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Keto Low Carb Bagels Recipe with Fathead Dough – Gluten Free

Keto Low Carb Bagels Recipe with Fathead Dough – Gluten Free

Keto Low Carb Bagels Recipe with Fathead Dough – Gluten Free

Just 5 INGREDIENTS needed to make these gluten-free, low carb bagels with almond flour fathead dough. They are easy, chewy, and delicious! If you want keto bagels or gluten-free bagels that taste great, you're going to love these.

These are probably my favorite way to use fathead dough, though it’s hard to choose just one.

Fathead Dough for Bagels

Creating a low carb bagels recipe has been on my list of plans for months. At first, I entertained the idea of a paleo version with psyllium husk powder – similar to this low carb bread recipe.

I tested the psyllium keto bagels recipe several times. It was difficult to find a balance between having the chewiness you want in a bagel, avoiding the gummy texture that too much psyllium creates, and preventing cracks if you don’t use enough.

Eventually, I convinced myself that the bagels were “good enough”. Despite a nagging feeling that they still weren’t “quite right”, I decided I would post them. I had the pictures ready and everything.

But then I made this fathead pizza crust. And, oh my goodness… you guys, I fell in love. I knew I had to use it to make fathead bagels, too!

The Best Gluten Free Bagels

I couldn’t help but wonder, if mozzarella dough creates such an amazing chewy pizza crust, what other chewy low carb bread recipes could it be used for? I instantly thought of the bagels I’d been struggling to perfect.

Not to mention at least half a dozen other ideas that popped into my head. (I’ll be sharing them with you throughout the year!)

But first, the keto low carb bagels!

When I thought about it, I realized I do already have one gluten-free bagels recipe using coconut flour and mozzarella – these zucchini bagels. But, with the zucchini, only a little mozzarella, and no cream cheese, those are still pretty different from a fathead dough.

Since the other ones were made with coconut flour, I decided make this version into almond flour bagels. I also tried to make them into a fathead bread, but so far that recipe is still in development.

In the meantime, I’m pretty sure these are the best gluten-free bagels ever…

Texture & Toppings for Low Carb Bagels

After playing with the ingredient ratios a bit, these beautiful, golden low carb bagels were the result. And, I am now a firm believer that when it comes to a chewiness, mozzarella fathead dough totally trumps psyllium dough.

Both the flavor and texture is so much better!

The fathead dough for these gluten-free bagels has a bit less mozzarella compared to a traditional Fathead pizza dough. They also have baking powder added to help them rise.

These keto bagels will only work if you mix the dough very well. It needs to be completely uniform, without pieces of almond flour separate from areas of cheese. You may need to knead, reheat a little, and knead some more to accomplish this.

Other options to make it easier include a hand mixer, stand mixer, or food processor. Chilling the dough can also help if it’s still too sticky to work with even after mixing well.

I topped my bagels with a light sprinkle of sesame seeds, but feel free to use any toppings you like. Or use none at all, if you want simple.

(Update: I’ve had lots of people tell me that Everything But The Bagel seasoning is ah-mazing. After trying it, I have to say I agree!)

Either way, they’re puffy, fluffy, and chewy – just like a real bagel. I’ll consider that a success!

Tips & Tricks for Fathead Keto Bagels

I love seeing all your pictures of these keto bagels on Instagram and in our Facebook support group! For the most part, it looks like many of you love fathead bread as much as I do.

For anyone having trouble, I want to help! So, below are a few of my best tips for making these low carb bagels.

Handling Sticky Fathead Dough

This is the most common issue. It gets worse if the temperature in your home is warm, or if your hands are very warm/hot. These tips can help with this:

Chill the dough. Popping the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes will make it less sticky.

Cover your hands in oil. This is my favorite trick. Wash your hands first if they are already sticky, then add a little oil (I like neutral avocado oil) and you can work with the fathead dough much more easily.

Make sure the dough is actually mixed well. The fathead dough is a lot more sticky before it’s completely uniform. If the cheese starts to solidify before the dough forms, you may need to reheat gently for a short time to soften it again. Don’t over heat to avoid cooking the egg. Once it’s warmer, knead and squeeze rapidly between your fingers to try to get it uniform. After that you can try tips 1 and 2 above before forming the bagels.

