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Need more on the go breakfasts? Try these…

Need more on the go breakfasts? Try these…

Need more on the go breakfasts? Try these…

The kids love these because they are so darn cute. Sometimes all you have to do is put the same food in a different wrapping paper and you get a renewed interest. They pick off the chives (they are green after all) and I add grated cheddar to the tops of theirs.

You could also scramble the eggs a bit and mix in veggies but then it becomes more of a quiche and loses that pretty yellow yoke. After all, we eat first with our eyes!

These muffin pan Bacon and Egg Cups would be perfect for a Mother’s Day Brunch or breakfast in bed. Hint, hint kiddos.

There are many variations out there, some with bread on the bottom and veggies mixed in but I kept mine straight up. Feel free to adjust them so they are more appealing to your bunch.

I cook the bacon for about 8 minutes first then put it in the muffin pan. You don’t want it to be completely cooked so that it can crisp up in the oven.

How to Make Bacon Egg Cups

Fill each hole with an organic egg.

Top with some chopped chives and bake.

I hope you love these Bacon and Egg Cups as much as we do because they are…

My husband requested these for his DC commute as well! We just made our first batch and it’s hard for no one to eat them before the morning. ?? How do you warm them up and did it work to freeze them? I think these will be a hit for the kids as well. Thank you for posting!

Hi Karen – So glad your family liked the Bacon and Egg Cups. I popped them in the microwave on half power for 15 to 20 seconds if they were in the refrigerator. To freeze them I wrapped them in wax paper, then I put them in Ziploc freezer bags. This way I could put them directly in the microwave with the paper on. I reheated them on half power for about a minute but you may have to test that a bit since all microwaves are different. I would not use full power. They will taste better when heated in the oven so if you are feeding a crowd, I would do that, 350° for 15 minutes or so.

Oh, this is just what I was looking for! I need to prepare snacks for a charity event at my sports club this saturday and these and the Paleo Quiche Cups are just the thing…so much easier than trying gluten free muffins, too (I’m not much of a baker…and a lot of the members eat paleo.). They’ll rip these right out of my hands, I bet!

I have a question, though…would I be able to line the muffin form with these nifty little paper liners they use for muffins? It would make removing and handling them much easier, I imagine. Or will they just soak through and look icky? I have never used them before…

Thanks a lot!

Astrid, I’m not sure bc I haven’t done them that way but I know there’s some grease involved so it might not be pretty. Maybe have the paper wrappers on the side for serving?? I think you can use paper wrappers for the Paleo Quiche Cups. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

Love these! My husband made me egg cups with grated sweet potatoes on the bottom for Mother’s Day. He doesn’t like cooking so it was super sweet that he went through all that effort. But after he made them, he said that he thought they’d be even better with bacon! I’ll have to try yours out. Have you ever made egg cups with grated potatoes on the bottom and bacon?

Oh my word these are delicious! Easy Peasy! Tried them this morning. Eat with your fingers like a muffin. Just bite into it. You hit it out of the ball park with this one. We loved them. I put a little shredded cheese on the bottom before cracking the eggs in then a little on top with salt and pepper. Fun to make and satisfying to eat. Pretty as the picture to look at. An eye and taste delight. Makes an ordinary day special. Thank you for sharing!

Very very yummy!! I just made these with turkey bacon Divine! I also made some Keto almond biscuits to go with them letting the egg be a little running! So very good thank you for sharing and I’m glad that I can eat a couple to a few of these as I want.

Hi Karen,

How do you cook the bacon in this recipe? Do you put it raw in the muffin tin? Or do you cook it in a pan then put it in the muffin tin?? Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I’m having bacon issues.Ellen

Nice and easy! I put hashbrowns on the tin bottom and that really made cleanup easy. I put one on an english muffin and added hollindaise sauce to make it eggs benedict! Thanks for such a great recipe!

I made this recipe with Wright Hickory Smoked bacon, Simple Truth Organic Brown Eggs and coconut oil.

One slice of bacon, 1/4 tsp of coconut oil per cup and one egg. When I plugged it into my Lose It app this was the nutrition for those that were curious. 13.1g of Fat 4.5g of Saturated fat 200mg of cholesterol 320mg of sodium 0g of Carbs 0g of Fiber 0g of sugars 11g of protein.

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