wants the best possible training to be of course the best possible chef. There are many training options for future young chefs, but where do you start from? Which schools are the best?

For the answer, The Daily Meal worked with Voss Water to present the top 10 culinary schools in the United States.

Facilities and trainers, diploma programs, reputation and remarkable graduates, the length of the study, and finally, the tuition fee were evaluated during the ranking process.


Top 25 Cooking Courses in America

10 Things to Consider Before Contacting the Cooking School

Kitchen School Awards and Traps

Although many schools offer a range of pastry programs, bachelor's degrees and hospitality management courses, for the purpose of comparison - particularly with regard to the cost and duration of the study - associate degree and certificate degree programs were evaluated primarily.

So if you're dreaming of being the next Anthony Bourdain, David Chang or Daniela Soto-Innes, start with this list and choose the right school for you.

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10. San Diego Cookery Institute

9. Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality Studies

8. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

7. L'Academie de Cuisine

6. Kendall College School of Culinary Arts

5. New England Culinary Institute

4. Johnson & Wales University Faculty of Culinary Arts

3. International Kitchen Center

2. American Kitchen Institute

1. Institute of Culinary Education

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