Using a Food Processor or Stand Mixer

If kneading the fathead dough manually is too difficult, make it easier by using a stand mixer or food processor! Both will work fine.

On a food processor, use either the dough blade or the S knife blade. When you add the cheese, push it down toward the blade to help the dough form.

I find that I now use my food processor more often when making fathead dough. However, when I do, using oiled hands or chilling the dough seems to be more important than when I did it by hand.

Keto Bagels Not Cooking Through

I haven’t heard this too often, but there have been a few reports of the keto bagels browning on top and remaining raw inside. Usually this might happen if the bagels are made too thick or your oven temperature runs a little hot.

The inside does continue to cook a little as they cool down. I recommend letting the low carb bagels rest for a bit to cool a little before eating them right away.

If you have this problem despite this tip, you can try covering the top with foil and continuing to bake the bagels for a few extra minutes. If you know your oven runs hot, you can try a slightly lower temperature and either the same or slightly longer cook time.

Low Carb Bagels Not Rising Properly

This issue is the hardest to troubleshoot, but usually not a deal breaker. Sometimes the keto bagels just spread instead of rising.

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Keto Low Carb Bagels Recipe with Fathead Dough - Gluten Free

Just 5 INGREDIENTS needed to make these gluten-free, low carb bagels with almond flour fathead dough. They are easy, chewy, and delicious! If you want keto bagels or gluten-free bagels that taste great, you're going to love these.

Combine the shredded mozzarella and cubed cream cheese in a large bowl. Microwave for 2 minutes, stirring halfway through. Stir again at the end until well incorporated. (If you don't want to use the microwave, heat the cheeses in a double boiler on the stove over low heat, stirring frequently, until completely melted and easy to stir.)

Stir the flour mixture and eggs into the melted cheese mixture. Working quickly while the cheese is still hot, knead with your hands until a dough forms. The dough will be very sticky, but keep kneading and squeezing through your fingers for a few minutes. If the dough becomes hard before fully mixed, is too difficult to mix, or is still sticky after a couple minutes, you can microwave/reheat for 15-20 seconds to soften it. In that case, wash your hands and knead again.


a) It's very important for the dough to be completely uniform before proceeding to the next step. You shouldn't have pieces of cheese separate from areas of almond flour.

b) If you want to use a food processor or stand mixer, or if you have trouble with sticky dough, please check the tips in the post above!

Divide the dough into 6 parts. Form/roll a long log with each part, then press the ends together to make a bagel shape on the lined baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough. If using sesame seeds, sprinkle them over the bagels and gently press into the dough. (You can also use everything seasoning for everything bagels.)

Recipe Notes

For "everything" keto bagels, try everything seasoning! It's been very popular with people making this recipe.

Want to make this recipe with coconut flour? Make the dough just like fathead pizza dough with coconut flour, except double the recipe and add 1 tbsp baking powder to the coconut flour. Then follow the instructions for making the bagels above.

Serving size: 1 bagel

Video Showing How To Make Keto Bagels:

Click or tap on the image below to play the video. It's the easiest way to learn how to make Keto Bagels!


Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving. Serving size in recipe notes above.




Total Carbs8g

Net Carbs5g



Where does nutrition info come from? Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy, sourced from the USDA Food Database. You can find individual ingredient carb counts we use in the Low Carb & Keto Food List. Carb count excludes sugar alcohols. Net carb count excludes both fiber and sugar alcohols, because these do not affect blood sugar in most people. We try to be accurate, but feel free to make your own calculations.

More Low Carb & Keto Support!

If you want to know more about how to start a low carb diet, want to substitute sweeteners, need a food list, or need support, check these guides:

Now a staple in this house. It is probably the one thing that was really missed the most before our family went keto. We always had Montreal style bagels. Now we make our own. I have not had any issues making them and this is my 4th double batch. I will say that it works better when I make the batches separately and not double the recipe. I am also going to play around with the recipe and see what different bagels I can make. I have made a garlic bagel ( added 1.5 tsp garlic powder and did a wash with garlic & butter) , cheddar bagel ( added 1.5 cup aged cheddar instead) and the sesame & poppy seed bagels thus far. Thanks for the great recipe.

