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EASY Low Carb “Oven Stew” Recipe: Chicken & Veggies in Alfredo Broth

EASY Low Carb “Oven Stew” Recipe: Chicken & Veggies in Alfredo Broth

EASY Low Carb “Oven Stew” Recipe: Chicken & Veggies in Alfredo Broth

I cooked yesterday, which you probably know by now… I rarely EVER do. ?? So you can bet it was fast, EASY and required hardly any prep. ??

It turned out delicious! You are going to LOVE this…

This is a very versatile recipe. I said “Chicken & Veggies” in the title because that’s what I used, but you can get creative with what you put in yours.

I called it “Oven Stew” too. I don’t even know if that’s a real term since I hardly know my way around a kitchen, but that’s what it made me think of: a rich delicious stew… made in the oven!

Mine is chock FULL of spinach but I love to play “hide the spinach” in pretty much any dish I make. You can make yours with or without spinach, and your own preferred veggies. (Fun Fact: Did you know spinach promotes healthy hair growth??)

I originally called this recipe: “Everything in the freezer thrown into one dish.” That didn’t really have a good ring to it though. Oven Stew sounds better. I like “Chicken & Veggies in Alfredo Broth” too, but I’m still working out a good title for it.

Let’s Start With The Ingredients…

This all came about because I found a jar of Alfredo Sauce in my cabinet.

From there I just pulled out everything I had in the freezer that sounded like it might be good with Alfredo sauce. ??

Here are the ingredients I used:

1 Cup Bertolli Alfredo Sauce

1 Cup Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Broth

1/2 Cup Water

1.53 Pounds Boneless Chicken

10oz Bag Pictsweet Cut Leaf Spinach

12oz Bag Pictsweet Broccoli Florets

16oz Bag Cut Cauliflower

I did also use salt to taste (not much), and a few dashes of black pepper. The broth & Alfredo are both “salty” and I like the natural flavors of the vegetables.

All of the veggies went in frozen, straight out of the bag. Even the chicken was still slightly frozen even though I let it mostly thaw out in the fridge overnight.

I did steam the spinach first, and poured off the excess water. It steams in the bag right in the microwave. I stirred in the Alfredo sauce, chicken broth & water and mixed it with the spinach to make a nice creamy spinach sauce… and set that aside to cool off for a bit.

I dumped the broccoli and cauliflower (both still frozen) into a large casserole dish, as well as the chicken. Once the creamy spinach sauce cool off I poured that over the top. I covered the entire dish with foil (making it “puffy” at the top so it didn’t stick to the top of the foods in the dish).

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then simply pop the covered dish into the oven and bake it until it’s bubbly throughout and the chicken is done. I have no idea how long you bake it – it seemed like forever to me (because I was hungry, lol).

This made a HUGE dish of food…

This was so simple to make, basically just throwing everything into a large casserole dish and covering it with foil, then baking it until done. ??

I called it 10 servings based on how much ate for one meal. Simply enter in your own ingredients, based on your own labels, and use the Free MyFitnessPal Recipe Calculator to get accurate nutrition facts and log your meal.

Here’s how I logged mine, to give you a live example:

The way I made mine it came to 4 net carbs per serving, and of course FULL of nutrition and healthy foods! ?? If you use the Free MyFitnessPal Recipe Calculator (the link is above) you’ll get an accurate entry to add to your Food Diary:

You’ll notice it doesn’t have much in the way of healthy fats. You could add butter, more alfredo (which would make it more creamy!), perhaps even cream cheese, etc.

Boneless skinless chicken thighs (instead of breasts) would help too, but I used what I had on hand. Chicken thighs are higher fat, and they’re always cheaper too. ??

Feel free to get creative with it to suit you!

I hope you enjoyed this easy low carb recipe idea.

It made for such a quick & easy meal, and it was RICH and delicious!

Like I said, it’s very versatile. I’m sure you could do something similar in a crockpot or slowcooker even, and with any variety of meats & veggies.

The Alfredo / Chicken Broth base is amazingly delicious. Definitely something I’ll be using again in future low carb recipes. I’ve been missing soups & stews, so this will be my new go-to for “everything in a pot” when I want something warm & healthy.

I just put them in as-is, and you could do the same with larger pieces I’m sure, or cut breasts/thighs in half if you don’t want your veggies to get too done. The chicken was so tender I could chop it up with a fork, or even my spoon – as I used a lot of the broth and ate it like stew. ??

I think that I’m gonna make this in my crockpot “soon” (which means someday since I hate cooking), but I think I can easily throw this all into a crockpot to make it even easier and then let it cook all day. The chicken will turn out really tender and I can save on electricity since the oven uses more than the crockpot. Plus., the oven heats up the house too much.

The only things that I plan on doing a little differently, based on my tastes, is I will likely use the entire jar of Alfredo sauce. I will also probably add some real butter. Then, I will probably sprinkle a little garlic salt on it, but will do that when it’s on my plate and not in the crockpot.

Sounds great! I used veggies high in water content so I knew they would add juice to the dish. Plus the Alfredo was “stout” to me (I eat very plain) which is why I used only a little (plus for lower carb count) and cut it with chicken broth. ??

I put in all of the ingredients and quantities, based on my own labels of course, into the MyFitnessPal Recipe Calculator as mentioned in the recipe post. Then I figured out how many servings was in the entire dish, so I could log it correctly when I ate a “meal” of it.

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