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Grain Free Flat Bread

Grain Free Flat Bread

Grain Free Flat Bread

I was so inspired by my friend Ashley at My Heart Beets and her Paleo Naan Bread recipe – After making it several times I came up with my own seasoned Grain Free Flat bread recipe. 21DSD, Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free and Dairy Free – and totally AMAZING! This recipe is easily increased or decreased depending on how many breads you would like to make.

Making these Grain Free Flat Breads are as easy as making pancakes! Just shake everything up together and pour into your skillet!

Just cook them 1-2 minutes per side, just to get them cooked and brown on the outside… Transfer each of your flat breads onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 degrees for up to 15 minutes – the longer you bake them the crispier they will get. The middles are still chewy after baking, the edges are crisp – The best of both worlds!



I tried you recipe. However, when I blended it together it was like a brick. Not enough liquid….so I added more and then still not enough….then more and it was too much. It was a disaster! Please re-look at your measurements and let us know! ??

Justine – based on our email conversation it’s because you didn’t follow my recipe, so I’m sorry YOUR RECIPE didn’t work out but going forward if you modify a recipe please don’t miss lead my readers that a well tested and proven recipe doesn’t work, thanks in advance.

Lee – I’m not sure why you’re having trouble – I’ve made this recipe 100s of times and so have many other people – it’s equal amounts of blanched almond flour, tapioca flour and water…. Are you certain you used the correct ingredients and the correct amounts?

No you don’t bake with instant tapioca ?? It is tapioca starch/flour that you use, just as I said. I use tapioca starch as a part of the vast majority of my recipes. I have linked to purchase it from amazon in the recipe.

I gave up gluten along time ago but have never found a missed a bread substitute that is grain free that I like until I found this recipe. It is Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing. Thanks to this recipe there is nothing I miss about bread. I have shared it friends and everyone loves it.

I have been following a Paleo diet for some time now and decided to make the flat breads today. I started with one batch and they were so good I made two more. They were easy and they weren’t a day long process like the cauliflower tortillas I made last week. Thank you so much! Stacey H.

Haley, I just used your recipe and LOVED it! I was a bit nervous when I saw how thin the batter was, but decided to trust the recipe. It turned out perfectly! My family is already asking for more. Thanks for sharing!! Summer

I made these today and they were a disaster, stuck to the pan, burned bits, folded over on itself, thick bits, thin bits, slightly scorched where I put the frying pan under the grill to firm them up enough to scrap off the bottom of the pan bits, ….. and they STILL taste amazing crunchy on the thinner parts and soft chewy with a crisp outside on the thicker parts,… I liked them so much I may invest in a better pan!

Wow Hayley! Great site. I came over from wellness media to check out your site ??

This recipe seems too easy..unbelievable!! ??

I’m going right now to try it, but I don’t have tapioca, I will see how arrowroot works out and let you know. I’m hoping this will be a good alternative to pita bread to dip in hummus and also a replacement for tortillas….we’ll see ??

I’ve tried this recipe a couple time and love it! I used it to make pizza the other night and it was perfect. I was wondering if they keep well? I was wanting to make some and keep them to use during the week for lunches at work.

Hi Hayley, I just made a recipe very similar to yours (it used coconut milk vs water) and they cake out gooey on the inside. Tasted amazing, but gooey and didn’t hold up very well. Can you describe the internal texture please? I want to try this recipe, but I hate to waste my gf flours. Thanks in advance!

I made a recipe that used coconut milk instead of water and I did not like the gluey consistency. It was like they never cooked. I shared this recipe because we LOVE them, they are not gooey and I’ve added yummy seasonings that make them AMAZING. Feel free to make just 1/4c of each water/almond/tapioca with 1/4t of the seasonings…. you can reduce/increase the ingredients in my recipe as needed!!!

I’ve made these at least 4 times now and love them! Here’s my questions, if I get 4 breads from the batter, should I bake them half the time? If I only get 2, as in your picture, should I bake them the full 15 min?

