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Sugar Free Low Carb Coconut Lime Bars

Sugar Free Low Carb Coconut Lime Bars

Sugar Free Low Carb Coconut Lime Bars

Coconut Lime Bars

It’s so much fun to have to take your many years worth of STUFF and decide what you want to keep and what to let go of. Totally NOT fun in the least because we WANT to keep it all.

Our 7 years young house that we built on land we owned is on the market. Not because we don’t absolutely love the house either.It’s all about the location.

We don’t have the acres of land my husband has always dreamed of and I don’t have the chickens I’d love to have for the many dozens of eggs I go through on a weekly basis.

Speaking of eggs, this recipe just need a few ingredients and you’ve got yourself a fabulous, “take me away to a tropical island” kind of dessert!

Location is everything. We wish we could pick up this house we love and move it to a different place.

We haven’t yet found that place, but most likely we are not moving out of the state of Rhode Island. It’s my hometown, born and raised here. My hubby has no family left other than his sister who lives with us. It’s just my side of the family and my side lives in RI. I’m not ready to leave them or let my kids be without grandparents close by to see often.

So we’re packing things up to declutter the house and hope and pray it sells so we can find a piece of property with some good amount of land.

A little piece of paradise, a little bit of heaven on earth.

A country setting, a peaceful quiet location. That’s what I want.

A place where I can sip my coffee on a cool, brisk morning or on a hot afternoon enjoy some freshly squeezed lemonade on my porch swing like I did when I was a little girl with my grandmother.

That’s what I need. So my kids can ride their bikes without worry of traffic.

That’s my hope and prayer.

Until then making recipes like this one might bring you a little piece of the tropics in your mind. In just one bite of these sweet and tart bars you will be transported to tropical place.

It’s a little like a shortbread cookie crust on the bottom with a soft top layer.

It’s good that you put your home wishes down on paper (so to speak) because it will guarantee you’ll get what you want. Or at least that’s my belief. Best of luck house hunting and with the move when the time comes. Until then this recipe looks totally delicious. I love the combination of lime and coconut and I especially love that these are sugar free and low carb. I’m pinning them with the hopes to make them ASAP,

That definitely sounds like a wonderful goal – best of luck finding a good house on some good land! I’m a sucker for pretty much any sort of citrus bar…these would be no different, they sound tangy and delicious.

Oh how I hate moving. As a military family, we do A LOT of it. We’re basically down to the most necessary items so it’s not too painful anymore ?? Those bars look so moist and tasty! I wish I could grab one of your board ??

Good luck with your search! And there is definitely something to be said for staying close to family. I live away from mine and I miss them daily. Coconut and lime is such a wonderful combination, and these bars look irresistibly good!

I made these for guests the other night. I made them in the morning before work and took them out to let them soften a bit while we were having dinner. They were absolutely fantastic, our guests loved them and had no idea they were sugar free!!

I have just made these, & they are amazing…thank you for posting them.

On a side note, I Live on the stunning West Coast Of Scotland, & I can’t see any other buildings, or hear any traffic noise…it’s absolute bliss. All that I see are pheasants, deer, & lot’s of other wildlife.

I often think, I’ll make up some of your recipes, then I get comfortable outside ( when the sun shines )

& just relax..”.I’ll make that recipe tomorrow ” seems to be my mantra, as I’m sooo comfortable in my little world .We grow our own organic veg, & are hoping, like yourself , to get chickens this year,

I hope all your dreams came true, & others who read your logs…God bless from Marion,

Just made these and HAD to comment. I didn’t have limes so subbed lemon. Also used coconut sugar in place of swerve. I had to double the coc oil because I’m guessing the coconut sugar is more course than swerve? Anyhow, these just got out of oven 40 min ago and fantastic! Thanks for a great recipe

Just made this…man this is goooooo yummy! Highly addictive! Love love love the crust! I had to bake mine for about 20m to get it to set and could have gone probably about 2-3 more minutes more….may be where I live..higher elevation? Awesome recipe! Thanks! Now I’ve got to figure other recipes with that crust…it is sooo good!??

Late to the party but tried this yesterday and was most pleased! Thanks for an excellent recipe! I had to sub almond flour for the sesame as another commenter suggested and completely forgot to add stevia which I didn’t have anyway. Turns out that for me, the erithrithol was just the right amount of sweetness, no stevia necessary. Nice to find this recipe especially as I cook for my diabetic mom who has quite a sweet tooth! Will be trying more of your recipes, thanks and cheers!

Hi! I made these and love the flavor and texture, but had a hard time getting the swerve to mix and blend. The sugar kept settling in the bottom of the bowl. Should I have used the regular granulated swerve?

I know this post is a few years old. I just had a question about the nutritional information. The serving size says 1 gram per serving, is that correct? Which means a 3oz or 4oz bar would be around 141g = 1400 calories?

Brenda, I have known people who DID move their home to a new site…don’t know how the walls didn’t crack, but they didn’t. We are in the same process of “right sizing” after retirement and moving to another state. It’s amazythe stuff we have hung onto!! ??


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