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3 Raw Material Sweet Potato Gnocchi

3 Raw Material Sweet Potato Gnocchi

3 Raw Material Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Last week, I was spraying three components, the allergen-friendly sweet potato gnocchi within 15 minutes. That's what's good for sin. I know I told you, but I'm telling you again, I'm obsessed with this creation! She wants to squeak me when I take every party. I mean, I've only done a dozen times in the last two weeks, and that's almost every day. -> shameful <-

But seriously, the possibilities are endless. You can't go wrong with soups, casseroles or pan frying. Deceptively healthy, almost unbelievable. And it fills a lot! Here's a list of reasons to do that for dinner.




Freezer Friendly

Intermediate 3

1 bowl


Vegetables are full

Durable starch

Simply delicious

If you want to know more about the full health benefits of starch found in this gnocchi, review my entire description here. By the way, here are the step-by-step instructions to make the perfect sweet potato gnocchi in 15 minutes! The best part of this recipe is that free real foods are approved for my detox program.

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The mash was heated in a bowl with sweet potatoes. Preferably, you want to cook the sweet potato, so it becomes dry. This means that you can bake in the oven without any obstacles, trying to keep the foil, oil or moisture in the oven.

Add porridge powder and potato starch once the porridge.

Mix the starches into sweet potatoes until a soft dough is formed.

You may need to dirty the hands and knead the mixture and start the starch.

If necessary, add more powder of starch or arrow powder. The amount will vary slightly depending on the moisture content of your potatoes.

Add potato starch to a clean surface and knead until a soft dough is formed.

Make it a ball.

Cut the dough into pieces and open it as a 1 inch rope.

Cut into 1-inch pieces with a knife and separate.

After you roll and cut all your gnocchi, gently press it with a fork to create a visually appealing gnocchi.

Now you're ready to boil her, fry in a pan, add to the soup, or cook it as is.


Add water to a pot to boil and cook the gnocchi. When it starts boiling, add gnocchi one by one and cook until it sticks to prevent sticking. Pour into the pan and empty.


In a pan, heat over medium heat and add oil. Once the fat is sizzling, place the gnocchi and cook until golden brown. Turn Gnocchi and repeat.


Once your gnocchi is complete, allow it to dry completely for 2-6 hours. Place in a bowl in a dry bag or bag and leave in the refrigerator for up to 1 week or freeze for later use.

just one day

to reset the hormones

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