Hi! I was trying to make paleo farinata (italian chickpea flatbread) and found your recipe, i wanted to use the same ingredients. I’m worried aboot goo-iness of the inside. Have you tried farofa (cassava “breadcrumbs”) rather than starch? Thanks!

This recipe is amazing!! I have gone through a hundred recipes trying to find a vegan gluten free bread of any kind that would turn out and taste good! I am freaking ecstatic to have found this recipe! Thank you thank u thank u!!! Delicious! The awesome part is I can use it for pancakes too!!

I LOVE these. You totally saved my life. They are wonderful as a cracker and great as a bun for hotdogs. This Labor Day I felt soooo normal. One question: Since it serves 4, does that mean you get 4 flatbreads? How many flatbreads should you typically get from a single batch? I find if I bake them the full 15 minutes they are like a cracker, which is still yummy. After making them the first time, now I ALWAYS double the recipe. There is NEVER any left overs to put in the refrigerator or freezer. My gluten-loving in-laws loved them as well. Tho I must admit I didn’t want to share them. I felt it was a waste…eat your own bread! LOL!!! But, I still wanted them to know how wonderful gluten free can be. THANK YOU!!!

Love love LOVE this recipe. I didn’t have tapioca flour in hand, but I used potato instead. The results were absolutely fantastic! The texture reminded me of injera, a sponge-y, Ethiopian bread but the baking gives it a lovely chewiness. And it’s so easy! Thank you so much for bringing this recipe into my life.

I’m excited that my 3rd and 4th piece was much better than first 2. I used butter as fat for pan. No bueno! So I let my cast iron skillet do its own thing with no fat and they look yummy! Going in oven now. ?? can I double it? Trying to make grilled cheese for kiddies. I’m so new to GF world and you’ve helped me have a decent lunch today!

A friend made these for me once when I was visiting, and they are absolutely delightful. They taste great, have an excellent tooth, and are versatile. I’m going to be making my first batch soon. I just have one question. Do you have to put them in a single layer on the baking sheet? I’ll be making enough for my family of nine, and would like to bake lots at one time.

These are INSANELY good!!! Holy cow. How can something so easy be so darn tasty? I will be making these for years to come!! I used tapicoa and almond flours from Nuts.com for these. We used them as the base of a buffalo chicken flatbread and served them with blue-cheese cole slaw. Yum!! Thanks so much for a winning recipe ??

Made these yesterday and used the cashew flour from Trader Joes (I have almond flour from Honeyville but wanted to see how this new flour held up). Holy cow were these good! And I have tried no less than probably 50 different paleo bread/tortilla recipes over the years! I ate mine with a Chicken Tiki Masala frozen dinner from Trader Joes and it was just as good as when I used to order Indian with “real” naan bread! Thank you!!!

Just made these. Wonderful! At first I had the same problem as a previous poster where the tapioca clumped up and was hard. I just added a bit more water and shook the jar really well. No problem! I look forward to trying these with various seasonings! I love the pizza crust and hot dog bun ideas as well. I wonder how they would be with cinnamon and some sweetener for a more breakfast-y type of bread. I will test it out! thank you!

Awesome recipe!!!!!!!!!! I threw all the ingredients into a food processor (blender is fine too) after reading reviews about those who had problems with thick batter. Everything came out smooth and perfectly blended. Texture was much like a crepe. Flavor is delicious! Giving up bread is going to be a lot easier now that I can have these little gems! This recipe only makes 3 or 4, however, so be prepared to double, triple (or in my case, quadruple) the recipe to have plenty on hand!

I just took these out of the oven to eat with my Indian delivery and my taste test says that they are DELICIOUS! I had no trouble with the batter, and even added a few tablespoons of unsweetened shredded coconut to my batter. Perfection! Thanks for a great recipe!