Oh my word! These are AMAZING! I made them this morning and just toasted one with some butter. I live in Canada and VERY unfortunately, we don’t have Trader Joe’s. I found a recipe online for the everything bagel seasoning, so I made it myself and whoooooa nelly! Talk about flavour punch! I’ll definitely be making these again. Thanks so much!

So excited to make these! When I put the recipe into carb manager I got 12 carbs per bagel, maybe it’s the mozzarella and almond flour I’m using. Either way I’m just going to cut them in half and have 12 servings! Looking forward to having an everything bagel cream cheese salmon and capers for breakfast .. and maybe lunch tomorrow!!

Just made a double batch! I used my silicone mini donut pans so I got 24 bagels from doubling the recipe. I topped half with everything but the bagel seasoning. My daughter makes these all the time so I knew they were wonderful! I didn’t have the finely milled almond flour so I used the rough ground instead. The bagels came out amazing! Great texture like a regular bagel. Browned nicely too. I think I may stick to the courser ground flour for these now. I’m bagging them in 2’s and freezing because it’s not keto if you eat them all in one sitting lol ??

Yes.. I made this recipe… sooo good maybe too good lol I split them in half, toast them and either put cream cheese or make a sandwich out of it. Sometimes I toast them wait till they harden and make croutons out of them or bread like crumbs so versatile thanks I have shared this recipe a lot ..so easy to make

I love this recipe. Delicious This is my second week to make another one but this time I double the ingredients so I can play with the dough whether I want to make pretzels, bagel or just plain bread. I experimented and add whey protein powder (2tbsp) for the recipe above)into the mixture and omg, it’s sooo good! Taste like real bread! I sprinkle my dough with Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese before baking, it tasted even better from my last week’s baking! Luv it!!! Thank you so much for sharing recipes like this!

WOW – I just made these bagels and they are amazing! I followed the recipe and instructions, kneaded the dough in my mixer, sprinkled with the Trader Joe’s everything spice and baked them for 14 minutes. They came out perfect and I love the texture. I can’t wait to toast one in the morning for my egg sandwich! YUMMO I’m going to make the bread next!

Finally I try this bagels and they were amazing. I never eat a bagel before so I can’t make comparison but loved this one’s. My son loved it also and he already ask me to make them again tomorow. Thank you

Hi Maya, I have made your blueberry muffins, pumpkin muffins, blueberry pancakes–all great! Thanks. I am a fairly new member to your site, and love it. I haven’t tried the bagel recipe yet. Do you think I could replace the sour cream with the same amount of goat cheese?

I made these for dinner tonight..I made a couple with the holes and the rest as sandwich rounds and we really liked them…They made a delicious bun for hamburgers tonight…so simple!…Thank you so much..I love all of your recipes..!

We love these SO much! It works better if you roll the dough out into a log and press the ends together to make a circle, as the recipe says. I tried it also by rolling into a ball and pushing my finger through the middle to try to save time but it came out more like a bialy that way. Still delicious either way! Plus if you look online, they sell silicone bagel shaping things that you can bake them on!

This recipe is a HUGE hit. Nobody can believe it’s basically just cheese! Seriously feel like we’re eating bagels. And we’re from NY so that’s saying a lot ??

Wonderful, I made this today and had one for lunch tomato, cumber and melted provolone was excellent. Stirred with a fork then sprayed board and kneaded it like bread. Was easy to work and will be making again for sure. I am going to add cinnamon and finely chopped raisins. Love these. And love your site

Love this recipe. Followed your recipe exactly and love them. I see you can freeze them but how long do they keep otherwise. Do I need to keep them refrigerated? Would like to have them for breakfast and lunch options for the week. Might have to make another batch, they are disappearing quickly!

I just made these and they are delicious !!! But … they aren’t chewy! I baked them for about 16 minutes until golden brown. Next time I will probably Toast them to make them more “chewy”. Do you have any ideas Maya ?

