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Instant Frying Pot in Pot

Instant Frying Pot in Pot

Instant Frying Pot in Pot

Instant Pot Pot Frying: An easy dump and recipe using a pressure cooker, chuck fries, roast roasted or any roast beef you want!

Instant Frying Pot in Pot

I've had slow-frying roast roasting for years, but I knew that when I had an Instant Pot, my frying way could change forever. And this is the process of cooking juicy, quick and delicious çabuk I think it has changed forever.

I'm sharing this crazy nice pot roast recipe today.

Roast Ingredients

Every year, we were incredibly blessed to buy beef in a frozen farm from my parents' farm. So when I feel a flesh and hearty dinner, I tend to reach one of the frozen roasts.

You can make this recipe using a non-frozen roast, and I give these cooking times below.

Now, you can use almost any beef roast for this recipe, and to be honest, this recipe must be quite tasty to use for other meat types too! Such as meat types:




Other ingredients:

In this recipe, the Italian sauce, barn spice, butter, salt, and stock form a delicious juice mix that can be converted into a broth to serve on roast and / or other garnishes.

Tip: When cooking is finished, you may want to use the trivet to help roast the roast in the oven and put it down before adding all ingredients. In this way, roast can be removed much more easily than trying to extract it, and to cut everything into pieces, because SOOO tender!

Instant Frying Frying Pan

What I really like about this recipe (and almost all Instant Pot recipes) is that all of the components can be placed at the same time and Instant Pot takes care of the rest for you. Baby-sitting, no mixing, nothing.

You don't want the sauce, and then you've got a little step, but you have very little work.

Roast Cooking Time

Frozen, roast for 3 lb frying and press the material at "high" pressure for 90 minutes.

If not frozen, fry should be completely cooked in about 45-50 minutes. (Be sure to fry and reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees.)

Now it's time to make a sauce after biting a piece of this fry and wetting a juicy aroma. But only if you want!

Feel free to make this roast like it is, or serve it with other spices as follows:

Ketchup (a kid's favorite)

horseradish (favorite of a mother and father)


garlic oil

blue cheese or farm dressings

Roast Sauce

If you're not a fan of using fruit juices from cooking, it's also great to use a sauce pack or prepare your own homemade sauce!

However, if you are a fan of using fruit juices to create a sauce, you will need:

cold water


To make a roux.

In a small bowl, mix and mix an equal amount of cold water and flour. (I used 3 tablespoons each)

Note: You may need more / less depending on the amount of fruit juices you have or how thick / thick you are.

Add the Un-Water Mix to Drips:

In Instant Pot, turn on "sauté" and once the juices are heated and begin to boil almost. (It shouldn't be long since frying process is cooked.)

Gently add roux while mixing.

Stir until the broth is thick and close Instant Pot so that the sauce does not burn / burn.

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