These were awesome. I didn’t really get them to brown like you did even though I cooked them longer in the pan than you specified, but I was pretty shocked when they puffed up like authentic indian flatbread (flip once, flip again and apply light pressure around the flatbread with a bunched up piece of paper towel and the flatbread will puff up like balloon). I also only baked them for 10 minutes since I made smaller flatbreads. The thinner flatbreads were crispy, the thicker flatbreads were soft. Both were delicious. The flavour was top notch and my pro-gluten partner loved them. I served them with an Indian lentil soup. Thank you for the sensational, simple recipe!

These are awesome. It’s like having a treat! My daughter kept begging me for more. Even my husband loved them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. The way I cooked them, they were more like crackers that I could serve with hummus. The outside was so crisp and yummy. The next time, I will probably pour more batter.

I’m so impressed with these! Instead of garlic and onion I used chopped cilantro and fresh rosemary. These are a treat! I made them small, thin and crispy on the edges, required less than 10 minutes in the tabletop oven after the pan part.

HOLY COW GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I used almond meal flour and added little extra garlic and it reminds me of a butter bagel which has been almost 3 years since I have had it! I paired it with my dinner which was Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles) with Lemon-Garlic Spicy Shrimp Skinnytaste.com !! Highly recommend as your bread and that are a match made in heaven!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! YOU ROCK! GOD BLESS!

These are literally a life saver for me thank you!! I just made some for my son who is gluten free for the benefits we find it has on his autism. He has been missing GOOD bread, it’s been our biggest issue for him. This is bread he loves!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am even making more for church offering just minus the garlic and onion! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

I tried the orginal recipe you mentioned with the coconut milk but they were too “coconut tasting” for me (and I like coconut). I MUCH prefer yours with the more neutral flavor and not as gummy. I used almond flour and arrowroot and even made another batch with cashew flour from Trader Joes and arrowroot (my tummy doesn’t like tapioca). They are SO good!

Fabulous recipe. Totally tasty, love the texture too. I am trying to control my carb intake to fight my insulin-resistance, so I was wondering – Can I replace the tapioca with chia flour? I imagine it would give the smoothness and stickiness to almond flour?

These are delicious!!! Just made these for my peanut, dairy, wheat and soy allergic son and we devoured the whole batch in less than 10 minutes. We are on our way to the store to buy more tapioca starch to make a double batch to eat with hummus and salad. Thank you!

I had the same experience as several others….stuck to pan…globbed up…but i was determined. Pushed the dough together, transferred to cookie sheet, flattened them and baked…and yes, they are still so delicious. I am going to try them as my hot dog bun tonite and like some others, i will invest in a good pan. I lost my well seasoned iron skillet in a move.

Thanks for this great looking bread option. I can’t wait to try it. I am also eating low carb and I wanted to know if you have had any experience with subbing out the Tapioca flour for something else that might be low carb?

These look delicious! However I have a silly question, what do you use flatbreads for? Do you put two together to make a sandwich? Or use them with dips? Silly I know, but I’d love to make them but don’t know what to do with them once they are made. Thanks!

Yes, Yes and YES! We use them as thin sandwich breads, tortilla/wraps, baked crispy as crackers, baked with topping as a pizza crust, as a taco shell, the options are endless. My favorite way is just slathering them with a think coating of butter and enjoying like thin butter bread!

I made these today and didn’t have tapioca flour on hand so used arrowroot flour and they were wonderful!!,,,Now I am thinking of all of the things I can use these for…the flavor is amazing,,,,We just broke them apart and used them as a cracker ,,,but the possibilities are endless,,,I will be making them a lot in the future…Thank You!

Wowie! I made these this morning with cinnamon sugar. Slathered them with home made nutella and they were gone in the blink of an eye! I can’t wait to make it again! Thanks sooo much. This is the easiest, yummiest recipe I’ve made for GF flat bread. This is a keeper : )

Ahmed – you are welcome to experiment to create your own flat great recipe. I don’t advocate eating oats or just egg whites so those aren’t foods I’ve experimented with so I can’t offer you any guidance.

