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Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash

Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash

Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash

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Fall is in the air, and this Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash incorporates the harvest flavours into a delicious hearty meal.

Did you have a great summer? Unfortunately, we did not. It was the worst summer weather that I can remember. Not many days of “no rain” in a row. We tried to enjoy it when we could. The complete opposite of last summer.

Now that fall is just around the corner (September 22nd to be exact), this week the weather is FANTASTIC! Sunny and warm every day. I am out hiking as much as possible right now. Enjoying the last few days of Indian summer.

The beginning of summer, the farmers really had it tough. With so much rain, getting the crops into the ground was a challenge. I know of some that didn’t even plant this year. We will see how this affects the price of fresh produce in the grocery stores this winter.

Reaping the Harvest

If you have a Farmer’s Market near you, now is the time to scoop up some great produce. Comfort food season is coming! Soups, stews, and chilis will be a staple in our house during the cold months of winter. Grab those fresh bushel baskets of produce while you can. One of my favourtie things to make this time of year is my Simple Roasted Tomato Recipe. Perfect to use all year long in your delicious recipes.

I am NOT a winter person. I know you would think being Canadian I would love the cold. Nope, not me. My usual winter activity is hibernation. Most times you don’t see me out in the cold, unless of course I have to go shopping (or watch the grandkids). I can’t cook if I don’t shop, so weathering the cold doesn’t stop me from getting supplies, and a few other things since I am out and about. Might be days before you see me again LOL!

This year hubby and I have decided to try to embrace the winter months. We are going to give “snow shoeing” a try. In fact, today we are going to go to the MEC store and check out some gear. Guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m referring to my hubby of course, but don’t tell him I said that (haha).

Fall Flavours

I may not like the winter weather, but I do LOVE the flavours of fall. Pumpkin everything works for me. Apple season is just about here. Last year I made Incredible 3 Way Apple Soup. What a fun way to enjoy the seasonal flavours. Do you go apple picking?

Comfort food season is one of my favourite times of the year. All the great soups, chilis, and stews are so hearty. You can whip up HUGE batches, making leftovers for other meals during the week, or stocking your freezer for meals down the road. Months of easy cooking with delicious bowls of goodness works for me.

This is where you can experiment. Use your pressure cooker, crockpot, or slow braise on the stovetop or in the oven. However you choose to cook, your family will welcome the end results. Have you ever made blender soup? OMG so easy, and this Easy Roasted Pumpkin Soup will have your family thinking you cooked all day.

Chili is always a favourite in our house. If you are like us, you need to make cornbread too. Most times I will use canned tomatoes, but if you really want some intense flavour, make some Simple Slow Roasted Tomatoes. This is the season to stock your freezer, they can be used in so many ways. Pasta sauce gets raised to a whole new level when you make it with roasted tomatoes. You will be surprised how much a bushel of tomatoes will make.

For this chorizo chili recipe I combined some roasted tomatoes with chorizo and butternut squash. Add a can of white kidney beans, some poblano peppers for a little kick, and dinner is cooking.

Go ahead and use different meat (even no meat). Switch up the beans, choose a different squash (even sub in sweet potatoes). However you mix and match, it’s pretty hard to mess up a chili.

This makes a nice big batch. I did manage to tuck some away in the freezer, although it was so good we wanted to eat all of it! I can say this winter after a cold day snow shoeing, this Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash will be a warm welcome….along with a glass of wine.

What is your favourite comfort food?

Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash

Celebrate fall with this Chorizo Chili with Roasted Tomatoes and Squash. Reap the rewards of the harvest season and turn them into easy, hearty and delicious recipes.


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We’ve had really nice weather as soon as fall “officially” arrived, as well. How ironic! This looks fantastic, I’ve been on a big chorizo kick lately, so this looks extra tempting to me! What a terrific flavor combination.

This is a wonderful, cold weather chili. We’re in Florida, so it doesn’t get “cold” here. We don’t make heavy, hearty meals too often, but when we do, it’s usually chili, stew, or soup. This sounds like a great one to try, especially with the chorizo. Yum!

I’ve never made chili using chorizo but there’s always a first time. I believe the spiciness of the meat would really compliment the sweetness of the butternut squash. Roasting the Roma tomatoes first enhances their flavor and makes the chili even richer and heartier. YUM. I hate winter but I look forward to the soups and stews!! Great recipe, Gloria!

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