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Low Carb Mac and Cheese in a Minute

Low Carb Mac and Cheese in a Minute

Low Carb Mac and Cheese in a Minute

Low carb mac and cheese isn’t impossible — and this recipe is made in a few minutes in the microwave. Cauliflower stands in for the pasta in this Atkins friendly recipe.

Isn’t food in a jar cute? It’s all the rage on Pinterest now. It seems like you can find about anything in a jar — I’m waiting for the Filet Mignon in a jar, personally.

Food in a jar isn’t anything new. A lot of us have used those nifty canning jars for decades. I mean, what else are you going to do with them when canning season is over and you start emptying them out? I must have 200 canning jars stored in my high cupboards and I don’t have time to garden or can anymore.

If you ask someone who is low carbing what food they miss most they are likely to have macaroni and cheese on the list, right? Well, I haven’t been happy with the various faux mac and cheese recipes. The texture was weird, the flavor wasn’t what I was looking for… you know the story.

You know what I did, right?

Yup. I made my own. But not just that. I made mac and cheese that you can cook in a jar. One cheesy serving that you can take to work and cook in the microwave. One comforting meal that has just a few carbs, smells delicious and goes anywhere. You can even make several jars and keep them in your refrigerator for instant meals.

If you want to freeze the jars you can but you will need to blanch the cauliflower before adding it to the jar, ‘k?

It isn’t exactly mac and cheese — I mean that’s a lot to ask of cauliflower. It is delicious and I bet is completely curbs those cravings for… you know. That stuff.

Recently there have been a lot of comments that the calorie count was much higher than I figured. This was due to a typo in the recipe which called for 1/4 cup of cheddar or 4 ounces… 1/4 cup cheddar is only one ounce – my mistake and I do apologize. The nutrition info is correct. Thanks.

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40 Responses to “Low Carb Mac and Cheese in a Minute”

Dawn Allcot

Jul 10, 2013

You started a low carb blog??? Awesome!! Our weight-loss tales are so similar, and low carb has always worked for me in the past, so here I go. (I just started today THEN found your blog.) Question: I don’t have canning jars AND I don’t have a microwave. (It is an appliance that takes up a lot of room that I hardly use. People ask, “OMG, how do you make popcorn? Or heat up leftovers?!” Umm… on the stove. Hello 1970. ?? Anyway, how would I cook this if I were going to do it stovetop? What would you recommend?


Jul 10, 2013

Dawn, I would partially cook the cauliflower… until it was crisp tender. Then I would heat up the cheese sauce ingredients WITH the cualiflower in it and slow cook it until it was tender. Does that make sense?

Lisa Dovichi

Jul 29, 2013

This was amazing. I made this for lunch. I made two jars because hey two is as easy to make as one. I shared it with my oldest who loves cauliflower and cheese and we both loved it. I had it with some grilled chicken as a side dish. Absolutely yumm-o.

Low Carb Slow Cooker Spicy Swiss Steak Recipe

Aug 08, 2013

[…] I like using a slow cooker in the summer as well as the winter. This easy, slow cooker swiss steak recipe is not only very low carb — it’s just right any time of the year. I like to serve it with a salad but if you feel the need for traditional mash then mash up some cauliflower with lots of butter and a little cheddar cheese. This would also be great with the faux mac and cheese recipe. […]



Dec 15, 2014



Jan 06, 2015

Had this for dinner tonight since I was craving mac n cheese. It was amazing! I had some left over pizza toppings from Portobello cap pizzas the night before (bacon, mushroom, pepperoni, and chives) added those into the mix once everything was cooked and the hubby and I loved it! My favorite recipe by far! Thank you!


Jan 07, 2015

Sounds great! SO glad you liked it. Thanks for reading!


Apr 05, 2015

This is excellent. I made my first batch on the stove since that was the recipe I had. I can’t wait to jar these up. I’m hoping this works with broccoli as well. My kids love cauliflower and broccoli with cheese. This would be a great afternoon snack for them.


Apr 07, 2015

Thanks for letting me know!

Louis Bee

Jul 18, 2015

I don’t know where you got your info, but the chedar cheese alone is about 300 calories. Could you tell me which cheese you use? Cause the whole recipe is about 510 cals, which is bad unless you want to eat it as a side for your protein.




Nov 10, 2015

Let me know what you think.


Nov 17, 2015

I’m going to try this, but on a larger scale. I’m very worried about using plastic wrap in the microwave!?! I’ll likely use a casserole dish with the standard glass lid instead of a jar with plastic wrap.

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