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Best Low Carb Forum of My Top 7

Best Low Carb Forum of My Top 7

Best Low Carb Forum of My Top 7

I’ve been searching the web this weekend for a Low Carb Forum, and I actually found SEVEN that I liked well enough to join.

Many of them share diet & exercise tips, low carb recipes, warnings you may not have thought of yourself, diet journals, open low carb discussion & diet motivation.

So far, everyone I’ve met on these forums has been super nice!

Anytime you are making a serious change in your life, it’s nice to have a community of people who are on the same path. You can ask questions, share things you’re learning along the away, get new ideas, and turn to the group anytime you need a little dose of motivation to stick to your diet! ??

10 Responses to Best Low Carb Forum of My Top 7

Thanks, Lynn. Your site is so full of good and varied info. I haven’t truly gone all the way low carb yet but have cut a lot of the bad stuff out and that has me going in the right direction. Have to recommit, though, following a week-long vacation with home-cooking menus set by other people and then my birthday weekend! Crabcakes Benedict is NOT part of the diet, is it? (-:

Um, probably not – lol. Now that all of that is behind you, have you considered a Start Date yet for going low carb? If you do, and you get hung up on anything in particular about the diet, just let me know. We’ll research it together if I don’t know the answer already ??

Just for the record… I’ve been on Low Carb Friends for a month and I’m honestly looking for someplace new. They do have great info and the members are wonderful, BUT they have so many rules it’s often hard to post at all. In one thread we were discussing books we were reading and someone asked about Kindle. I explained how it works and gave a link to something and I mentioned that I often got books right through my Kindle or iPad. Apparently the link and mentioning certain words were a big nono. Since I was new they didn’t give me a formal warning, but deleted the post. In another post a few days ago I accidentally posted a link to a cholesterol topic in a cholesterol thread. I realized I’d messed up with the link so I commented that I was sorry and then emailed the admin to delete the link. They deleted my posts.. no saying anything against the rules or post links. This is ridiculous.

I have to piggyback on the LowCarbFriends comment. I received “infractions” for the most absurd issues. Heaven forbid you recommend another LC site to help out a newbie. The irony is that their policy has actually lightened up a bit! LOL. Jan, stay long enough, you’ll see that many of the people are not so nice. Oddly enough their rude and antagonistic comments are never censored!

I agree they are horrible. I am life long flagged never been flagged from any web I found out many others have been from them also. Mine was for answering a guestion honestly regarding why Kimkins is still on the net. Google search all the complaints

I agree. Their rules are ridiculous. I mentioned my Facebook group for additional support and you’d think I verbally assaulted someone on the site. I dont get it. So I started looking for someplace new.

I have to agree with the comments re: lowcarbfriends. Avoid – there are much better places out there. It might look great at first glance but the administration is arbitrary and the overall tone is awful.

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