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33 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs for Keto or Low Carb Diets

33 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs for Keto or Low Carb Diets

33 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs for Keto or Low Carb Diets

If you like fat bombs, this post is for you. Keto dieters and low carb dieters rejoice—you have 33 new keto fat bombs to try thanks to this awesome round-up!

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Are you ready for some fat bombs?! ?? I’ve rounded up a whopping 33 fat bomb recipes that are going to blow. your. mind. From peanut butter fat bombs to red velvet fat bombs to almond pistachio fat bombs, I’m pretty sure this post contains some of the most delicious fat bombs out there right now. Go ahead and try all 33!

What is a Fat Bomb?

If you’ve landed on this post and aren’t exactly sure what a fat bomb is, it’s a recipe (often sweet, but not sweetened with sugar!) that is high in healthy fats and low in carbs. They’re especially popular in keto diets (high fat, low carb), but many people following traditional low carb diets love them too.

Note: Some fat bomb recipes need to be frozen before serving and some need to be chilled before serving. This depends on the type of ingredients you use. (A fat bomb recipe that relies heavily on coconut oil, for example, is more likely to need to be frozen before serving.)

Fat Bomb Molds

Not all fat bombs will use molds (some are just rolled into balls or cut into squares), but here are my favorite molds:

They’re easy to make. Most fat bomb recipes only take a few minutes to make.

They’re portable. While you don’t want to tote around a big bag of fat bombs in the sweltering heat (especially if they contain a fat like coconut oil that will melt), they’re relatively portable when stored in a plastic baggie or plastic container, especially when the weather isn’t too warm.

They satisfy your sweets cravings. The keto diet can sometimes feel like one savory food after another, so a fat bomb is a nice change of pace from steak and butter.

33 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs!

To access each recipe, click on the name of the flavor next to the number.

These Keto Chocolate Coffee Fat Bombs are total bliss! They each contain 9g fat, only 1g net carbs, and they’re caffeinated. When you want a filling pick-me-up, grab one of these tasty keto coffee treats!

I admit I used to eat Neapolitan ice cream straight out of the carton when I was a kid. I would always annoy my parents because I’d start with the chocolate, then eat the vanilla, and finally the strawberry. Needless to say, anything Neapolitan (like this keto fat bomb recipe) reminds me of childhood! (The funny thing is I wrote this and then clicked into the recipe, only to realize the recipe creator said something similar. I guess Neapolitan = childhood for many of us!)

Jessica, thank so much for the great list! I appreciate you listing my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs, too. ?? I COMPLETELY agree with you that sugar is making us sick. Though I love it, I have to eat sugar less often…for my health and that of my family!

Hello! These are some great recipes! I have a hectic life and these are great to grab when on the go. I really struggled with sugar and its great to know that I can still have a little treat every now and then. My personal favourite is the white chocolate fat bombs; going to try cooking some other recipes with my mom for mother’s days. Slowly dipping the toe into keto nutrition. Many thanks – Pamela

I personally do not like the aftertaste from Stevia, so not a fan of this as a sugar substitute..And, Erythritol isn’t considered healthy according to my doctors, so, I would just choose coconut sugar if these two are the only options suggested here…?

Hi Lynn, Coconut sugar isn’t considered a good keto option because it’s high in carbs (4g per 1 tsp). Have you tried monk fruit sweetener? It contains 0 net carbs and is liked by many who don’t like the flavor of stevia. You can check out a popular brand here:

Hi Kala! That’s not my recipe so I can’t say for sure, but you could definitely try substituting stevia granules for the erythritol. One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sugar, but stevia is much sweeter than sugar, so you can’t substitute 1:1. I’d start with about 1/4 tsp stevia, taste, and go from there.

Hi, found your page, and have enjoyed seeing you recipes, even saved some,

I have been using Torani Sugar Free Syrups, instead of the stevia or other sweetener,,(there to sweet for me or I just don’t like the taste),, lol have you used any of the syrups yet, I’m still experimenting , my fav so far is the Lime I use in the No bake coconut bombs,, Thanks again, for all you nice recipes

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