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Chunky Salmon Cucumber Dip

Chunky Salmon Cucumber Dip

Chunky Salmon Cucumber Dip

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It’s turning out to be a long, hot summer. We took a vacation in May, but here it is, July and that trip feels like a distant memory. And there’s still nearly two months of summer left! Without a weekend getaway in site, our summer celebrations will be happening in our own back yard, literally. Luckily, we have a grill and swimming pool (in Florida, pools are as common as a garage)– so that’s almost like vacation, right? Especially when you’re munching on Chunky Salmon Cucumber Dip.

Anytime we’re relaxing and entertaining in the summertime, it’s most often done poolside. With everyone in their bathing suits, icy drinks in the cooler, music in the background, Scott attending the grill and plenty of tasty bites to chow before the main course. I like a mix of healthy options along with salty, crunchy nibbles, like pretzels, nuts and chips. A homemade dip makes it festive.

Cape Cod® Potato Chips are my go-to chip when I’m making dips for a crowd. They’re sturdy, uber-crunchy and they’ve got the fortitude to stand up to even this chunky salmon cucumber dip. With Cape Cod and Kettle Brand® Potato Chips, both made from simple, high quality ingredients, you’ll have endless snacking possibilities all summer long.

If you have a thing for smoked salmon, like we do, you’re going to go ga-ga over this dip. It only takes a few ingredients and it’s ridiculously easy to make. Plus it can (and should) be made ahead of time, so you don’t have to fuss at the last minute when you’re having guests. Isn’t that what entertaining is all about? Actually enjoying your company? With this 10-minute dip and a selection of Cape Cod Potato Chips or those outrageous Kettle Brand Potato Chips, you’ll have something to satisfy everyone’s summer snack cravings.

Did I mention how quick and simple it isto make? Only 10 minutes — and that’s if you’re a slow-chopper. Just add salmon, cream cheese, greek yogurt, lemon and horseradish to your food processor and pulse it until it’s smooth, then stir in the diced cucumber and extra salmon. The extra salmon and cucumber gives the dip a chunkier consistency and because half of the salmon is diced, the dip tastes less fishy than some other salmon dips I’ve tried. Refrigerate the dip so the flavors can come together — and go work on your music playlist for the party.

Spoon the creamy, chunky dip into serving bowls and sprinkle with the garnish. I like to use a little extra cucumber, salmon and dill, so the guests get an idea as to what’s in the dip, but you could switch it up with finely diced red onion, red or yellow bell pepper, and/or some “Everything Bagel” seasoning mix.

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Chunky Salmon Cucumber Dip

Course: Appetizer

Cuisine: American

Prep Time: 10minutes

Total Time: 10minutes

Servings: 8

Calories: 381kcal

This savory salmon dip isn't too "fishy," the major complaint for most salmon dips. That's because only half of the salmon is pureed. The rest is finely diced and stirred into the dip. Finely diced cucumber, lemon juice and dill add freshness.


Finely chop half of the smoked salmon and set aside.

Into the bowl of a food processor, combine the remaining smoked salmon, greek yogurt, cream cheese, lemon juice, dill and horseradish. Process until smooth and creamy. Taste for seasoning, adding more lemon or horseradish as desired.

Transfer the dip to a medium bowl and stir in the finely diced salmon and cucumber. Chill for several hours so the flavors have a chance to marry.

Spoon dip into a serving bowl and sprinkle with garnishes - or let the guests choose their own. Serve with chips and assorted crudite.

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Cucumber dip is one of my favorite dips and now I get to add Salmon to it? Now thats a win in my world. It just so happens my sister Brough some fresh caught salmon from Alaska on Sunday so we have been looking for new ways to use our delicious bounty! I can’t wait to make this for her, finally a recipe she hasn’t shown me how to use all that delicious salmon!

Poolside entertaining is the best and I can’t wait to make this! We love Nova, and I hadn’t thought to use it in a chip dip. What a great idea! Cape Cod and Kettle chips are our favorites…there are 2 bags downstairs in the pantry right now, actually. All they’re missing is this dip!

Looks like a pretty tasty snack! I love smoked salmon but I’ve never made a dip with it before. The combination of flavours definitely sounds refreshing and tasty, and the perfect accompaniment to a nice crisp kettle chip!

Ok, I have been experimenting with smoked salmon recently. It took me a bit to convince myself I would like it. The combination of salmon, cucumber and cream cheese works so well. Dill (which I LOVE) just pulls it all together.

