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Fun, Easy Low Carb Egg Recipes

Fun, Easy Low Carb Egg Recipes

Fun, Easy Low Carb Egg Recipes

Hi all! I’m Lynn’s friend, Nicole Dean, from Lynn introduced me to Low Carb eating in June 2011, when we were on vacation together in Destin, Florida.

Since then, I’ve been eating low carb pretty consistently and have been LOVING the food.

The only thing I really miss is pizza.(Lynn, got a fix for that?)

Like many of you, my breakfasts consist of eggs, cooked in a variety of ways.

I thought it would be fun to list the foods that I have put into my eggs and generate a discussion to see if you have other fun ideas for me. Here goes… mix and match accordingly and you’ll have endless options.

Dairy –

All varieties of cheeses, including:


Monterrey Jack


Cream Cheese

Pepperjack Cheese

Veggies –

I roast veggies in olive oil for dinner often and usually have some left over. I’ll toss the roasted veggies into my eggs in the morning for a treat. My favorites to toss into eggs are –

Brussel sprouts


All colors of bell peppers (not a lot though, as they are higher in carbs)

Other veggies I toss into my eggs are:




Black Olives

Green Olives


Green Chilis

Meats/Proteins –

I’m not a big meat eater – which makes eating low carb really easy. ((sarcasm)) So, I’ll list a few ideas, and you all can throw in your suggestions into the comments.


Turkey Bacon

Smoked Salmon (which is really good with cream cheese on top of the eggs, too)


Crab meat

Chicken Sausage

Boca Burgers

Condiments –

I really enjoy spicing up my food. Some of these I’ll throw into the eggs while they’re cooking. Others, I’ll put on top. Of course, read your labels to find low carb (no sugar) brands.

Taco Bell Sauce (I normally have extra packets laying around)

Mustard (spicy, stone ground, or whatever I have here)


Verde Sauce (my favorite)

Hot Sauce

Mayo – of course

Seasonings –

Black Pepper


Seasoning Salt



Cajun Seasoning

I’m sure I’m forgetting some items, so I’ll be sure to post them below when I think of them.

Hey Nicole and Lynn –

I have a sweet tooth so guess what I do with eggs? I take about 6 egg whites, blend them until they are really fluffy. Then I add a little vanilla extract and alot of cinnamon. I cook it in a non stick pan like a crepe. Then I roll some strawberries in it. Delicious! You can add sugar free syrup too.

Don’t forget about cooking eggs different ways. There’s scrambled, but you can also hard boil the egg and enjoy w/ a little mayo, or make them sunny side up and serve over a slice of ham or some breakfast sausage.

My husband has been cooking me fried eggs and bacon on the weekends. Yum! Cook the bacon and leave a little grease in the pan. Crack an egg in it and break the yoke with the fork. Move it around a little to mix the white and yellow a bit (but not as much as scrambled eggs). Cook for a bit, flip and cook the other side. Very different texture and taste from a regular scrambled egg.

Because my mind just isn’t right sometimes…the first thought that came into my head was an image of Nicole in the Taco Bell Drive Thru – Nik to Taco Bell Dude – “Hey, Can you please throw in some extra sauce?” ?? (It’s OK Nicole, I often have extra Horsey Sauce packets in my fridge)

Anyway, those are all really great mix/match choices to spruce up eggs. Don’t forget you can vary the way you cook the eggs and have an even greater variety to choose from.

For instance, boil those eggs, add some mayo, salsa, & veggies for a nice egg salad for lunch.

Whip ’em up to make a souffle. There’s got to be a way to make low carb quiche. And I love a good hard fried egg & ham with a little bit of mustard on low carb bread, too.

Since you said you miss Pizza – I thought that I would say that pizza was the think I missed the most. After I made it to maintenance, I found that I could occasionally eat Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake with the deLITE crust. It is an extra thin crust pizza that is about 13 carbs per slice. There are a few pizza kits out there, and a few ways to do a pizza other than the real thing, but Papa Murphy’s is ‘da BOMB! Hope there is one near you.BTW, when I tried eating my old favorite – Pizza Hut Pan pizza, it was just too doughy for me.

And Susanne, I often cook my eggs like you do – just breaking them up a little in the pan and swirling around. Sort of a combination fried and omelet. It’s amazing how different the texture is from scrambled. Once the eggs are cooked, I throw in my extras, then fold it over and let it sit just to get hot.

I love big chunks of celery, onion, and a bit of mustard (coarse ground) and any other veggies. Tomatoes and cheese are a standard.

But… one thing I haven’t seen yet is something I enjoy – nuts. After the eggs are cooked with all the goodies, just top with some salty nuts. Any kind are good. The combination is great.

I keep hard boiled eggs in my refrigerator at all times. Sometimes I just eat them as is with a bit of salt, but when I need a change, a great deviled egg is easy and quick. To boost the protein and flavor, I pop the yolks into a bowl and smash them together with sardines (yes!), mustard, and a bit of creamed cheese. Add salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like, then spoon them back into the egg whites.

oh oh!! I almost forgot one of my favorites. Because I love celery, this works great. I smash up the whole hard boiled eggs with cream cheese and either leftover grilled salmon or some (again) sardines, mix in some spices and spoon into the celery boats. I love the crunch and the big flavors.

This is my first comment but I read your blog religiously!! I just wanted to comment on what was said about not using a lot of peppers as they’re higher in carbs…I noticed that further down the list onion was listed and nothing was said about it – onions are higher in carbs than sweet peppers are so if you’re going to cut down an item I’d choose the onion (and if you’re anything like me, I find a little onion goes a long way flavor wise). Peppers have lots of wonderful vitamins that are great for you!

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Again, I love your advice and read you all the time!

Ask and you shall receive! Here is a link for some awesome pizza…and nearly 300 other fantastic recipes for you. Just scroll down to the “pizzas” link…yes it has it’s own link, and there are several options! Enjoy! (Just remember if you decide to share any of these recipes (and I’m willing to bet that you will) to give proper credit.) Also, for a great LC support group, feel free to join us on Facebook at Your Lighter Side. We’d love to have you!


We make low carb quiche all the time. Just make it in a silicone cake pan or muffin tins. No crust. Mix up your eggs and some heavy cream, add your cooked veggies, meat & cheese, and bake. YUM! Join us on Facebook at Your Lighter Side for more great tips and recipes. (It’s not my site, but it IS my favorite LC page on the net. Awesome people, and a wealth of LC knowledge!) I’ve been at this since 2004, so I know lots of tips and tricks that I’d be happy to share. Another great LC recipe site is (Linda Sue’s site) There are so many fantastic ideas and substitutes that so many LC’ers have come up with, that one should never feel deprived on this WOE. I have mashed potato and home fries subs, if you don’t already know about them, and Your Lighter Side has a recipe for Oopsie Rolls that you don’t want to miss for your next burger night. ??

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