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They’re super excited about these two new products, and while I wasn’t...

They’re super excited about these two new products, and while I wasn’t...

They’re super excited about these two new products, and while I wasn’t at first that totally changed when I took the time to actually try them – in totally DIFFERENT ways. So when they offered to send me more to play around with at home, and offered to sponsor a post here for me to share my opinion & creative ideas with you, I said YES!

I know we all have different taste preferences, and tons of people have told me they LOVE lemon flavor and miss fruity flavors on a keto diet.

I’m not a “fruity flavor” person myself, but I have to admit… the cookies and tea are SO light & refreshing on a hot summer day!

Talk about a happy surprise. ??

Let’s start with their Fat Tea though, because a Keto Matcha is a really cool concept – and FatSnax really took that concept to the next level with this product.

You can view all their products at and you’ll get 5% off when you join their email list.

FatSnax “Fat Tea” – Keto Matcha Tea

Just reading the box, this appealed to me for all the right reasons.

Not because it was matcha or because it was green (lol, the two reasons I avoided it!), but because it has a solid serving of Medium Chain Triclycerides (MCT):

It’s the same if you want it cold – you can add it to a shaker bottle with water or coconut milk, or you can just stir it into a glass of water and then add ice.

It doesn’t require brewing like I assumed, which makes it super easy to enjoy.

Of course, being a coffee drinker it’s hard to sway me to a totally new hot drink. And like I said, it was the ICED matcha tea that really got me hooked, so that’s how I decided to enjoy it last night.

And I got creative and added raspberries to my Iced Matcha Fat Tea, which made it prettier (lol) and added a nice fruity bump to the light refreshing flavor.

THAT was delicious. ??

It’s light and refreshing, already slightly sweetened, and WAY better than “iced tea” which has always had a bitter taste to it to me.

I can never get “unsweet tea” quite sweet enough – without ruining it. ??

The FatSnax keto friendly matcha tea is good hot. I love the flavor, and add a little heavy cream & vanilla and it’s pretty heavenly to be honest. But drinking it iced with raspberries is what really tickled my tastebuds!

You simply mix one packet of the FatSnax Fat Tea with 4 tablespoons (or 2 ounces) of cream cheese. I used Philadelphia 5 Simple Ingredients brand cream cheese, which is only half carb per ounce – making this “frosting” VERY low carb, and full of healthy fats. Including that all-important MCT for increasing your ketone levels!

Since I was going to put them on tart Lemony Lemon FatSnax Cookies, and the Fat Tea itself is not super sweet (just right!), I decided to add just HALF a TBSP (only a dab!) of sugar free vanilla syrup.

I used ChocZero Vanilla Syrup, but you could just add a little vanilla extract or any sugar free vanilla – if you want to sweeten it to taste.

It made for an AWESOME treat! ??

And the entire bowl of icing was only 2 net carbs – which was enough to ice four cookies, easily. Very liberally actually!

I wish you could taste that through your screen. ??

The brand new Lemony Lemon FatSnax Cookies have this amazing aroma the minute you open the package, and then a super light texture with the perfect lemon flavor.

They’re very soft, almost like a super moist shortbread. They don’t crumble all over or fall apart on you at all, and they’re not overly sweet – yet they’re packed with flavor.

I think “shortbread” is the closest description I can get to both the texture and flavor.

They aren’t overly sweet and they don’t have that bad aftertaste or weird tingling effect in your mouth like some other keto sweets.

They also offer a Variety Pack with all three flavors of their FatSnax Cookies: chocolate chip, lemony lemon and peanut butter.

I remember not really caring for the chocolate chip & peanut butter FatSnax cookies before. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t LOVE them. They were good, but not something I just HAD to have.

I think that’s because I fell in love with their Ginger Turmeric flavor, which they no longer make. (Boo!) But to be honest, the new Lemony Lemon totally trumps even that one. ??

Anyway, I was trying the chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies again recently and had to ask them if they changed the recipe?? Their answer: Nope, it’s the same!

I asked because all of a sudden they taste GREAT to me now.

In fact I shared this picture with you in my last food diary of the Chocolate Chip FatSnax cookies with almond butter, which was GREAT:

Color me impressed. I thought for sure they changed the recipe!

I love the quality of ingredients they use, I love the super soft light texture and perfectly sweetened flavor. And I especially love that they don’t have an icky aftertaste or weird tingling effect in your mouth.

Maybe THAT’s the reason I love them more now than I used to…

I’ve tried way too many products that were NOT as good, or left me wanting to brush my teeth four times to get the aftertaste out of my mouth. ?? haha

These are GREAT. I can make a peanut butter & almond butter “cookie sandwich” and easily call it breakfast with my coffee, or have it as an afternoon snack, and still feel like I’m eating healthy – and high quality foods.

I love that. ??

This though, the Matcha Frosting idea… Brilliant!

I licked the bowl clean when I made it. ??

Which only took a few quick seconds, btw.

What I love most is that they are super compact, individually packaged single-serve packets. Now I have “MCT in my pocket!” on the go – without the mess. ??

That makes it super convenient to fuel my hikes by adding it to my bottled water or shaker bottle, pulling it out in a restaurant to add to my ice water, making a quick hot tea in a hotel room – you name it.

And you know how I always swipe the cream cheese off the condiment section of a hotel breakfast bar? ?? Now I can easily whip up something delicious to dip my berries & pecans in while traveling!

I still think the Fat Tea LOOKS gross, but I’m sold on the flavor…

It’s refreshing and delicious!

Especially in this late summer afternoon heat. ??

Have you tried FatSnax Cookies or Fat Tea yet?

If you’ve tried any of the FatSnax products I would love to hear your thoughts, which flavors you liked best, and HOW you like to enjoy them!

I know right, Cynthia! ?? I love the idea of being able to add it to my water bottle on a hike for an energy boost – or to whip up a frosting to dip berries & pecans in, or to spread on low carb cookies (even my own homemade cookies!).

Such a fun & delicious idea, and exactly what I was looking for: easy ways to get my MCT in to increase ketone production… without having to FORCE myself to down a tbsp of it straight ?? yuck! lol

Errrrrr NO….. Sorry Lyn. I cannot do lemon cookies with green stuff. Lol. I am sure it is good but I cannot get over the globs of green stuff

Now the chocolate chip with almond butter——oh yeah. Good stuff.

LOL I don’t even LIKE lemon flavor *anything* usually, but these are SO good. The matcha is new to me too, and I didn’t even think I could drink something green (haha) but it’s super light and refreshing. Way better than regular tea!

I’m like you – usually peanut butter/chocolate/etc. But to be honest, that gets boring after awhile. This was a fun, refreshing flavor-blast switch up that was delicious! I’m so glad I finally tried both, and even more so: together!

I doubt I ever would have tried it (either of them) if they hadn’t had samples out at the event. It has me encouraged to try even more stuff, because my taste buds have obviously changed a lot since going keto.

I think the only other time in my life I liked anything tart or fruity was when I was pregnant with my daughter 23 years ago. ??

I was actually tempted to mix the matcha tea into my scrambled eggs yesterday, which I’m sure will make them GREEN EGGS haha, but – yeah, I think I’ll try that today actually. Machta has a lot of health benefits, and the dose of MCT is a great way to start the day. ??

The lemon is SO good! ?? I think the peanut butter and chocolate chip FatSnax cookies are more like shortbread, and I love those with my morning coffee, or as a quick snack with a handful of pecans in the afternoon. But the lemon is a delicious treat!

I do like their matcha, especially that they’re single serve packets. That’s super convenient. And I definitely love it iced, or in my water bottle while I’m hiking. ?? Enjoy!!

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