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Keto Butter Burger Recipe

Keto Butter Burger Recipe

Keto Butter Burger Recipe

Have you ever eaten a Buttered Burger? With this easy and Keto Buttered Burger Recipe, you will surely fall in love for the grill one! Keto fans can serve lettuce buns or just on their own. Great match with your favorite keto-friendly parties!

Keto Butter Burger Recipe

The grilled hamburgers are a base in our house, especially in the summer. It is very easy to burn the grill and toss burgers and vegetables without polluting your kitchen. Since we're on a ketogenic diet, I've learned to love my burger without a bun, which is a bit crazy to think of as my favorite part of a bun.

As with many possibilities, changing burgers is always fun. Our favorite way to revive a burger is to add butter. That's right! Butter makes everything better. At least that's what I've found since I followed Keto. This recipe for a buttered burger comes with only a few ingredients, but don't forget to add a great butter addition before shaping the dumplings for incredible flavor.

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Tips for ketogenic diet newborns

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It's easy to split your meat into four equal burgers when you move them in a bowl like the one above!

A piece of butter in a hamburger pattie with butter is the perfect way to get delicious flavor in every bite you buy!

Note: You can make smaller hamburgers by dividing the mixture into eight equal parts and using 1/2 tablespoon butter per burger. This halves nutritional information.

Keto Butter Burger

Have you ever eaten a Buttered Burger? With this easy and Keto Buttered Burger Recipe, you will surely fall in love for the grill one! Keto fans can serve lettuce buns or just on their own. Great match with your favorite keto-friendly parties!



In a medium bowl, add all ingredients except butter and mix well.

Once the burger mix has been combined, score it with your hand by making a cross to make it easier to split the meat evenly so that all burgers are the same size.

Each of the four sections makes four equally sized burgers.

Press a tablespoon of butter in the middle of each burger and cover the butter completely with the burger mixture, making sure the butter is never shown.

If you are cooking on a grill, grill on each side for about 7-8 minutes, depending on the grill temperature and the desired frost. The added oil may cause glare on the grill, so be sure to watch closely. If cooked in a pan, cook on the med on both sides for about 8-9 minutes or to the desired donut. If you're like me and you want your burger to be cooked well, cook it longer, depending on the grill or stove temperature.

Decorate your burger with your favorite ingredients.


Note: For each hamburger you can make a smaller hamburger by splitting the mixture into 8 equal parts using 1/2 tablespoon butter. This halves nutritional information.

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