LISSSSAAA!! I LOVE this! I especially love that the base is Greek yogurt- I won’t make cream cheese based dips because then I can only eat one bite, instead of the whole bowl like I want to hahaha. And I happen to have smoked salmon in my freezer, cucumbers growing in my garden, and a love for kettle brand potato chips hahaha. (Also, our vaca was in May too and I want another!)

I absolutely adore salmon, but I’ve not been able to eat salmon or sushi for months thanks to being pregnant. Your delicious dip is killing me! I’d give anything to eat it right now. I’m definitely bookmarking this for a few months time when I can revert to my normal eating habits!!

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Amazon Affiliate: Garlic & Zest is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

The Best Healthy Fast Food Options

Fast-food stores are plentiful and fast food has the reputation of being unhealthy, while an increasing number of large chains are adding more nutritious options to their menus.

Sockets that allow more customization of orders tend to have lower calorie or more feeder selections. However, there are currently healthy options on the menu of the largest fast-food chains.

In this article, we'll look at the overall calorie, fat and saturated fat content to find some of the healthiest options that seven big fast-food chains have to offer.

Note, however, that calories and fat are only two aspects of how healthy a meal is fed. If a person eats only fast food, it is not possible to get the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and fiber.

1. Subway

Sandwich with cheese and vegetables

One person can customize Subway sandwiches to choose healthy fillings.

Metro specialize in deli style sandwiches or "sub". As a person can customize every "sub", Subway can be one of the healthiest healthy fast-food chains.

Some of the best sandwich options are on the Subway's Fresh Fit menu. The 6-inch Turkey Breast sandwich with nine wheat bread contains 250 calories and 3 grams of fat, including 0.5 g of saturated fat.

A healthy vegetarian option, Veggie Delite in nine wheat bread. This "bottom" contains only 2 g calories, does not contain 2 g total fat and saturated fat. It also has one of the lowest sodium levels (salt) compared to other sandwiches.

Subway also offers salads that can be a low-calorie alternative to a sandwich. All salads include lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, onions, cucumbers, green peppers and olives.

Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options

Fast food and diabetes: Tips and options

Are you having trouble finding a fast-food option for living with diabetes and occasional treatment? We can help you.

2. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is another great fast-food chain with a variety of healthy options. The ability to personalize each order allows people to choose more vegetable-like nutrients.

According to Taco Bell's website, three-quarters of its menus are under 500 calories. Some of the lowest calorie options are the Fresco menu, which uses regular sauce and cheese instead of vegetable based salsa.

One of the healthiest options is Chicken Soft Taco. Each taco contains about 170 calories, 8 g fat, containing only 3 g of saturated fat.

Bean Burrito is a vegetarian option containing 11 g fat, 380 calories, including 4 g of saturated fat.

3. Chipotle

Vegetable burritos

Vegetarian options are lower in fat than meat options.

Chipotle is a Mexican-style chain that specializes in tacos and burritos. Similar to Subway and Taco Bell, Chipotle allows people to customize their meals to include healthy choices.

Healthy options are burritos or white rice instead of white rice. In a chicken bowl bowl containing fresh tomato salsa and brown rice, there are 415 calories, 13 g fat and 4 g saturated fat.

For a lower calorie, vegetarian option, people can choose a plate of bean curd, brown rice and a sofritas patty with lettuce. It contains 365 calories, 10 g fat and 1.5 g saturated fat. Adding sauce will increase the number of calories.

4. McDonald's

McDonald's had the reputation of being unhealthy, but they recently reaffirmed themselves to offer a variety of fresh and nutritious ingredients. Some of these changes may be cosmetics, while McDonald's has better options.

Fillet-O-Fish contains 390 calories and 4 g of saturated fat from 19 g of total fat. Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad contains only 320 calories and 6 g of saturated fat from a total of 14 g.

5. Burger King

Burger King is one of the largest burger chains in the United States, but has a limited number of healthy options. But some choices are a little healthier than others.

It contains a normal, simple hamburger, 10 g total fat, 3.5 g saturated fat, and 240 calories. Grilled Chicken Sandwich contains 470 calories, 3.5 g saturated fat and 19 g fat.

BK Veggie Burger can be a healthier option among these examples. Contains 2,5 g of saturated fat, 390 calories and 17 g of fat.

6. Wendy

Baked potato with knife, sour cream and cheese filling on plate

Baked potatoes can be a healthy fast-food option.

Wendy is another common fast-food chain that allows people to personalize their orders to make their choices healthier.

The menu of the chain is not abundant in healthy options, but some meals are able to customize to lower the calorie content.

Salads are also available, and if a person chooses some of the half-size salad choices, they can stay below 500 calories.

With a few vegetarian options at Wendy's, Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potatoes

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