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! It’s so tasty and easy to make, we’ll be making them all the time. My son is allergic to wheat, corn, rice, dairy, eggs, coconut and avocado. Before this recipe I had stopped looking for baked goods he could eat. I’m encouraged to keep trying, thank you.

Sorry if I missed this in the recipe, but which healthy cooking fat do you put in YOUR hot pan when specifically making these? I was torn between using coconut oil, butter, or ghee. I used coconut oil today. Although it turned out really good, the recipe is great-but it doesn’t look like your picture. I think I need practice perfecting my techniques at the pan, and possibly use another fat.

Most often we cook these with a tiny dab of lard. You only need a little before the first one to seal your cast iron skillet then afterwards it stays non-stick. Hot skillet, cold fat, hot fat, cold food is the secret. If you use too much fat you’ll end up with a crispy edge instead of just a evenly cooked thin pancake.

Hello, I”m just making these for the first time, so excited. My batter seems perfect and made 4 ?? Just wondering if I could do a double batch, or 2 separate batches right after each other, how long they will stay in the fridge or if you’ve ever frozen them ?

Yes! double, triple, etc all works great! We keep them in the fridge for a few days and they keep for a long time in the freezer. My hubby makes a big batch and freezes them right out of the skillet then heats them in the oven later.

Wonderful, thanks. And, do you by chance have the nutritional info on these? I”m mainly interested in the fat, carb, sugar info. I”m sure it varies a little by brand and bread size, but just a general idea would be helpful.

Hi Hayley, this sounds like a great recipe and I’m going to make it tonight for an indian-themed potluck dinner to bring as naans! I don’t have a cast-iron skillet, will the texture of these come out right with a normal frying pan? Which kind of fat do you think would work best to avoid them from sticking to the pan (coconut, butter, olive,…)? Also, I was originally thinking of using coconut milk but I’ve heard they come out too thick and gooey, have you ever tried part-water part-coconut milk and how did you like the texture compared to just water? Thanks so much in advance for your tips and I’ll let you know how they work out! ??

Hey there! I tried your recipe and it didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I know in your directions you said to bake UP TO 20 min, and I went ahead and did the full 20 min. It may be for that reason when I pulled out the flat bread, they were COMPLETELY hard and crispy. That said, they were delicious and tasted amazingly like pita chips. I think I would actually remake them this way for snacks! I wonder if it’s also because I used foil instead of parchment paper?

I tried the recipe again however, because I’m supposed to have taco night with my boyfriend. This time around, I still did it with foil, but I only had it in the oven for 5 minutes. Then I went ahead and folded it immediately because it seemed as though it may dry out and crack if I fold it a bit later. They were still soft and very tasty.

For reference, 1/2 a cup of tapioca starch and almond flour is about 60 g each for those who are weighing. I also massed 4 oz of water for the 1/2 cup because I had misplaced my liquid measuring cup.

I tried these for the 1st time last night…cooking them up was a disaster UNTIL I used the right pan. After that, it worked beautifully…so if anyone can’t cook them up properly, it’s not the recipe’s fault, it’s your pan. (I used my Green pan with a brush of coconut oil.) I made these to accompany my paleo-friendly Indian-inspired meal and they worked perfectly! My hubby & son loved them; hubby commented that the texture was a cross between traditional naan and the spongy bread we had at an Ethiopian restaurant. Flavorful, easy, and super versatile–SO glad I found this recipe!!

Best naan bread ever! And I have tried many paleo naan recipes including the original one you have mentioned, but this is way bette. It’s crispy on the edges and chewy in the inside and most of all tastes amaizing! I can’t stop making it everyday! Yes! They are that good!

This by far is my favorite recipe for Naan out there. I make it almost everyday and my kids love it! I also poured the batter into a woopie pie pan and made mini English muffin type bread for morning breakfast when I am on the go. I make 12 at a time & refrigerate them & put them into the toaster in the morning! LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. Thank you so much!

Can’t thank you enough! This is working out great for me. I can think of so many ways to use this!! Here’s what I did though… 1c almonds, 2c water, 1/2 c potato starch! (Prebiotic!!), 1/2 tsp salt Put all in the vitamin and set in smoothie setting. Works fabulously ??