Hi Mary Jo, I’m glad you liked the taste. It’s possible that they needed to bake for longer (you can tent the top with foil if the top is too golden). If you want them super chewy, you can also try adding a bit of xanthan gum (about 1/4 tsp) to the dry mixture.

Fantastic Recipe!!!…I don’t have a microwave so I melted my cheese mix into the oven while it was preheating and try to take the bowl out of the oven two times just to mix everything and avoid the cheese to become too dry. Then followed your recipe as directed working the dough with my hands…(this was my kid’s favourite part). We got the most delicious, cheesy and soft bagels! Thank you for this amazing recipe! My family and I send you a lot of gratitude from the bottom of our hearts!

I used raw almond flour (because that’s what I had) and they still turned out amazing!!! They were a little flatter than I expected but that didn’t change the taste at all. I had one straight out of the oven with a little butter spread on it…heaven!! I did pop it in the fridge for about 10 minutes to make the dough a little easier to work with.

These look so yummy! They’re not as fat at a NY bagel (they didn’t rise enough for my to properly cut them in half), but they sure are wide enough! They look SO good. They’re cooling right now. I can’t wait to try them! Thank you for this recipe. I’ll be making this weekly!

I made this today, as this is only my 3rd attempt at a fathead dough. It was stickier than I expected even with the remicrowaving. I also didn’t divide it very well and it resulted in 5 bagels rather than 6. Definitely will try again, and still turned out delicious.

My bagels turned out good I think. New to KETO, and this is my first recipe. I had to put the first batch back in the oven because 12 mins wasn’t enough for mine. Half of them look like rolls I can use for sandwiches (holes closed up) and the other half were a little flatter but had holes. I put that dough in the frig for 30 prior to baking. I am very happy. It’s bread !! Sandwiches again …wahoo !!!

Great recipe. I replaced half of the almond flour with flax seed meal. Great substitution. I made 8 bagels instead of 6 …they were a bit small. Would like to have them rise more. What about adding another tsp of backing powder in addition to the one tbsp? Would that work?

This is my second time making this recipe. The first time they were ok. This time I made the dough in the food processor and cooked them for about 16 minutes and they are perfect! Also did an egg white wash before adding homemade everything bagel seasoning.

Oh my, these were easy to make and came out beautifully! I started Keto living for 2019 and am down almost 20 lbs ?? I have been following your recipes all along! I went to have the bagel today and decided instead of cream cheese, I would make a bacon and egg sandwich with it……… heavenly……. I will make these and use as a hamburger bun too! all I added was sesame seed, dried onion, dried garlic and salt. i will post pics today on the facebook page (just asked to join)

These came out soooo good! I added a heaping tsp of garlic powder & a tbsp of rosemary to the dough recipe, & that took these bagels to the next level. I used the everything seasoning on mine. Thank you for that tip!

I wish I could post a photo on these comments, as the bagels I made also came out looking beautiful & scrumptious too!

Just made these! Holy moly…fantastic! I made some in a donut pan and some flat on parchment paper. My only problem is I made 8 bagels instead of 6 and I have been trying to reconfigure the nutritional value. Could you please point me in the right direction so I can adjust? They really are amazing!

I’m so happy you liked them, Michelle! You could multiply the nutrition info on the label by 6, then divide each value by 8. That would get you the amount per serving having made 8 bagels. I do that sometimes, too!

Hi Tiffany, Most likely either the dough didn’t quite get mixed thoroughly, or they just needed to bake for longer to cook through. The texture still isn’t 100% identical to bagels, but they are still usually pretty chewy.

Mine weren’t chewy either but they were amazing with butter and everything bagel seasoning! I love the idea of using this bagel for a burger bun, genius. I baked these for 12 minutes, so maybe longer to get the chewiness??

I’m new to the Keto diet and haven’t figured out a way to curb my carb cravings…until now. I’ve tried other low carb bread options, but this recipe is a keeper for sure. I know nothing about baking, but this was so easy to make and my finished product was superb! Thanks for the good eats!

