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Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad (Celebrate the Season)

Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad (Celebrate the Season)

Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad (Celebrate the Season)

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Would you eat salad for breakfast? With this Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad,you can enjoy the seasonal flavours any time of day.

Are you a salad lover? I sure am. Do you have a favourite one? My oldest daughter loves pasta salad with tuna. My youngest daughter’s favourite salad is potato. Hubby and I both love Greek Zoodle Salad.

We often have salads for dinner. On a busy day, it is so easy to either have a salad ready and waiting in the fridge, or quickly mix one up when I get home. Making them into a satisfying dinner option is so easy when you add things like chickpeas, lentils, beans, or even hard boiled eggs. Of course, there are always meat options, and I like using up leftover beef and chicken this way.


I am a mild weather girl, but I just happen to LOVE the flavours of fall. The warm spices, cozy soups and stews, PUMPKIN everything, and of course fresh apple season.

I haven’t gone out apple picking yet. Have you? Fresh apple season is the best. On a nice crisp fall day, going to the orchard and picking your favourite variety off the tree is fun. Carefully selecting the biggest juiciest apples you can find. My kids used to love eating the fresh apples right off the tree as we walked along and filled our bags. We always ended our adventure with a wagon ride. Now my grandkids are having fun picking apples with us too.

Would you believe that the last couple off weeks here in Ontario has been hotter than the whole summer? Seriously I don’t know what is going on with the weather. I have not been able to get into apple picking mode with the temperatures in the high 30’s (or for my US friends, similar to 104 degrees).


I absolutely love baking with Cortland apples. They are so crisp, have a mild taste (not too tart), and don’t discolour as fast when they are sliced. I use them all the time in my recipes. Apples work so well in everything from muffins, breads and even soup. Have you ever tried my Incredible 3 Way Apple Soup? What a celebration of fall.

For this Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad a sweeter variety of apple is great. Honeycrisp is the perfect variety to use here. Of course, you can switch it up to any variety you like. All are delicious, you can’t go wrong with apples.

When I first thought about this recipe, I had planned on making it more like a Waldorf Salad. However, since the weather was HOT, I really didn’t want a mayonnaise based salad. Once I started chopping (and eating) the apples, I quickly changed directions and pulled out some flavoured balsamic vinegars instead.

When I gave it a taste I said to myself, “I would eat this for breakfast”. You really can eat this salad ALL DAY long. So easy to make, and it keeps well too. Chop up some apples, add some pumpkin seeds and cranberries (all those FALL flavours), and add some chickpeas. Toss everything into a bowl with a squeeze of lemon.

For the dressing, I used apple balsamic, pomegranate balsamic, pomegranate molasses, and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix these with a bit of regular extra virgin olive oil and you have a tasty sweet/tart vinegrette to tie in all the seasonal flavours. If you have never experimented with flavoured balsamic vinegars, you are in for a real treat. Go ahead, experiment and create some unique and delicious dressings to tickle your taste buds.

This fall salad is packed with textures, lots of flavour, fibre and protein. It is the perfect way to start your day. Add it to yogurt with a touch of maple syrup for a bit of added sweetness.

Pack it into containers, and lunch is ready for the week. Have it as a snack when you get home from the gym or school. Use it as a topping over ice cream for dessert. Yes, you can eat it ALL DAY long.

Head out to the apple orchard and gather your favourite varieties. This Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad makes a quick and delicious meal any time of day. Be sure to make LOTS, you won’t want to stop eating it. I bet you can come up with lots of ways incorporate this healthy seasonal recipe into your day.

And while you are picking, think of all the other wonderful things you can make with apples. Fried Apple Tarts are a favourite around here.

Do you have a favourite apple recipe?

Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad (Celebrate the Season)

Enjoy the seasonal flavours any time of day with this Fall Flavours Apple Chickpea All Day Salad. Great for breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert too.


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I would definitely eat salad for breakfast, and this recipe looks to be the perfect salad to fit for breakfast. I might take even add a dash of nutmeg on it since it is fast becoming my favorite fall spice

I don’t think you can have too many apple recipes!! I love the crunch in a salad — adds just the right amount of sweetness. We used to go pick our own apples when our kids were little. We loved it — so much fun on a Fall day! I’ll have to make up a batch of the salad for my lunches. It’s always great to have a dish made up ahead of time. Less temptation to snack.

This is a perfect healthy lunch option for my family. We love salads any day, any meal, for any season. But this perfectly combines all the Fall flavors we love. Have to say I have never seen pomegranate molasses before but I am going to order some and give this recipe a try. It just sounds to great to let it pass by!

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