Tried these today and didn’t do too well. But, I think it’s me. ?? it was my first attempt at using a new cast iron skillet. I’m not really sure how to use one yet. And I poured a bunch of oil in it. I’m sure it was one of those reasons. I WILL not give up though.

Question: Instead of using a cast iron skillet can you use an electric tortilla/crepe maker for the initial cooking of the flat bread? It is basically a electric griddle, but round… Also I saw a comment that someone used potato starch instead of tapioca starch but they increased the amount almond flour and water. Keeping the amounts as shown in your recipe; could you use potato starch at 1/2 cup to substitute out the 1/2 cup tapioca starch and not have it change the chemistry of the bread and how it cooks? (I prefer potato starch over tapioca starch.) –Thanks.

Sarah – I think that you can swap potato starch for the tapioca w/o issue – they work the same way. As for your electric tortilla/crepe maker I can’t really answer since I don’t have one – I’m assuming it’s a non-stick coated surface? I haven’t cooked anything in/on non-stick coating in nearly 5 years – and obviously not this recipe. typically non-stick works similarly only not as healthy.

I tried this recipe and my wife and I really enjoy the results. First time through I baked for 20 minutes and the bread came out very crispy – like chips. Good for dipping. The second try I reduced the cooking time to 10 minutes and the texture was just right. One thing I found that no one else has mentioned is that when they come out of the oven several of the breads have puffed up like a puffer fish. Is this normal? They can be almost two inches thick. A lot of air between the two sides. I just flatten them with a spatula and they are OK but I was just curious if this was normal or possible I’m leaving them in the pan too long. Great recipe!!

I made these and they are amazing. Mine do not look like yours, maybe because I just ground up some almonds. I am new to making GF breads. Is there something I could add to make them more tortilla like, for example more tapioca flour or xanthan gum? Thanks for sharing your recipe. They are great!!

Hi! I just made these exactly as you posted and they came out perfect they were absolutely delicious! The batter was perfect consistency. I’m allergic to yeast and eggs so these are a nice addition to my regular homemade tortillas. Thanks a ton! Love these!

Hi, I tried your recipe tonight for pizza crust and they were great!! Thanks It’s harder to find simple GF bread recipes that don’t have a lot of ingredients, but this one is as simple as you said:) I might try to experiment with some other flours.

Thanks for a great recipe and equally great photo’s. I realize this is an older post but it popped up on my Pinterest page today and I just had to try it. I followed your recipe exactly as described and these turned out fantastic! Two months on AIP and now Paleo I have tried about every non “bread” out there. So far this is the best recipe I’ve come across and the Otto’s cassava root tortilla’s is 2nd. For everyone inquiring about using coconut flour. First I want to say I have had soooo many epic fails using coconut flour that I could be an expert on how not to use it, lol. I took this recipe after I made it the correct way and I tried it with coconut flour (King Arthur} instead of Almond flour and Arrowroot starch/flour for the Tapioca. The Arrowroot flour was a 1/2 cup just like the recipe. But the Coconut flour I went with just 1 (one) Tablespoon (Leveled off) of coconut flour and shook the jar of ingredients. Then, knowing how coconut flour is, I let it sit on the counter for a couple minutes waiting to see how much it would absorb. It was still watery so I added 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time until it looked like thin pancake batter (shaking the jar after each addition and waiting again after each addition). The total amount of Coconut flour I used was 1 and a half Tablespoons. To me they came out pretty darn close to the actual recipe. They don’t have a strong coconut flavor, in fact I don’t taste it at all. Another tip is, I shook the jar before I poured in each one. I also found I needed to cook them a little bit longer in the oven, 18 minutes for soft and 22 crispy. Coconut flour is very finicky, requires a lot of liquid and a resting period once mixed to absorb, It’s like a sponge and you don’t need much. Sorry this is so long, but hope it helps,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with using coconut flour. I love to tinker with recipes to see if I can make different variations, mainly because I’m too lazy to go to the store for ingredients. ??

