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15 minutes KETO Asian Beef Bowl {Paleo, GAPS, All30}

15 minutes KETO Asian Beef Bowl {Paleo, GAPS, All30}

15 minutes KETO Asian Beef Bowl {Paleo, GAPS, All30}

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When I do Asian food, I'm excited and excited about the crowd: my family. This Keto, all 30, Paleo and GAPS Asian Cattle Bowls will be welcomed by your crowds. But best of all: 15 minutes! So it's a quick one, but fans will win. The strength of this bowl is full of good things: Asian flavors, clean ingredients, satisfying in every way! (You'll also love my 15-minute Keto Greek Bowl here.)

Keto, All30, GAPS, Paleo

What about you? Looking for a great 15-minute dinner? Do you like our bowls and bowls? For me, a delicious dinner from a bowl, preferably with a spoon, is ideal at the end of the day. I often get tired (I have a child who calls a lot of cars!) And I just want to go inside. We usually make a simple gourmet meal for cooking: all food is prepared beautifully but easily. It fits the bill.

And nutritious. I know my family will get great protein and fiber. Keto and GAPS have low carbohydrates. If you are Whole30, GAPS or Paleo and need more carbohydrates, it is easy to add roasted carrots, a sweet potato (Whole30 / Paleo) or winter squash (GAPS) with roasted sesame oil.

All 30 friends, there is a variation for you in this recipe: I don't have the stevia that I use for some sweetness. The dish is tasteless wonderful, so just a head up.

Chopstick diet mates, just kidding: All of you, aren't you? If you need the ARM bars for yourself or a gift, check them out! They will be the last and the last. Pretty cool. (Don't know how to use the chopsticks? Don't miss the pleasure of this life! Here is a nice video that shows you how to do it!)

Now… slow minutes

When it comes to cooking, I'm quickly prepared. But don't forget to be in the parasympathetic mode after having this baby and the bowl in your hand: it means resting while eating. When we rest, our body heals itself. It nourishes and digests when rested. He's renewing his energy. Take a deep breath. Don't talk about something stressful. And really smell, then taste each bite.

In this spirit, here is a Chinese proverb that I love:

Have fun. Later than you think.


Under these green mountains, where the spring prevails, the irbarbutus and loquat appear in the season, And the feast on lychee - 300 a day, I should not consider staying here forever. (Su Shih, Chinese poet)

Super combination of flavors. I can almost smell something in the kitchen! Okay ... not exactly ... I'm going to have to do it myself - love a 15-minute meal + look how beautiful it is ... with all the colors + textures. Thanks!

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