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First of all, CROCK POT! Yeeessss !!!! I am a full-time special educat...

First of all, CROCK POT! Yeeessss !!!! I am a full-time special educat...

First of all, CROCK POT! Yeeessss !!!! I am a full-time special education teacher and a full-time mother / wife, so I get excited and very interested when I read the words "casserole pot". Most of the recipes in this cookbook are really fast and easy and do not take too long to cook (for stew pots).

This is a great cookbook for cooking keto food for the whole family. Kindra wrote several keto cookbooks that we all love. This one does not disappoint! We love that this book is filled with quick recipes that are easy to follow. We also enjoyed this book from prepared meals for work week.

4. Keto Made Easy

This cookbook is great for people just starting with keto. The authors have everything well organized, review the basics of the keto lifestyle, and make it even easier to identify common allergens in their recipes. This cookbook couldn't really be easier to use.

5. Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

I love my instant container; I can't get enough of this. I often use it to cook protein for quick dinners. As a new mother and teacher, my instant pot and this cookbook helped my family to feed healthy food in less time. I figured out which protein I have, found a recipe in this book, throw it all in the pressure cooker and BOOM… is over.

This cookbook is definitely one of my favorites. The author explains the science behind the ketogenic diet so that the reader can gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use recipes. It also offers a great meal plan for people who don't want to spend time searching for recipes. Also, this book has lots of recipes to choose from.

8. Keto Comfort Foods

This author is very knowledgeable. He has a deep understanding of food and a deep understanding of how he makes people feel. We love the recipe index, which makes it easy to quickly select a recipe. It is also really nice to follow these recipes and be delicious.

Keto for all meals

9. Craveable Keto

If you want tips for success in addition to recipes, then this is a cookbook for you! It's all in this book. He also shares his entire story about the ketogenic journey that we think is good for those who want a more interesting book.

The recipes in this book are certainly not boring. Have great recipes for sauces, plains, syrups and real dishes. The dinners were fun and delicious. We really love that this book provides the reader with a list of people in stock in his pantry for cooking keto; It helps super.

First of all, this book has a ton of recipes. Second, the author only made it easy for people who wanted others to tell us what to do, to follow their meal plans. In addition, the author has done a good job of explaining the ketogenic diet and 3 different ways to take it. His writing style is also fun.

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