Oh MY! This is the first fat head kind of anything I’ve had. There will be no need to compare to any others though. I have found the ultimate one on my first try. I do agree with the biscuit texture, but the visual and the crispish outside makes it even better than I remember bagels being. Thank you so much

OK, so mine just went in the oven. So excited. If they taste half as good as the raw dough tasted (don’t judge) then these will be an frequent flyer on my food rotation! Have some smoked salmon (lox) and softened cream cheese ready to slather on… Can’t wait (I think I may be too excited about this!)

These are amazing!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe. I am fairly new at keto and I’m looking to know how can I add the macros into my fitness’s pal for 1 bagel? If you could share what I would add I would appreciate that.

Just wanted to let you know that of all the low carb/Keto recipe bloggers I have looked at (and believe me, I’ve looked at lots) yours is my very favorite. It is the first place I go to find recipes when I want them. I majored in Home Sciences so I know a bit about cooking and I’m not above tinkering with recipes. But yours don’t need tinkering! One thing I want to mention, which you probably already know – I’m having great success replacing part of the almond flour in recipes, with finely crushed pork rind. Oddly, the pork flavor doesn’t really come through. I’ve even used them for crepes and they make amazing cheddar cheese crackers using half almond and half pork rinds. Thanks for writing great – and correct – recipes!

Hi Chris, You can use either the kind in a bag or shred a chunk yourself. It just has to be hard mozzarella, as opposed to “fresh mozzarella” which is soft, completely white in color (as opposed to ivory) and has a higher moisture content.

Fresh mozzarella is just that. It is fresh and has a shorter shelf life. You can buy hard mozzarella and shred your own. (There are six types) Mass produces is sold in most grocery stores in blocks or shredded. both of those work, fresh is sold in little ball individually wrapped, or in tubs of brine. If it just says mozzarella and is in the regular cheese aisle, it’s the right stuff. Fresh is more of a deli or specialty item. and it would not shred easily, it’s too soft.

These were so amazing and the best bread like food I have cooked since beginning my Keto journey!! and believe me I have cooked a lot! and every recipe claims they are the best in the whole wide world, but I beg to differ with the majority of them. I used my homemade almond flour so they were most likely a bit more dense but more natural I felt and delicious. I put plain old Vegemite on them and being an Aussie that made my day! I love your site and your recipes, you are the main source of all my recipe experimentations at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge : ) Deb

These came out great! At first I was worried when the dough was extremely sticky but I kept squishing through my fingers and it eventually came together. Love this recipe since I’ve been craving a bagel since starting keto 2 weeks ago!

These came out so delicious! I wish I could post a picture of my results. I did end up using a donut mold because I had purchased one a few weeks back. These are going to be perfect for a grab and go breakfast this week! I have reposted this recipe in a few keto groups and my ig account I loved it so much.

Similar to a couple of the comments, my bagels were not chewy at all and had the texture of a moist biscuit. Tasted great and ate them all anyway. But want to try again for “chewy”. What to do differently? Thanks.

I just made these and subbed cream cheese and mozzarella for goat cheese and a non-dairy mozeralla substitute. I ran out of almond flour so I also subbed in a little coconut flour and put some on my hands when shaping the dough. They turned out great! Definately will be making again and experimenting with seasonings!

This is the 3rd bagel recipe I’ve tried and it’s been the best by far! I’ll be making these more often. I used your tips to chill the dough and oiled my hands. I also added ice into a metal pan on the button to help them rise. They came out perfect! Thank you!

These are a weekly staple for me. I make a batch every weekend except I shape them into buns, not bagels (they’re terrific as bagels too!). They’re deliciously savory, so I use them as bread for a sandwich or as a hamburger bun. I don’t have issues with gluten so I use regular baking powder. I top them with sesame seeds or nothing at all. Perfectly yummy and a must have every day!

Holy Cow that dough was soooooo sticky!!! I didn’t get it into a log formation so I just created them into little circles lol.. two of them. They are baking right now. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Super yummy!!! Thanks so much for doing all the hard leg work to get this recipe just right. Tried it for the first time today with no issues at all. I followed the recipe with a couple of small exceptions. I didn’t have mozzarella cheese so shredded Romano cheese instead. I also used herb flavoured spreadable cream cheese insteead of the bricks. I chilled the dough for about 10 mins in the fridge and had no problems managing the dough and shaping into bagels. Enjoying a fresh warm one with butter as I write. YUM!!

