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Keto Baked Breakfast Ham, Egg and Cheese Recipe

Keto Baked Breakfast Ham, Egg and Cheese Recipe

Keto Baked Breakfast Ham, Egg and Cheese Recipe

A breakfast recipe you can create early in the morning to be ready to cook? This Keto Breakfast Bake is simplified to a 100% breakfast!

Keto Breakfast Baked

Mornings can be a bit of a tricky time in everyone's house. If you think about everything that happens then it can be downright tiring! Make sure you find a way to get something healthy in everyone's belly after trying to get ready for school (or a home school like us) or getting everyone dressed and prepared hazırlan

That's why I love this low-carb breakfast. First, while not filling our bodies with a big fuel to stay hungry for a while, we continue our way with our healthy lifestyle. I can do it ahead of time the night before and throw it in the oven to cook in the morning, so my husband and kids will come down for breakfast when it's ready.

This Keto Breakfast Bake is one of my new breakfast favorites. Every time I can plan and get a "jump-start" on my day, I'm at 100%. Also, it's nice to start the day with the low carb option, which is only one carbohydrate option per serving.

You really don't believe how easy this low-carb breakfast is. It comes together very quickly. Create and cook whenever you want! (or can be)

It is wise to spend extra time at night and easily use the meal plan breakfast for the next few days. This crock idea came out when I realized that I had all the deli ham I forgot to eat. Since I did not want to spend my meal, my wheels quickly and immediately started turning to a delicious keto-friendly breakfast stew. You can also modify and personalize it to your personal preferences. A few ideas that come to mind are to add bacon or sausage instead of ham and toss some chopped onions and spinach. There are many possibilities!

Quick Tips on Making a Low Carbs Breakfast Bake with Ham, Eggs and Cheese

The deli used either smoked or black forest ham. Then sliced ??together with 1/2 bell pepper and fried both in butter.

After pouring the egg mixture on top and sprinkling it over the cheese, I mixed the ingredients a bit to make sure the ham was covered.

This keto breakfast oven makes a generous portion per serving. Depending on the size of your family, this keto breakfast stew may take several days. And if there's more than you can consume, consider frozen portions for later use!

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There are many factors that can determine how much someone eats. So, while I want to be able to give you a certain amount, I suggest that you continue to do research and try to solve it for yourself so that you can be the best health advocate.

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