I saw this recipe come up on my Pinterest feed today (5/5/2016) and am excited to try it since it has so many good reviews.

I love tacos. And I love meal prep. And now I love YOU. Oh man, these are amazing! I’ve made paleo-style flatbreads before and they’ve all been awful (coconut milk is very overpowering with flavour there!) but these are perfect. You can use them for damn near anything. I’ve recently had to swap out wheat and yeast for health reasons and have been searching desperately for a substitute. Whipped these up super fast this morning and had them with eggs, avocado and ajvar. Delicious. Hello tacos again! Thank you!

This recipe is delicious!! I have been looking for a good bread/tortilla recipe for about 4 years now. I am so grateful that you figured this out. It is so simple and basic. I believe everyone else are trying to hard with too many ingredients. You nailed it with this recipe. How do you freeze your extra flatbreads? One side seems a little sticky on the ones that I made. Do you put them between parchment paper and then in a zip lock baggy? Also, do I need to cook the other side longer in the pan so it is not sticky or is that the way it is supposed to be? I thought the oven would take care of that, but it didn’t.

Ideally when we cook ours they are not sticky on either side – you probably need to cook them just a touch longer. Yes we’ll put parchment paper between the breads then pack in a zip top bag and stick in the freezer. I’m so glad you like them, we make them all the time too! You need to try my Grain Free Grab N Go’s I teach you how to make these flat bread into delicious Hot Pocket Style meals on the go!

I love your grain free flat bread! Thank you for creating it! I do not have a cast iron skillet so is a steel frying pan. It does not stick if I wait till one side is fully done. However I would love for it to puff up like it has occasionally. But I haven’t figured out what made that happen. I have tried all different heat settings. Are they supposed to puff up? I am a mediocre cook so any tips for the actual cooking process and level of heat would be great!

Wow these wraps were amazing. My daughter who is GF and dairy and soy intolerance has been missing wraps. They were so easy to make also. My daughter actually mixed all the ingredients together and was super proud.

I didn’t want to read through all the comments and so I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this before. I’m wondering whether there is a different flour than almond flour that you’ve had success with as almond flour is really quite expensive. Thanks!

Melanie – you are welcome to create your own version of this recipe using ingredients you prefer. The way I created this recipe works perfectly and is delicious, I don’t have a reason to modify it. I purchase blanched almond flour in bulk to save money and like all bread products (gluten free or regular) they are to be consumed in strict moderation so the extra $ on almond flour is a great reminder to not over eat them!

It was very very dry am thick so I kept adding more and more water cooking them now so we will see how they turn out. But I did a half cup of tapioca half cup of flour and half cups of water and it definitely wasn’t as liquidy consistency like everyone is describing. Weird

I just found these. If I could hug you I would. I made these using corn starch instead of the tapioca starch, I had a duodenal switch done in Jan. and I stay away from a lot of things. These were great. My hand shakes a little so I added a little more seasoning than called for. Perfect for pizza, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just made this exactly according to recipe and they are excellent. Needed a replacement for bread, crackers and tortillas and believe this is it. Will make adjustments to spices for Mexican and other foods so will let you know how it goes. It is easy to adjust baking times to change texture. Thanks Hayley.

Made these and they are AMAZING!!! So easy and tasty! I was able to eliminate the baking in the oven step by swirling my batter around like a crepe. They turned out just like a flour tortilla! They stayed very pliable as well! THANK YOU SOO MUCH for this amazing recipe!!! I used a 1/4 cup portions for each tortilla.

This is my go to flatbread recipe. My husband loves it. I have made small ones (about a tablespoon) and baked until crisp like a cracker. Rolled them around eggs and sausage before baking for breakfast burritos. Cut into strips before baking (added a little bit more garlic) for garlic bread sticks with spaghetti. Thank you for a great recipe.

