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Clean Eating Garlic Parmesan Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Clean Eating Garlic Parmesan Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Clean Eating Garlic Parmesan Turkey Meatballs Recipe

These clean eating garlic parmesan turkey meatballs are either a great addition to a pasta dinner or a main course all on their own! And sometimes, they are the only thing to make for dinner.

Sometimes, I get desperate for ideas when I walk in to the kitchen. Sometimes, I just have to open the fridge and pray that I can make something out of whatever it is that stares back at me. Occasionally, I put those few items together and they turn out just marvelous. And occasionally, the recipe is so simple I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.

This is one of those recipes. In fact, this recipe inspired an entire meal, which I will share with you in my next blog post. But for now, just know that these are incredibly easy and incredibly delicious.

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We made these tonight and absolutely loved them. We had to sub ground chicken as our local store was out of the turkey on special but they were absolutely delicious. Even my 3 year old gobbled them up. Will definitely be making them again soon. Yet another recipe from TGP added to our list of favorites. Thank you!

Netnet – I would keep them in the fridge and then warm them in the microwave briefly just before serving. You can’t keep things warm in a slow cooker for very long, especially meat. Hope everyone enjoys them!

Sherry – You can certainly put in less. But the garlic really makes these. It’s not overwhelming, but the flavor is there. Depends on how much you like garlic I suppose. If you feel better using 4 or 5 cloves, that will work fine as well. Enjoy!

Depends on what type you get. Read the ingredient list, and if you can afford it, purchase organic and pastured turkey. You can even have a butcher grind the breasts for you if you really want to go the extra mile.

Was looking for meatballs I could make with recipes I already had because I didn’t feel like going to the store. All the recipes had so many ingredients, so I went with this one and I am SO glad I did! They were delicious!!!! To cut back on the chopping time on the garlic, I stuck them in a mini food processor, and I actually pan fried them in coconut oil instead of baked. They were perfect. Thanks for the great recipe!

My husband and I just started our clean eating today! I made these for dinner with organic wheat pasta and sauce. The meatballs are SOOOO good, I was so surprised that eatin clean can be so delicious! Your website has given me so many good recipes and ideas and information already, thank you so much for what you do! It is greatly appreciated!

Just want to add that if you make these with the “clean green bean casserole” and add kale….it makes a great casserole! Just like thanksgiving! Hahaha it’s very hearty but clean….two things I never could have imagined together! Thank you Tiffany for all your recipes! You give clean eating so much variety! I’m starting to hate the same old boiled chicken and veggies with brown rice everyday routine.

I made these tonight, and put it on some pasta with homemade alfredo! It was my first time cooking with turkey, and they were wonderful tasting! I loved it so much! I think I should have chopped up my garlic a little better, but oh man, these were spectacular! I can’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow!

I tried these they were good however they were a little on the dry side even with a sauce on them.. My thoughts would be because the ground chicken needs a little moisture to grade in some onion too it to add that moisture that it would need.. Next time Ill have to try this out to see if it makes a difference other than that great recipe..

Made these today, and plan on serving them with a tomato sauce over spaghetti squash. I may have overlooked them a bit ( they were a bit dry ) but they were still OH SO tasty!! Great recipe ( and so easy )

These were absolutely delicious! I added dried onion, red pepper flakes, dried basil and oregano to mine. My husband went back for seconds and even I enjoyed them (I’m usually not a fan of ground turkey). I also made my meatballs very small so they would cook quicker, and broiled them at the end. Served over brown rice with pasta sauce. I will definitely be making these again.

These are delicious!!! I am 26 and live in NYC (aka tiny kitchen and barely ever cook) and this was so easy and yummy! THANK YOU!!! I love your site it’s really helping me get through this whole clean eating thing ?? xoxo


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