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Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp

This zucchini pasta with lemon garlic shrimp is a delicious, gluten-free (and of course low-carb) version of shrimp scampi and linguini. Traditional pasta is replaced with zucchini noodles (also called zucchini pasta) for a lighter, healthier, more veggie-packed and nutritious meal.

I’m very fortunate to have relatives that live in Alaska. That means fresh, wild-caught seafood sometimes makes it’s way from Alaska all the way down to me in Southern California. And when that happens, oh, it’s glorious and lovely.

Case in point: when my mom was in Alaska a couple of years ago, she brought an entire cooler of fresh seafood home and I was the smarty pants who volunteered to pick her up at the airport. Yep, I’m no dummy. And I was thanked with the beautiful fresh halibut used in my Baked Halibut with Herbed Mayonnaise Crust recipe.

But it was her dozens of bags of fresh shrimp that was the impetus for this recipe several years ago. Because it prompted me to update an old favorite pasta recipe – shrimp scampi and linguini – to make it gluten-free, grain-free, paleo and all around healthy.

Watch this video of my Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp Recipe

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Making Zucchini Pasta with Shrimp

You guys know I’m a zucchini noodle lover. As in, I make them weekly. So if you haven’t yet watched my video on making zucchini noodles, you should definitely do that. I give tips for cooking zucchini (very important), because no one wants soggy zucchini pasta.

But if you’re new to the world of zucchini as pasta replacement, this Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp is a fab place to start. It’s so darn easy.

All you have to do is spiralize a few zucchini which substitute for the linguine. Then, sauté the shrimp with a little olive oil, garlic, lemon, white wine and parsley.

Whole30 Tip: If you’re doing a Whole30 or if you’re alcohol-free, you could also use chicken broth in place of the white wine.

Once the shrimp have turned pink, add the zucchini pasta back into the pan, gently tossing and cooking ever so slightly (just for a minute or two) until the zucchini pasta is warmed up. And that’s it. A delicious, easy, lemony garlic zucchini and shrimp dish that you’re sure to make again and again.

Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Healthy zucchini noodles "zucchini pasta" are tossed with lemon garlic shrimp for an easy, family favorite dinner recipe. It's naturally gluten-free and paleo-friendly and can easily be made Whole30 by replacing the white wine with chicken broth. Watch the recipe video above!


Wash and cut the ends of the zucchini. Using a spiralizer, make the zucchini pasta. Then, set aside.

Heat the oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Add the shrimp in one flat layer and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook for one minute without stirring, so the bottom side gets a little crispy.

Add the chopped garlic, then stir the shrimp for another minute or two to cook the other side. Use a large spoon or tongs to remove the shrimp to a plate.

Add the butter, lemon juice and zest, red pepper flakes and white wine to the pan. Bring to a simmer for 2-3 minutes while stirring.

Stir in the parsley, then add the zucchini pasta and toss for 30 seconds to warm it up. Add the shrimp back to the pan and stir for another minute. Serve immediately.

Lisa's Tips

If you've read my post on How to Make and Cook Zucchini Noodles you know I'm not a fan of cooking zucchini noodles. They become limp and soggy very quickly. So all you want to do is heat up the zucchini pasta without thoroughly cooking. That keeps it crisp and al dente.

92 comments on “Zucchini Pasta with Lemon Garlic Shrimp”

This recipe is LITERALLY one of my favorites! I cook a lot of food, so that’s saying something! And you can tweak this recipe like crazy too. My family can’t help the amount of drool when they see me meal prepping for this dinner ??

Hi Rebecca – Thank so much for the kind comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the zoodles with shrimp! You may have noticed but I have quite a few Whole30 recipes on my blog. Check them out and good luck this month :)


Oh my goodness… this recipe was incredible. Not only was it so easy to actually make, and didn’t take much time, but it is SO. GOOD!

I’m obsessed. I added a little turmeric and onion to the recipe as well.. this will definitely be a regular meal in my household!

Love it!

I am so excited that I found your blog! I’m not very good at coming up with easy, healthy, delicious meals. Easy and delicious I can come up with, but healthy never seems to make it in there. So I’m desperate for yummy healthy food. Healthy food should be enjoyable, and this recipe looks so amazing! I can not wait to try this and some of your other recipes too.

I’m not an experienced shrimp cooker here. When I add the shrimp there is a lot of liquid that comes off of them. Do I leave it in the pan and add the butter, lemon etc? Or, am I cooking it wrong in that there isn’t supposed to be “shrimp juice”?

Were your shrimp frozen or fresh? More liquid will usually come off frozen shrimp, but there is liquid that comes off fresh shrimp as well when cooking. Much of it should evaporate while cooking, but a little leftover liquid is fine. If you watch my video in the post you can see how much liquid I have in the pan. :)

Sounds yum! I’m going to make it tonight. However, I don’t have red pepper flake. How does it taste? Sweet or spicy? I’m cooking for two 20 months-old who are yet to master the art of spicy-ness. What can I replace it with?

Okay, made this fully expecting my husband and teenage daughter who both profess their undying hatred of zucchini regularly, and their overall annoyance with me and my relatively new spiralizer to hate it!! Surprise!! We have a couple of shrimp dishes in our rotation with similar flavor profiles, and they totally gobbled it down. I was sure to keep the zucchini al dente. Huge hit!! And very fast for week night dinner (less than 30 min prep, cook to table!)

For meal prep I’d recommend making the shrimp ahead of time and storing that separately and not including the zucchini as the zucchini can become watery when reheated. So just spiralize the zucchini as needed. :)

Just made this recipe and loved it!! I’m becoming a huge fan of zucchini noodles and this recipe was delicious. It’s just enough garlic, but not overpowering and the dash of red pepper flakes give it just a little kick of flavor. Definitely a winner and will make again. Love your videos and website.

I made this and it was amazing!! I added 1 shallot with the garlic (cooked it a bit first before adding the shrimp), and I also added a bit more unsalted butter. I cooked everything except the shrimp a bit longer as well, then dished it all up into large pasta bowls and sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top. This is going into the weekly routine!

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