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It’s taken me 10 days to get to this second low carb food review, beca...

It’s taken me 10 days to get to this second low carb food review, beca...

It’s taken me 10 days to get to this second low carb food review, because that first product just about ruined me (lol). BLECH! ??

Keto Krate and Netrition are both companies I’m affiliated with. They send me low carb products to test and in exchange I have to try them, photograph them & write about them. I earn commission on sales & referrals when you use my links. Some things I like, some things I don’t – and I’m always VERY open with you about that.

I don’t even like to cook at all (lol) so… you’re welcome. ?? I’m also afraid some “products” will stall my weight loss, so I’m being a true guinea pig for you here!

I do enjoy being able to help you make smart product choices though, and NOT waste money on the icky products – because I’ve been through that A LOT myself.

I was skeptical, but committed – everyone wanted to know if it was any good!

This product is a WINNER. They tasted like real pancakes! ??

I made them by the directions, adding: 2 eggs, 1 tbsp melted butter & 1/3 cup cold water. I also added 1/4 cup (35 grams) of hand-picked blueberries. Oh – I also added a dash of cinnamon. It’s a super quick & easy recipe using the mix.

They came out THICK, fluffy, buttery crisp around the edges, and delicious!

Even with the blueberries added, it came out to only 4.5 net carbs per serving.

I got FIVE large pancakes out of the batch, using even 1/4 cup scoops per pancake, for a total of 9 net carbs – which made two meals for me.

I cooked them in a non-stick skillet over medium heat (“5” on my stove) and first melted a whole TBSP of real butter in the skillet.

^ This was the last two cooking, while I was eating the first three (lol).

The second batch never looks as pretty, but I just wanted to show you they cook just like traditional pancakes. Fluffy, golden brown & perfect!

Like I said, one batch made 5 large fluffy thick pancakes.

I ate 3 for breakfast and put the rest in the refrigerator. I took them out later and popped those last two pancakes in the toaster… PERFECTION. They were just as good toasted! So YES: I’m going to make & freeze a bunch. ??

I used a full TBSP of real butter in the skillet for each batch of pancakes (3 in the first round, 2 in the last), plus I had butter & sugar free syrup ON the pancakes.

They were amazing. ??

I’m seriously impressed with the mix, especially for the quality of ingredients. And the fact that it has NO sugar alcohols. It’s also Kosher and Non-GMO.

It does have monk fruit and says there’s Stevia in it, but I didn’t taste anything “sweet” about the mix at all. It just had a very nice flavor and texture.

I ate them twice today, and experienced no bloating and no tummy issues.

You shouldn’t have ANY trouble at all with this mix. It’s practically impossible to screw up (I got perfect pancakes the first try!) and won’t stall your weight loss or upset your stomach. It’s a GREAT product, with quality ingredients.

I do love my Low Carb Crepes but they ARE “eggy” – and these are REAL pancakes. I truly couldn’t tell the difference between these and traditional “carb coma” pancakes!

It’ll be nice to make these up and have them on hand for a quick snack or a full meal.

My five thick, fluffy pancakes came to 9 net carbs total – so that makes each pancake (or waffle) less than 2 net carbs each. I love that I can pop them in the toaster to reheat for a super fast (delicious) low carb meal.

They are SO good. ?? This mix is a keeper! Definitely one I’ll keep in stock. I’m going to make waffles next, and freeze them to have on hand.

I’m so glad you’re loving Fabletics! I got hooked on it a couple years ago and LOVE my stuff. It’s such high quality, and you can skip a month anytime (I do it all the time) so there’s no real commitment. I love that they’re offering more and more things you can wear out & about. ??

I am not a big fan of pancakes but like waffles. I’m not sure if it is the texture or what it is. These look delicious and anything with blueberries is even better. I will be trying these and will definitely go through your site. Speaking of Fabletics, I have looked at the site several times since you were posting about it, and I just can’t get myself to purchase from them. I am concerned that it will look bad on me and that the sizing is just for the college age or younger. How is their sizing compared to other womens brands? Thanks Lynn for taking the time to try out and post about the products. ??

I love your Blog Lynn and often share your posts with my weight loss support group. Many of us follow low carb eating. I am usually not a fan of sweets or pancakes/waffles. But I am sold on this review. I bought two boxes of the mix and 1 syrup. Hope that I am as happy with the results as you are. I have been following low carb (mostly) for the past 4 yrs and 3months. I am 6lbs away from my original goal weight of 150 now and your keep it simple and inspiring day to day accounting has helped me so much in the past year. Thank you for sharing so much of your life and struggles/ triumphs through your blog. xoxoxoxo

Some low carb groups get really irate and scold you for using low carb packaged items like: pancake/waffle mix…SF syrups and jams

…LC breads…but I just use them maybe once a week or maybe twice a month and have no problem with it! Is it because they have questionable ingredients that may stall you or what? Please tell us your views on the matter. I really enjoy every now n then having a grilled cheese sandwich or blueberry pancakes w/SF syrup! Maybe toast n SF Mountain Jam! NOT over doing it….just now n then. It really makes a difference sticking with this WOE. I mean …really….isn’t eating 20 and below carb grams a day strick enough without depriving yourself of occasional treats?!?!

I’m making the waffles this morning. I don’t usually like pancakes myself, but these were GREAT. I love that the mix is thick enough to use in the waffle iron. You might remember I tried the crepes in the waffle iron (lol). This should work out MUCH better. ??

I am definitely a waffle girl, but I actually preferred the pancakes. I was able to fry them in more butter (than I could get/use in the waffle iron) so they came out more crisp and buttery around the edges. ??

