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Fast and Easy Microwave Low Carbohydrate Bread Recipe

Fast and Easy Microwave Low Carbohydrate Bread Recipe

Fast and Easy Microwave Low Carbohydrate Bread Recipe

If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, you know the sorrow and suffering caused by the lack of bread. For me, toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and more bread at dinner were used as a basic ingredient at every meal. Why not!? Soooo very nice.

Fortunately, with this Low Carbohydrate Bread Recipe you can still eat bread while keeping your carbohydrate low (microwave keto bread)! You can thank coconut and almond flour for this. I've always filled both of these flours in my pantry because they compliment each other very well. Also, they also make a large microwave keto bread.

Almond Flour - Coconut Flour

Both flour are low carbohydrate, high in fiber, high in protein and gluten-free. When applying a low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diet, it is the perfect substitute for normal flour. Most of the time, I think they're better off, because they both have their own qualities.

Almond Flour

Almond flour is my favorite because it has a very neutral taste. And it creates the most moist cakes and breads because it does not absorb moisture like coconut flour. When replacing coconut flour, you usually need to double or quadruple the amount of almond flour. Unfortunately, many people have hazelnut allergies and cannot enjoy this flour.

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is higher in Omega 3s, known as an excellent anti-inflammatory. Personally, I think two flour is healthier, but the flavor is quite strong, and if you use it too much recipe can crush it. In addition, it is incredibly absorbent, so most recipes tend to achieve a drier result. However, coconut flour gives the structure that needs bread, so it doesn't break up.

These two flour compliment each other very well in this recipe.

Keep calm and make keto bread in the microwave.

Making Low Carb Bread Recipes in a Mug!

I discovered cupcakes and breads a few years ago, and I've been struggling since then. This is a very crazy concept for me, but with the right ingredients, you can actually get pretty good results - and in a few minutes!

This easy mug of bread is absolutely fried with some butter. Butter really makes all the difference! And it reminds me of a slightly softer and less dry English muffin.

Mmmmm! Just look at the toasted bread!

I love to change it a bit with different spices and herbs each time, but my favorite additions are definitely garlic powder and some rosemary. Cheese is also good! Duh.

Easy Microwave Keto Bread (Low Carbohydrate Bread Recipe)


1 large egg

1 tablespoon almond flour

1 tablespoon coconut flour

1 tbsp milk

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

a pinch of salt


1/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese

garlic powder, herbs or your preferred spices


Mix eggs, flour, milk, olive oil, baking powder and salt in a small bowl. If you use it, add herbs and cheese and mix to combine.

Batter a small microwave safe bowl for 90 seconds or pour into a wide mug and microwave.

Place the cup or bowl upside down on a cutting board or plate and let the bread slide out. Then, cut two diagonally to make biscuits in the form of English muffin.

To roast, place the bread tours in a high-heat pan with the butter or oil touch for 30-60 seconds on each side.


With coconut flour and almond flour, this biscuit has only the right amount of structure and moisture. If you're just using coconut flour, I'll only use 1.5 tablespoons. Also, if you only use almond flour, you will probably need 3-4 tablespoons.

This multi-purpose bread can be eaten as toast or sandwich bread! A stir-fried egg, absolutely delicious with a few slices of bacon, cheese and avocado stacked between.

Customer comments:

Absolute winner !!! We tried a lot of recipes but this is A +++! - Martha K.

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