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Keto Lemon Bread Recipe: Excellent Moist and Delicious

Keto Lemon Bread Recipe: Excellent Moist and Delicious

Keto Lemon Bread Recipe: Excellent Moist and Delicious

This Keto Lemon Bread recipe reminds me of Starbucks glazed lemon bread, but with a carbohydrate rate.

Keto Lemon Bread Recipe

Years ago, when I first started blogging, I became a frugal blogger. Actually, I taught coupon workshops in the southeast. In those days, when I traveled, I often came across Starbucks at the airports to grab a piece of lemon bread before my flights. Of course, this is back when I'm too fond of carbohydrates. It's been years since I enjoyed lemon bread, so I'm going to try to make a keto-friendly version with a delicious lemon polish. I made a few attempts before I made this recipe perfect. Experiments with fewer eggs resulted in a lemon bread that was sweetly dry and unsuitable for human consumption. There is a real reason to use more eggs when cooking with keto-friendly flours. Unlike white flour with fluffy white gluten filling, keto-friendly flours tend to be drier and more absorbent in nature. I mean, don't be afraid of six eggs. I promise they're necessary. This Keto Lemon Bread recipe turned out amazingly delicious!

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How to Make Keto Lemon Bread Recipe

Even if you're not a baker, it's easy to make this Keto Lemon Bread recipe.

When choosing a lemon peel for this Low Carbohydrate Lemon Bread recipe, be sure to lubricate the outer layer of the lemon thoroughly, otherwise you will be very deep and your taste will be very bitter. Use the lemon slice as in the picture above. You can find it here.

If you do not want the Keto Lemon Bread to stick to the pan, be sure to align it with the parchment paper first. I found that parchment paper is a necessity in keto baking because keto-friendly flours tend to be very sticky.

Yum! This Keto Lemon Bread recipe reminds me of Starbucks lemon bread. It was very moist and delicious with the right tartite bite from fresh lemons.

Although delicious directly from the oven, I thought it was better heated with a nice cup of coffee for breakfast the next day. This Low Carb Lemon Bread recipe came out better than I had imagined.

Wow, this is a bomb recipe! It tastes great. I used ghee instead of butter and the bread came out a little too moist (but still super tasty: D). What do you usually do when this happens? Do you have any clues about getting some softer feathers?

Hey, I'm not sure Marketa got mine that way. Nevertheless, we may have differences in the interpretation of tissues. Since I don't watch how you cook, I'm not sure I can predict exactly what you're doing wrong. Nice to meet you !!!

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