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You probably have all the ingredients to make this amazingly delicious...

You probably have all the ingredients to make this amazingly delicious...

You probably have all the ingredients to make this amazingly delicious keto candy if you’ve been following along for awhile, but in case you don’t have some of these ingredients in your keto pantry… I’ll give you simple substitution ideas!

This fun “MCT Oil Candy” recipe idea happened while I was playing with creative ways to use MCT Oil for people that don’t like it in their coffee – or don’t drink coffee.

MCT Oil is such a POWERFUL brain-fueling, metabolism-boosting, appetite-suppressing energy blast that I wanted to find ways for EVERYONE to enjoy the amazing effects. ?? See: MCT Oil For Weight Loss – How It Works

It’s hard to mess up fat bombs. I made four different versions in a matter of minutes just pulling random things out of my keto pantry. ??

These are the ingredients I used, but I’ll give you ideas for substitutions too. I’ll also give you simpler keto fat bomb / mct oil candy recipes below with fewer ingredients – so you have lots of options!

Keto Candy:

Note: I intentionally made mine RICH in MCT Oil because I use it daily and have a higher tolerance for it. You’re meant to start with a one teaspoon serving of MCT Oil and work your way up gradually. So you may want to make 10 smaller peanut butter cups or use HALF the amount of MCT Oil that I used – or both!

I used 4 full TBSP’s of MCT Oil for 5 larger “peanut butter cups” but just ONE of these holds me over for HOURS just like using MCT Oil in my coffee.

* You could substitute the low carb granola for any nuts to add crunch, or leave that out for regular creamy peanut butter cups.

* Almost any sugar free chocolate bar or sugar free chocolate chips will easily melt down. I used 3 TBSP of Know Foods sugar free chocolate chips because that’s what I had on hand. It came out to 42 grams of chocolate (before melted) if that helps.

* The sea salt is optional. I added it because I love “salted chocolate” and pretty much any sweet & salty combo. It totally MADE this recipe for me personally though! I used Redmond “Real Salt” Ancient Fine Sea Salt.

* Any modifications you make will affect the carb count, calories and macros so be sure to enter your ingredients in the free MyFitnessPal recipe calculator so you can log them correctly.

Feel free to get creative! ??

There is NO COOKING involved in this “accidental recipe” of course.

I don’t cook, lol. ??

All you need is two small bowls, a kitchen squeegee (rubber spatula? yes! thank you, Google) – and silicone candy molds.

For 5 large “peanut butter cups” I used regular muffin sized silicone molds but you can make them any size or in any sized molds you prefer.

This is the set I got on Amazon, and I absolutely LOVE the entire set. It’s perfect for making my keto muffins recipe too, plus it comes with smaller molds if you want to make different sizes:


In one small bowl stir together nut butter & MCT oil (I used 2 TBSP of each). You can warm up the nut butter just a little to make it easier to mix together. Then stir in the granola or nuts and just a pinch of fine sea salt.

Pour that mixture into your silicone molds. I used a TBSP sized measuring spoon to get equal amounts in each mold, starting with one tablespoon per mold.

If you’re using individual silicone molds like mine, place them on a plate or cutting board first. That makes it easier to move them to the freezer next without spilling them.

Put the “centers” in the freezer and let them set up for 20-30 minutes or until firm.

In the second small bowl, melt your sugar free chocolate or chocolate chips in the microwave 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until melted (don’t overcook!) – then stir in the MCT Oil and stir it into a smooth mixture.

Pull your “centers” out of the freezer and pop them out of the silicone molds and onto the cold plate or board.

Add 1 TSP (one teaspoon) of the chocolate/oil mixture to the bottom of each silicone mold.

Dip each “center” into the bowl of chocolate/oil mixture (I used a spoon and spooned them in and back out) then place them back in the molds on top of the chocolate bottoms.

Use a TSP measuring spoon to add an even amount of the chocolate MCT oil to each silicone mold, covering the nut butter centers and put them back in the freezer.

You have exactly enough time to lick your fingers, the squeegee, the spoon and both bowls totally clean right now.

