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I have worked on this dish forever! Trying to get the right flavor, se...

I have worked on this dish forever! Trying to get the right flavor, se...

I have worked on this dish forever! Trying to get the right flavor, seasoning, and sauce that I would be satisfied with. Because dry tasteless roasted chicken is just gonna piss me off. So I present to you a dish that I am truly proud of and don’t mind serving to others….. Marinated roasted chicken in wine mushroom cream sauce with Kalamata olives.

I jazz up some chicken leg quarters with a marinade made of sage, garlic, and dry white wine. I let those bad boys marinate until the end of time. Then I bake them in a cream sauce that has garlic, wine, and sage in it. And this sauce is fantastic because it has the flavors, and the bits & pieces of seasonings that were left in the pan from browning the chicken.

Oh yeah, plus don’t forget the olives and mushrooms. The mushrooms are wonderful fillers to help fill you up. And when you bite into the olives then take a bite of the creamy sauce with chicken you scream! Because you get the sage, the creamy sauced out sauce, and the salt & smoky flavor of the olive. It’s actually a great combination of flavors, changing up how you do business. Because I like change… When it comes to food…

This dish is also a plus because I literally only use one pan for the cooking process. Which means less cleaning for me at the end! Have a peek at the recipe below.

½cupdry white wine or chicken broth(I have used both and they are both great to use)

1cupof heavy cream

1poundof Portobello mushrooms(sliced)

¼cuppitted Kalamata olives

Salt and pepper to taste


Season chicken with rubbed sage, salt, and pepper. (I also like to place the seasonings under the skin of the chicken. Another thing I like to do that some may cringe at- I poke holes in my chicken when prepping to marinate the chicken so I can get season all throughout the chicken.) Place the chicken in a covered container with the wine and chopped olives.

Marinate the chicken overnight (I sometimes like to marinate a little longer than that.)

When ready to cook chicken, take the chicken out and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Bringing the chicken to room temperature helps the chicken to cook evenly.

While you are waiting, preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

After the chicken has sat out for 15 minutes, place a few drizzles of the olive oil in a cast iron pan or any oven safe pan you have. Using your stove top let the oil heat up on medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add the chicken pieces, and evenly brown the chicken on both sides (I like a nice golden brown, so I cook the chicken on each side for about 3 to 4 minutes.)

Once you have browned the chicken, remove the chicken from the pan.

Now add the wine to this hot pan. The wine will deglaze the pan (removing all the delicious pieces of marinade from the bottom of the pan).

Immediately after you add the wine, add your heavy cream, mushrooms, sage, and garlic. You can cook this sauce for a couple of minutes if you like.

Then, add your chicken back in to the pan.

Top the dish with salt, pepper, and the remaining olives.

Bake the dish under covered for 30 minutes or until the chicken is well done.

Recipe Notes

I like to chop some of the olives up that I place in the pan during the baking process. These chopped olives soak up all of the flavors of the dish, and it helps to smooth out the flavor of the olives for anyone that feels the taste of olives are too strong. So when they eat the olives, it's not such a shock for non olive lovers.....

First of all: WOW. This looks so amazing! Second, we never tried olives with a creamy sauce before, so this is a whole new level for testing!:) And being Greeks ourselves, you do realize how much we adore olives and cooking with them:)

Thank you sooo much Sharee!

Panos and Mirella

Savory Spicerack

OMG Thanks soooo much! Yes these olives gave this dish a whole other level of flavors! I was so happy that I decided to throw them in there because I LOVE OLIVES.

Sounds and looks so good. I’ve never marinated chicken so long and I also have never done olives with a creamy sauce but it seems like a genius idea.

Savory Spicerack

I like to marinade chicken overnight to add some flavor to the chicken and to help make the chicken moist (plus it helps me with meal planning to prep a few things the night before so that I am forced to cook the next day lol). I do this a lot especially with frying chicken. It definitely helps with moisture when frying chicken. Oh, and I love olives so I thought it would be good to add. I try to add all kinds of things to my chicken dishes! ??

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