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Tender London Broil

Tender London Broil

Tender London Broil

Have trouble cooking your London Broil? Is it always tough and tasteless? If so, you will love this Tender London Broil. Giving the meat a little bit of love beforehand goes a long way and guarantees a tender, flavorful steak every time. {whole30, paleo, whole 30, keto, gluten free}

I buy London Broil a lot because it’s always on sale BOGO. The trouble is mine often turns out less than tender. This trick from Bon Appetit has forever changed the way I cook this weekday staple.

Giving your Tender London Broil a little bit of love beforehand can really make a difference in how it turns out. It’s worth the extra step, I promise!

Did I mention how much my kids like meat? From a young age, they have fought for the “red” pieces and ask for it at least three times a week. I try not to give it to them that often and I buy grass fed when I can.

I love a meal that everyone will eat and no one complains about; not even Cooper who also loves red meat. That’s a huge win for me.

Look at those pleading eyes. Do You want Tender London Broil? You get it buddy!

I learned this trick from Bon Appetit and have used it ever since. It’s so simple.

How To Make Tender London Broil

Just lay your London Broil on a rack over a sheet pan and generously season with salt and pepper.

Give it an hour to tenderize on the counter. The salt will dissolve into the meat and make it tender. Not to mention this brings it to room temperature which you should always do when cooking a steak.

After an hour, grill it at medium-high heat for about 12-15 minutes or until a meat thermometer registers 125°. You can use your outdoor grill or an indoor grill pan.

To get those super cool cross-hatch marks, rotate the meat 45° after about 4-5 minutes, then do the same thing on the other side.

Tender London Broil

Have trouble cooking your London Broil? Is it always tough and tasteless? If so, you will love this Tender London Broil. Giving the meat a little bit of love beforehand goes a long way and guarantees a tender, flavorful steak every time.

Course Dinner

Cuisine American

Keyword how to cook london broil

Prep Time 5minutes

Cook Time 15minutes

Total Time 20minutes

Servings 4

Author Karen Kelly


1London Broil

salt and pepper


Lay London Broil on a rack placed over a sheet pan.

Generously salt and pepper steak and let sit on the counter for an hour.

Heat a grill or grill pan to medium-high.

Cook for about 12-15 minutes total or until a thermometer registers 125° for medium rare.

To get cross-hatch pattern, turn steak 45° after about 4 minutes. Repeat on the other side.

Let London Broil rest under foil for at least 5 minutes while juices redistribute.

Reader Interactions

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Oh man, I’m drooling!! I try to eat as little meat as possible but I’ve got to admit that it makes me drool big time. I LOVE steak!! The pan trick is awesome!! Will try with my next steak, maybe for mother’s day ?? ?? ??

when you say repeat on other side, do you mean an additional 12 to 15 min? or do you mean turning 45degrees after 4 minutes. I think it is that one because 24 to 30 minutes total time would be too long.

Hi there- no it’s a total cooking time of 12- 15 minutes. When cooking you can rotate the steak 45 degrees to get the cool cross hatch marks but it’s not necessary. Hope this clears it up for you. Thanks for your comment.

Honestly Sandra, I’m not sure. Usually, when you use a meat tenderizer, you put it on and cook the meat immediately. The salt is what works here to tenderize the meat so I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t work. Sorry!

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