After about 10 minutes, once they are cooled off and just starting to set up, pull them out and sprinkle just a bit of fine sea salt on the tops, then slide them back in the freezer and go fold your laundry. ??

I left mine in the freezer overnight so I’m not sure how long it would take them to “set up” but they kept well for a full week and taste just like a frozen snickers bar! ??

I don’t really eat desserts or snack between meals, so I might eat two of these throughout the day between a healthy low carb breakfast and later or light dinner.

If you use MCT Oil you’ll notice an “appetite suppressant” effect. Eating just one of these easily holds me over for hours just like using MCT Oil in my coffee.

If you want to start smaller with the MCT Oil, and you’re looking for a way to enjoy it – other than “oily coffee” or taking a teaspoon straight – you could simply mix 1 TSP of MCT Oil with 1 TBSP of sugar free chocolate (a 3:1 ratio) and portion that out into delicious chocolate bites.

I really like the 1:1 ratio (a full tbsp of oil per full tbsp of chocolate). If you make 3 candies from each then one piece of chocolate would be your 1 TSP serving of MCT Oil.

You can make up as many of those as you like.

Start with the 3:1 ratio and taste test it. Or start with the 1:1 ratio and if it’s not sweet enough to your liking, add more chocolate to balance it out. ?? Easy!

If you prefer nut butter, you can do the same thing with the same ratios using your favorite nut butters. I have some MCT Oil Candy in the freezer now that is 1:1 with Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Keto Nut Butter for example. ?

This was just MCT Oil with Peter Pan Natural peanut butter though:

Of course you could combine those two and make peanut butter & chocolate cups, which is my personal favorite. ??

They’ll melt quick, especially if you use a 1:1 ratio like I did, so those individual silicone molds come in handy as a “candy holder” to use so it doesn’t melt all over your fingers while you eat it. ??

It’s SO easy to make delicious keto candy or MCT oil fat bombs.

Like I said, I literally made four different versions in a matter of minutes one morning – which meant I had plenty of variety in the freezer anytime I wanted a “power bite” throughout the week!

Any size silicone candy mold will work.

And any nut butter and/or sugar free chocolate is fine too!

Just use whatever you have on hand. ??

I tried ALL of these versions, and they’re ALL delicious.

But of course my FAVORITE by far is the Macadamia Crunch Peanut Butter Cups with the keto granola in the middle.

Those were so good, especially with the sea salt.

It made me wish I’d added a sprinkle of the fine sea salt on the plain chocolate and plain nut butter fat bombs while they were setting up too. ??

I have some Blueberry MCT Oil Candy in the freezer now, and next I’m going to make some with the Cinnamon Pecan Crunch Keto Granola – because cinnamon pecan + blueberry sounds amazingly delicious for a crunchy sweet treat!

I also found a cookie recipe using the Peanut Butter Macadamia Granola, so I’m going to make those tomorrow too. Stay tuned and I’ll share both recipes with you – in case you’d like to try them too.

To make it easier on you, here’s a quick list of all the things I had on hand and used to make these MCT oil keto fat bombs:

For on the go, I use the FBOMB Premium C8/C10 Packets. My coupon code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for 20% off. Those packets are exactly 2 TBSP for reference if you have some on hand and want to use them in these recipes.

But for at home, the best quality for the lowest price right now is Kiss My Keto C8/C10 Oil AND you can get an additional discount using code LOWCARBTRAVELER. They also have a Pure C8 Oil too.

I personally use Perfect Keto MCT C8/C10 Oil. My discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER. It’s just as great in both quality and price as Kiss My Keto… and I actually like their other products. I use their unflavored collagen powder and love their bars & nut butter too.

If you missed it, be sure to see my post about MCT Oil and all the amazing benefits – plus my price/quality comparison charts on a variety of brands at:

p.s. I mentioned my Low Carb Banana Bread Recipe is coming out next. It is better than ANY banana bread I’ve EVER had, even pre-keto! I used the brand new Chocolate Banana Nut Butter from Legendary Foods in that recipe. If you decide to order from Legendary Foods to make keto fat bombs, grab a jar of that too! ?? My coupon code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for a discount there as well. *cheers*

All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.

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