How do we use YOUR LINK to order from Netrition website? And…. Is there a discount?

I wanna try the pancake/waffle mix…the EVERYTHING bread…and some chocolates…. will try Guys BBQ sauce and SF syrup too. OH…..some mountain berry preserves for cinnamon bread for toast….that any good? Anything else you strongly suggest? Will the thermal pack get it all to me in central Florida good with the reg flat rate 3-day shipping? Worried

Hi Sydney ?? This is my Netrition link: There isn’t a discount, and never has been in the 5+ years I’ve been ordering there. I see there’s a spot for one though, so I always keep my eyes peeled, lol. They do have good prices though (cheaper than Amazon and the merchant’s website) and often run specials on certain things.

I like everything on your list except I didn’t like the cinnamon bagels / breads. Other people did like them, I just wasn’t a fan of the flavor. ??

I don’t use the thermal packaging at all. I’ve tried it both ways (in the heat & humidity of TN even) and just didn’t need it. They do ship fast.

Alright Lynn, you convinced me to try the mix! I’ve had it in my pantry and just never tried it so I just made them for breakfast. They are pretty good. They seem to lack the fluff but the taste was good. I smeared some peanut butter on them. I have the sugar free maple syrup but I’m not a huge fan of it. Just left a weird taste in my mouth. I still have the brownies I need to make.

I had these New Hope Mills pancakes for the first time last night and they were really good. I made regular Krusteze pancakes for the rest of the family, who have not adopted my WOL yet, and was so excited that I could also have pancakes and syrup and loads of butter with just a little extra effort! I added a little vanilla extract and allspice for extra flavor. Consistency was perfect, taste was great, no bad after-effects. I used a sugar free syrup from a local grocery store … just a little. Not bad at all. I plan to order some of the Nature’s Hollow sugar free maple to give it a try.

I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Cynthia! What a treat, right?? ?? I love the Nature’s Hollow syrup. It doesn’t upset my stomach at all, unlike some sugar free products. And I really love the ingredients in the New Hope Mills mix.

Based on your recommendation I bought both of these products, which I plan to make this week. I like pancakes, not waffles. (Who knows where my dislike for waffles came from) Cracker Barrel has wonderful blueberry pancakes, so when I saw the word “blueberry” in your review, I was more than intrigued. I am always looking for alternatives to eggs for breakfast. I like eggs, but need variety—and there is more than enough variety with low carb eating for me. Thank you for your great reviews. I’ve now gotten a FitBit, and have yet to browse Fabletics. I had a few roadblocks for my progress here, but I researched fully and believe I found the culprit. Monday I had dropped 3 lbs. I tell my friends about your site.

You’ll LOVE the pancakes, Cathy. ?? I make a full batch, and the leftover pancakes are great in the toaster for a quick reheat! I just tried that mix to make blueberry muffins this week, but I need to perfect the recipe a bit – so stay tuned for that too. ??

As you know, my gallbladder was removed about 5 yrs ago. When I began gaining weight on this WOE, I started researching what the heck I was doing. Hello? I’ve done this before with great success! What was different? Well, no gallbladder. My doctor verified what the gallbladder actually does, and what I might be missing…which was the digestive enzyme lipase, and the stored bile capability. When I began supplementing with those, I dropped 3 lbs in a week. Then I was without those supplements for a few days and put on almost 2 lbs. It’s actually fascinating to experiment with your own metabolism. I also exercise. My ?? goes out to those without gallbladders that aren’t sure what’s going on. It’s a relatively cheap fix. I’m still observing my body’s responses to what I’m doing.

Lynn, I’m still experimenting with this and don’t want to give you any false information that would frustrate these dears ladies in here even more–if that is indeed what’s going on. Give me a few weeks to make sure that what I’m seeing is what I’m seeing (if that makes sense). I WILL keep you posted.

Omg. I cannot wait to try that pancake mix. But do you have a recipe for low carb pancakes? I already have almond and coconut flour etc. I do not have the extra money now to buy stuff.

I am starting back on my low carb woe. Its the only thing that has ever worked for me to lose weight

Today i am having keto flu symptoms. Ugh. Lord help me. I know it will subside shortly

I moved to an apt. In a new area

I amazingly discovered that there was a Hardees a block away from me. Yippeeee!!!!!

I had the low carb chicken club today. I love Hardees!!!!!

I also joined the Y for water aerobics. I start tomorriw

There is also a workout room at my apartment complex so NO EXUCES NOW!!!! Lol

Glad to be back on track. Got to get in shape and shed some lbs. ??

Ps. Thank You Lyn. For all you do and for trying the new low carb products

Geeez. Ive wasted so much money on icky lc products in the past. Glad you can help us with this and i appreciate your honesty about the products and are not endorsing icky tasting stuff. I think the movie stars do that sort of thing shamelesly sometimes endorsing products they would never use themselves. Glad you don’t do that sort of thing. ??

Yeah, I would NEVER endorse or recommend a product I wouldn’t use or eat myself. ?? It’s fun to try new things – usually, lol. Some are just YUCK, and people need to know that! I still shudder at a couple of bad experiences in my mouth ?? haha.

Your move sounds like it is going to be GREAT for you. That’s awesome! You sound motivated and inspired too. I love that. ??

I don’t have a recipe for low carb pancakes, but I’m sure Pinterest would be great for that. I make “crepes” all the time with eggs & cream cheese – and usually add cinnamon and blueberries. They’re GREAT with bacon and super simple to make.

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