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Earlier this week I was embarrassed about my roasted chicken love. I'm...

Earlier this week I was embarrassed about my roasted chicken love. I'm...

Earlier this week I was embarrassed about my roasted chicken love. I'm going to talk about how I use meat today. In cold weather, the way I have to go to stretch a chicken is to use the leftovers, such as a Turmeric Chicken Soup, in a type of soup or stew.

Finding ways to maximize an expensive graze is not rocket science. A relaxing soup with plenty of fresh (and cheap) vegetables can be extended to dinner and lunch the next day. Now using meat and bone water from the freezer offers a nutritious and satisfying, fast, inexpensive night meal.

Last week I was at my farmer market in front of the local store and had fresh turmeric roots. Two seconds later, my brain got angry and I was going home to make this tasty, spicy, sharp turmeric chicken soup.

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Cooking with fresh turmeric

Turmeric, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, seems to be all the rage these days for the alleged health benefits. I'm not a trained nutritionist, I'm not a medical expert, so I'm not really going to work.

That being said, I'm an advocate for eating a foodie and rainbow and for these reasons, I'll tell you to source fresh turmeric roots and enjoy it in every way possible.

The flavor profile of fresh turmeric is incredibly different. The taste is earthy, bitter and spicy - not spicy "hot", more like a spicy "biting". Some kind of ginger like crack. There is a certain zing.

Some people enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices as raw (I've tried, it's not my business, not a problem). I love the best cooked, cooked by something sweet like coconut milk.

A fair warning word about fresh turmeric ready peeling and slicing smudges your hands, your cutting board and everything you have touched him. If you are worried about such things, wear gloves or see this article on Food52 for how to remove fresh turmeric spots.

I'm peeling fresh turmeric by scraping the skin with a spoon edge like fresh ginger root (a great tutorial that shows the method I use).

Turmeric Chicken Soup Recipe Notes

I used most of my remaining breast and dark meat for a little more than two cups for this recipe. The chicken was enough to have a little more stew from the soup, so if you prefer lighter, just use a glass.

I think this recipe will be really nice with the addition of chickpeas (I wasn't well prepared and mine was still dry - I'm not a scout) and if you use half of the meat, it's a cheap and satisfying companion. . If you give me a hustle and bustle, let me know how you ended up.

Turmeric chicken soup is very adaptable for all seasons. Adding sweet potatoes, yukon gold, peas, fresh or canned tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini or summer zucchini is very useful here. If you need more green, try cabbage, chard and / or mustard, but add them to the middle of cooking so they don't turn into dirty dirt.



Peel the turmeric and slice. Smooth the turmeric root with cumin, coriander and coconut milk in a food processor.

Heat a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add coconut oil and heat until melted. Add the onion and sauté until it becomes semi-transparent and start to brown on the edges, 6-8 minutes. Add the garlic and sauté until it is fragrant, 1 minute.

Pour the pan into a pan with a few tablespoons of spiced turmeric-coconut milk.

Add the rest of the Turmeric-coconut milk to the Dutch oven with carrot, celery, chicken bone juice, roasted chicken, salt, pepper and chili flakes. Bring to a simmer, then lower and cook for 20-25 minutes until the vegetables soften and the stew is light.

Fill the casserole bowls and add freshly chopped coriander. Serve immediately with naan bread.

Recipe Notes

Vegetarian / Vegan. Take the chicken and put chickpeas and potatoes in its place. Bottom vegetable broth for chicken.

What Designers Can Try From Martha Stewart?

Like every housewife, Martha Stewart, a long-time developer of experience, can teach a few things to UX practitioners to bring back users for more.

You can compare the experience of spending time with people living in their homes to experience a brand. When you enter the home of a truly wonderful host, you are faced with a number of carefully designed options designed to give you a positive experience. In other words: you are experiencing the ın brand ”of that household.

Pleasant tastes, ambience and lighting, welcoming cuddles and talking, the best hosts are planning every experience that their guests will experience, taking into account all their senses and emotional reactions. Like every brand, good hosts want their guests to come back for more.

Although some houses have played a role in persuading people to carefully consider their guests' multi-sensual needs while Martha Stewart, Candice Olson, and Jonathan Adler had such personalities, many homeowners have done this in multiple points of contact for generations. In many ways, we can say that homeowners are original experience designers.

Like every good host, brands also want consumers to enjoy the experience of their products. However, very often, they do not understand the spectrum of the multi-sensory needs of their customers and thus fall behind the expectations of the meeting.

Brands, Martha, Candice and Jonathan, by considering the three important principles, including the best daily hosts, brands can design meaningful, multi-sensory experiences and establish long-term relationships with customers.

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