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No need to miss your low carb journey chips. These ketone without carb...

No need to miss your low carb journey chips. These ketone without carb...

No need to miss your low carb journey chips. These ketone without carbohydrate tortilla chips usually associated with crispy snack chip, crunchy crisps will satisfy the need for any time.

These days there are many recipes for low carb dips out amazing; Avocado Salsa and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip appetizer as sweet as the ones they actually declines seen ... but it does not have much bottom.

celery, carrots and broccoli salsa Although work, sometimes I just want the best tortilla chips. It was absolutely delicious, enter the low-carbohydrate chips. They want anyone cutting carbs or that taste is a wonderful gluten-free chip on the prowl, I'm just right T Healthy Mamas, this is for eating ketone.

You too salty, herb, or you can make sweet! Seriously, they're the perfect low-carb snacks.

Ketone Tortilla Chips Ingredients What Are You?

So you need to make delicious low carb snacks? 3 already have on hand with simple ingredients and spices you choose. That's right ... super simple!


Almond flour


(You will use garlic powder and paprika for this savory version) Spices

Here you may have noticed similarities Fathead dough. recipes for low-carb dough flavor is very light because of the cheese provides an excellent foundation. In fact, this classic cheeseburger buns and this is what low-carb is used for super popular as a pizza crust cup.

The main difference is that the chips will not be raised; They are not as nice and flat and should be a classic chip dip, we'll crispy. They just have to be sugar-free and low-carb gluten free!

How to Make Tortilla Chips Ketone Do?

So how do you go about this ketone chips? Simple. In fact, in my experience, a lot easier to make traditional potato chips. Even if this is the first time no ketone snack chips, will be able to pull it off.

Your Low Carb Chip Making Dough

The first step is mixing together the dry ingredients: almond flour and spices.

Then beat the egg and combine with dry ingredients. The mixture will be crisp and you'll probably have some clusters; It's good as long as it does not stress combined.

Then in a separate microwave-safe container; Add the mozzarella cheese. Microwave for 40-60 seconds until melted so we're going to. Do not over cook; If you are preparing the dough for cheese, cheese do not do chips.

Now, crumbly, mix to combine with melted cheese and knead with your hands until well combined.

If the dough appears uniform, you are fine. If still not started to become complicated and difficult (because I do not want to start cooking it just to do more than that!), go ahead and microwave for 20 seconds to soften it so.

When they have done all combined and consistent dough appears, use your hands to roll into a ball all of your meeting.

forming Chips

Now you are ready to plug into the dough to make it ready to cook!

Place the dough ball flat between two pieces of parchment paper and press. Using the rolling pin (or one or a round glass or large box), flat roll continues. 2 mm thick continuous dough on a flat plate with the stop.

Using a knife, the dough into strands, then cut to as 1.5-2 inch diagonal cut to form triangular shapes reminiscent of tortilla chips.

Crispy Chips Make Your Cooking them

baking and broiling: cooking process consists of two stages.

They are crispy and broil for 2 extra minutes with them then I'll make gold a cookie sheet and bake.

This much; see? Simple!

What do not use a microwave?

No worries, you can just melt gently on the stove in a nonstick pan or skillet mozzarella. If necessary but difficult to heat because it takes dough. Only use low heat and avoid scorching.

How To Enjoy Even More Low Carb Tortilla chips

While red pepper and garlic for this recipe calls for, the possibilities are endless. because, with so many things it's good; The cheese dip is great with some chopped tomatoes and jalapeños on the nachos.

They are great with traditional salsa or avocado salsa. Lime flavor and limit the spreading of real amps up the heat and southern cayenne pepper tortilla chips adding that the teensiest hint is another way to make tasty.

This traditional cold dips, sags or is just not good. Such as hot chicken parm pizza dip dip dip or spinach dips amazing with the crispy tortilla ketones! Holiday parties, game nights with friends and even afternoon snacks have just delicious.

How to Store Your homemade gluten-free Chips

makeup nice thing about ahead of time with these chips and is enjoying them for several days.

Simply put, you can cook them cool completely and then store in an airtight container. They are good at room temperature for several days. I recommend it if you do not refrigerate them they can get cumbersome.

Yield: 9 servings

How to Make Low Carb Tortilla Chips

No need to miss your low carb journey chips. These ketone without carbohydrate tortilla chips usually associated with crispy snack chip, crunchy crisps will satisfy the need for any time.

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