I just tried this recipe for lunch. It was perfect! I even cut the recipe in half, used all the batter for one large flatbread and topped with toppings like you would a pizza. I added oregano, parsley and basil for some additional goodness. Thank you so much!!

Fantastic! I’d already tried the original recipe (Ashley’s – My Heart Beets), which was, I thought, excellent. Tonight, I ran out of coconut milk, and while searching for an option, came across this revision. It turned out to be perfect with water (instead of coconut milk), and I think your suggestion to combine all the ingredients into a jar, and shaking, is integral. I initially thought, “Oh, my, that’s really thin,” and if pouring wasn’t an option, I might have tried a fix when none was necessary. Each did very well on my cast iron skillet, and I didn’t have to bake them that long to complete the process. Again, thank you, Hayley (and Ashley, too)!

I have made this now several times. We all absolutely love it!! It is our new go to for a quick bread for dinner!! Wish I was so lucky with Keto loaf breads! Struggling with those for sure! Thank you!!

Omg I love this recipe. It’s quick, easy and taste great. Came sour just how you explained. I have tried many others and this one isn’t the best for me. Thank you so much for sharing. I add different herbs depending on what I am dipping it in.

This is my go-to recipe for crackers; I make them 3 – 4 times a month! After cooking them in the skillet, I cut them into cracker shapes and bake them for 20 – 22 minutes. I always make a double batch, and sometimes for my double batches, I just use Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning (3 T. for the double batch) – nothing else, as this seasoning already has salt in it. I like this better than the recipe’s seasonings, and it’s easier, too. They stay very crispy in an airtight container. Thank you for this recipe – I HATE rolling out dough for crackers!

Hi! I just tried to make these. I followed the measurements and first I tried in the cast iron, they stuck so bad so I was like ok so I tried on my non stick pan and still they stuck to the point I couldn’t turn ?? ugh so disspointed! Any tips?

Alyssa, I’m so sorry that you’re struggling. This is one of the most popular recipes on my site and this is the first I’ve heard of an issue with them sticking. I’ve literally make thousands of my flatbreads over the years without issue. Perhaps you made a mistake?

These are DELICIOUS. I used them to eat bacon avocado ‘tacos’, basically. Mine never got the pretty brown spots. They were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I had to omit the onion powder cuz I ran out and they’re still great. I live in Los Angeles County and had no problems with batter consistency. The batter was really runny and thin going into the frying pan and quickly cooked to solid. Will make again and again!

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Sometimes I enter the local market without a list and my mind is literally emptying. I see all these great food and I don't know what to do with it. Sarah Carey is our guide to take daily items from the market and turn them into healthy, cheap, fast and easy to prepare meals for ourselves and the whole family. The show features every Everyday Food, easy breeze style and infectious laughter that makes the show as fun as it helps. In this video Sarah offers us an easy, delicious and economical green juice recipe.

4. FudeHouse

Jeffrey de Picciotto is the real issue when it comes to pursuing food passion. He started as a trainee at New York's Dickson's Farmstand Meats and worked in the upcountry. The multicultural background and the experience he lived as a creative director and chef, FudeHouse met on site, filled with videos to teach you how to cook from the heart and soul instead. Would you like to know how to tie up turkey, make pork sandwiches with meat, grate ginger easily, or take out the perfect pizza crust? Jeffrey has helped you with tips, advice, recipes, techniques and encouragement. I think I fell in love. In this video, Jeffrey shows us how to make the restaurant-quality steak at home.

5. Sorted Food

They all laugh, make food and share in a British accent! This is the recipe for success for SORTED Food, an online cooking program funded by five chefs who offer the lighter side of cooking with equal piece of knowledge and fun. From the three-part series in chocolate to how to make sushi rolling, these blocks share everything they know about food and live a happy life inside and outside the kitchen. If you go directly to their YouTube channels, they also share their favorite online dining programs ranging from sweet Lovely Lady Pastries to Nicko's Kitchen. With their signature humor and impressive accents, they show us how to prepare a spectacular, highly satisfying Thai Noodle Broth.

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