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Wednesday Low Carb Meals

Wednesday Low Carb Meals

Wednesday Low Carb Meals

Day Three and I was a little crabby, sleeping restlessly, having headaches, but feeling slimmer. All signs I’m heading straight back into Ketosis, and the scales are visual proof. ??

I decided to drink water on Wednesday, which did cure the headache. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a low carb diet, and not being a habitual water drinker I do have to remind myself to grab a bottle now and then. I’ve been keeping bottled spring water in the house, which helps. Much better than tap!

I’m not eating enough food. As in quantity. You definitely want to eat enough food to stay physically and emotionally satisfied (for emotional eaters out there, like me – lol). This has been less by choice, and more just because I’ve had a super busy schedule and have been on the go. That and having not shopped lately, I don’t have easy low carb foods on hand. Are you shocked? ?? I didn’t think so. LOL.

Day Three Low Carb Meals

For breakfast I whipped up three eggs. No cheese this time – just plain and simple. I was tired and hungry, and scarfed them down before I even though to take a picture (haha) but for some reason I did take a picture of them in the pan:

For lunch I decided to grab a Wendy’s Chili while I was out running errands, and also drank a whole bottle of water. A small Wendy’s Chili is 15 net carbs. I had a large. That made for my highest carb count yet since starting back on Monday. I was feeling wimpy and sleeping restlessly so I figured I needed it. And it worked. The water cured my headache, and the chili put me straight to sleep for a nice (much needed!) two hour nap. ??

I woke up starving (blame the carbs!) so I had a snack. Three turkey & cheese rollups with 6 thin slices of turkey and 3 slices of colby jack cheese. With Mayo in the middle, of course:

I was out and about again around dinner hour – my daughter is back on her full school/church schedule, ack! – so I just decided to grab something easy for dinner. I managed to pick the easiest thing that was on my route home, not being in the mood for a detour or a wait, so I got grilled chicken & green beans from KFC:

Yuck. LOL. I ate all 4 pieces of the KFC grilled chicken but just picked at the green beans. Definitely not my favorite low carb fast food meal. ??

How about you? What are YOU eating??

About Lynn Terry

I love making the low carb diet EASY for people with a busy lifestyle (like me!) with my KISS / Keep It Simple method. :) About Lynn Terry: Host of the Low Carb Challenge

So glad you’re back on your low carb diet Lynn! It’s always hard the first week when you go through the sugar detox process and enter back into ketosis. Make sure you keep that bottled water on hand 24/7, it will help you get better weight loss results if you drink more. I love seeing your meal pictures, funny thing that it’s interesting to see what’s on other people’s plates ??

I always enjoy seeing what other people are eating too. ?? I’m still dealing with sleeplessness, restlessness, headaches, etc – but definitely making it a point to eat more food (qty) and drink more water. The water makes a BIG difference!

I am excited for you, Lynn. Glad you got through yesterday. Feeling that way is sometimes what sends me off the wagon and under the wheels ?? I also am on Day 3 of beginning again. I have had that nagging headache, but I do feel so much more energetic and, as you have said, “lighter”. I just need to remember how much better I feel when I eat this way when tempted by all the sugar I love. I have been craving Mexican since I saw your picture the other day. Yum. I had some meatballs and some powdered taco sauce. I made it super thin to cut down on the 3 carbs, added it to the meatballs, stuck them in a lettuce leaf with cheese and sour cream. Yum. Easy peasy. Didn’t even think about going to Taco Bell for the Burrito Supreme or two ?? Wishing you and all the blog readers a great and successful Friday.

The Kfc doesnt look good to me either! haha!!! Although I am currently doing Atkins Induction so I really cant eat it anyway! haha A favorite go to for me if I am out and about is Subway!! I eat their salads so I can skip the bread!! So far I have had A Spicy italian turned into a salad (pepperoni and salami, I dont like salami so i got extra pepperoni) yummy!!! I have also had a buffalo chicken salad which was amazing tasting and the other night I had them put hot pastrami on my salad wow so yummy!!!!!

H Lynn,

Thanks for this blog! I had gone the lo carb route several years ago and had forgotten how effective it was!

I’m also grateful to read the experiences of others so I understand what I’m going through.(I didn’t remember the negatives). This is day 4 for me and yesterday I was quite queezy so I made a lo carb meat sauce and cooked a 1/2 c. of spaghetti. I don’t think I’ve ever eatten a 1/2 c. of spagetti in my adult life ?? My total carbs ended up being about 30 for the day but I felt a lot better!

I like eggs and cheese but am already getting to the point where I’m not enjoying the thought of eatting them!! I remember now, that I got so sick of what I was eating (before) that I wasn’t eating nearly enough and eventually stopped.

So, I have been writing some recipes (charting all of the carb counts) so I can have some variety. I actually love to do this! I love cheesecake but personally don’t want artificial sweeteners so am trying to develop a cheesecake with some sugar and try to freeze it for the days when I don’t think I can go on ??

Already feeling thinner!

There is SO much variety, so you should have no trouble getting creative with your menus. I have my staples that I really enjoy (the easy stuff lol). As for cheesecake, I like the idea of a cheesecake that is not sweet – to go with raspberries & strawberries. You could put just a dash of sugar-free french vanilla syrup in it to give it just enough “sweet” – like I do with my low carb cookie recipe. That might work. ??

Hi Lynn,

I’ve been following your beautiful journey for months now…. and I’d love to ask you this…

While doing so great with all the foods that so high in fat, how do you deal with thirst? I ask this because of my last three attempts at doing a low carb lifestyle, that was my one downfall!!

Water just didn’t cut the grease. Now that being said from a life long Pepsi girl….. please, oh please share what you have found to work.

What do you drink, besides water (which we all agree is necessary and good) that helps you eat this way?

Your a wonder-filled inspiration….


some drinks I make to “cut the grease:

-mix stevia and lemon juice to make lemonade

-unsweetened ice tea with stevia

-Sweet Drops flavors into carbonated water or Zebra brand sodas (root beer and cream soda are the best)

WOW…am I glad I found your blog!!! I’ve been low carbing off & on for a few months. I have PCOS & low carb is the only possible way for me to lose weight!! I’ve had a super hard time finding recipes & products that are good so I am SO grateful for your research!! I can’t wait to go shopping & try some stuff out!! Thank look great by the way!!

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