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Sugar-Free Red Velvet Couple’s Mug Cake (Low Carb, Keto)

Sugar-Free Red Velvet Couple’s Mug Cake (Low Carb, Keto)

Sugar-Free Red Velvet Couple’s Mug Cake (Low Carb, Keto)

This Sugar Free Red Velvet Mug Cake is low carb, keto, made in under 3 minutes and perfect for two!

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that I don’t post many cake recipes.

It’s not that I don’t like cake or enjoy cake, it’s just that…’s so much work to decorate it!

I’m not the most talented when it comes to frosting and decorating cake or even cupcakes. In fact I would even say I really stink at it. And so that is probably why I dread making cake recipes.

But this cake, well this cake is a whole different story my friends.

This cake has proven to me that even I can make a cake look pretty darn good without too much work or effort on my part.

Shhhhhhh!!! It’ a mug cake!!!

You know the ones, made in minutes in a mug right? Well this is just made slightly different in a quiche ramekin and made in 1 1/2 minutes for each in the microwave.

So why stack it and make it look like a layered cake?

For the hubby of course, it is Valentine’s time and to make him feel I went through all this trouble to make a mini cake for him for Valentine’s day to share just the two of us.

And it worked and he was impressed and after 18 years of marriage, impressing my man is quite hard to do. So I made a cake.

And if you are anything like me, you can make this cake effortlessly as well. Oh and did I mention it’s sugar free, gluten free, grain free and low carb too?

HA! How’s that for a “healthy and you wouldn’t know it” cake?!!

One requirement, I think it must be made with lots of Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting because that is how I roll with cakes, need the frosting or it’s not a cake to me.

SO I made this maybe 3 times with the cream cheese frosting to make sure it was nice and moist before posting and come to find out, hubby is more of the Butter-Cream frosting type like the one I made before Christmas with the sugarless sugar cookies.

So you certainly have the option to use either frosting, but my preference is the cream cheese one.

And if you don’t have a Valentine to share this cake with, enjoy it all for yourself.

Or maybe have just half one day and enjoy the rest the next day, you know so you don’t overindulge and all. ??

What a difference just that 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder added to the color of the original right? My original recipe used 3 tbsp of coconut flour, but after hearing from comments regarding true red velvet should have cocoa powder, I adjusted the recipe.

I’d love to make this for a family birthday this weekend. What would the ingredients be in order to make a regular sized cake? Would all the ingredients go up by the same ratio? Thanks in advance for your reply!

You win! Again! Was fighting a serious doughnut craving this morning, decided to make this instead. I used chocolate stevia since it’s the only flavor of liquid stevia I had on hand. It’s seriously good. Topped with vanilla whipped cream made with Swerve powdered sweetener. So good! (Did I mention that already?) I cut into 6 pieces so while family could sample, and really, 1/6 is a nice serving, it’s so rich. Good work, & thanks for sharing. Definitely a keeper ??

wow oh wow! I could kiss you just about now. Instead, I’m sending you a huge virtual hug. My teen is on medically necessary low carb high fat diet. Her birthday is this month and this will be her birthday treat!! Thank you!

I made this today- the texture is light and perfect! I didn’t use flavored stevia so I will have to play around with extracts to up the flavor. I am thinking coconut extract and coating the frosted cake with dried unsweetened coconut!

I am going to classify this recipe as a (delicious) white cake in my book. I would love to add cocoa for a truer red velvet. You mentioned 2 T cocoa in an above comment- if one were to add that, would the original wet and dry ingredients remain the same?

I would only add 1 tbsp cocoa and reduce the coconut flour by 1 tbsp. Let me know if you try it before I make this again. I will experiment and see if I like it with the unsweet cocoa using just 1 tbsp.

I can’t use almond flour because my youngest has a tree nut allergy. I can’t really say if almond flour and coconut flour are interchangeable in recipes since I don’t use it. Have you try subbing almond flour for coconut in other recipes and how did it work for you?

I love red velvet so much. This time of year is my favourite because you see it everywhere. I dig that you made this as a mug cake. How flipping inventive, that rocks. I’m with you with decorating cakes. I stink at it so I would love to take a class. Wish we lived closer so we could go together. Apparently Wilton does them at Michaels. So I may sign up for one in spring. No point signing up now, I’d get snowed in every other day. lol

My first thoughts when I saw this cake: What an amazing work of art!! Then I saw the VERY short list of ingredients and I’m just blown away!! I can’t believe you can make a layered cake like this one out of just a handful of things! Slow clap over here, Brenda ??

Great! I will try it with coconut milk. I love red velvet…and eventually want to create a red velvet protein muffin. So I may sub cocoa powder with 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder and 1/2 tbsp of chocolate protein powder.

Made this today…the cake was awesome! I flavored with blueberry stevia type flavoring since I couldn’t fine cherry vanilla. The butter cream tasted a tad off….perhaps my powdering of stevia was not a good choice? I ran out of erythritol and read I could powder stevia on a site. Maybe the lack of vanilla stevia liquid was to blame….all I had was un- flavored of that. But we enjoyed it and I will make it again! So nice to have a treat and still stay sugar free and low carb! Thanks!!

I have a friend in the hospital and will be there on her birthday. She is diabetic and her favorite cake is red velvet. Was looking for a good sugar-free recipe . I thought about making cupcakes so that the staff could have one, too. Do you think that this recipe would translate into cupcakes? If so, what do you think the cooking time would be?

Thank you so very much for this, and all of your amazing recipes! It takes a great deal of time developing recipes, testing, photographing, and posting on a web site, on which you have obviously invested a phenomenal amount of time. I am humbled at your generosity. You surely have a beautiful heart! Thank you again, and be blessed!

is heavy cream fattening im very weight conscious but its my birthday coming up soon and I wanted to have a red velvet cake for it but I don’t wanna gain any weight is there another thing I could use to replace heavy cream or could I skip it ??

I had stepped away from low carb a long time ago because I did not like the massive use of artificial sweeteners. I am so very thrilled to see recipes using stevia! I have not baked with it but will be buying it in flavors now and using it. Love the nut flours and coconut flours also. Beautiful recipe! Thank you!

I am sooo glad I found your site. I have been on a low carb plan for over a year and like you, I made the conscious decision to eliminate sugary foods from my diet because of hormonal issues and adrenal issues. Your site is the site I’ve been looking for and has amazing recipes.

I made this low carb red velvet cake the other day and it tasted amazing!! I even served it to family and friends and they didn’t know I was virtually sugar free or low carb.

I am hooked! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes. Your website is a godsend to be able to follow a low carb, sugar free lifestyle for good.

My daughter in on the ketogenic diet her epilepsy and I love looking through your website for recipe ideas. I was excited to see the red velvet cake just in time for Valentine’s Day. Due to the exact nature of her diet I have to weigh all her food and put them in a special program, Ketogenic Calculator, which gives us her nutritional information. Many of the recipes I have used of yours are very close, but this recipe is WAY off. Even with including the frosting in the recipe, I can’t get it close to her ratio. I used the exact same ingredients and quantities, but even with frosting it came to 100 grams fat, 20 grams protein, and 19 grams carbs and this includes the frosting. How do you figure out your nutritional information?


Can chia seeds be used in place of flaxseed? I am new to this stuff and eager to try out this recipe; however, I don’t want my cake to be crunchy or “seedy.” Do you know how the texture would turn out with chia (it’s what I have on hand)?

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