This recipe was awesome! The only thing I want to note is that mine ended up having the consistency of a biscuit more than a bagel. Is this normal? Either way I would still use the recipe ?? It is a great substitute for breakfast biscuits or even for buns on a burger! If this is not normal, is there a way to improve this recipe to ensure it has the bite of a bagel?

Hi Chris, Sorry to hear you had issues with them. It’s hard to say what went wrong without being in the kitchen with you. What do you mean by they “flip”? If the cheese melts, it sounds like the dough wasn’t mixed together enough before placing in the oven. Did you watch the video? At what point did yours start to look different? I’m happy to try to help more if we can pinpoint what went differently for you.

I have a suggestion……dont roll them. Just grab a handful and put on the pan. It will look like a biscuit….they don’t taste like bagels anyway. They are delicious and really satisfy a craving for bread!

I made this today. It was excellent! I had to sub cheddar for the mozzarella because it was what I had on hand. I used my stand mixer with the bread hook attached and let it go. It came together beautifully. I also used an ice cream scoop so they look more like biscuits than bagels. But the end result was amazing. These will be part of my sandwiches this week for lunch. Absolutely exceptional.

Hello I was concerned about the Calories per bagel. I measured out the dough and divided by 8 qty instead of 6 qty, and with my ingredient brands I got 260 calories per bagel. 62 grams of dough per bagel. I used a donut/bagel pan and this amount of dough comes to the top of baking area. I converted the cups to grams for the mozz. and the almond flour. Using a weight scale is more accurate. I am happy, Thanks for the recipe.

I made this last night and they were amazing — thank you for the recipe. I almost gave up – I am a baker – bread, cookies, etc. – and I was convinced I could not make any breads I liked with Keto – I threw out so many that I tried so I thought – let me try bagels – I can use them for sandwiches – and these were perfect — I added some garlic and onion powder to the mix for flavor – and I will definitely be doing this again!! I cannot thank you enough!!

Just made these tonight for the first time after much comtemplation and recipe searching and so glad I did!! They turned out amazing!! There are so many recipes for low carb bagels it was hard to choose but since I live most of your other recipes I trusted this one and think I’ll be sticking with it!!

I tried making the keto gluten free bagels and they turned out pretty good! I know you say they are 5 carbs, put what is the protein, calories amount in each one? Approximately, because I know they are not all sized evenly. Thanks, Judy

Maya, I seem to be going around in circles trying to find the recipe for the low carb bagels. When I tried to open the link it took me to the registration again. Are you able to send me the recipe direct via email? Or any other suggestions?? thanks, Linda Oracheski

Hi Linda, The recipe is right on the page where you left this comment! If you just scroll up you’ll see it. If you sign up/register, you’ll also get Members Area access where you can get more recipe ideas for the bagels, a free ebook, and other free perks.

This is a great recipe! I wore rubber gloves when mixing the dough, they could handle a higher temperature without burning my hands. The bagels came out to a perfect size after cooking. (Its probably my oven), I did 400 F for 13 minutes, then increased to 450 F for 7 minutes. That made them nice and golden. Delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing!

Hi Sharon, Yes, you can easily add cinnamon or extracts from a consistency standpoint, but they are more of a savory bagel. You’d need to add some sweetener for it to go with a sweet extract or spice, but keep in mind that adding too much changes the consistency of the batter (it gets very sticky).

Had a quick question – do you think they’d work okay if I popped some blueberries in there? I’ve tried fathead cinnamon rolls and the sweetness works with the fathead dough, but I’m wondering if blueberries would work or if they’d change the dough some way?

Hi Chelsea, Any semi-hard cheese that can be melted to a smooth, easy-to-stir consistency will work. However, other cheeses have stronger flavors and you’ll taste them in the bagels. Mozzarella works best, but you can try with another cheese you have.

The bagels were pretty good first time out. Need to increase the flour to cheese ration so they flatten less. I’ll try next batch.

Kitchenmaid stand mixer with dough hook works really well. I have the chocolate tempering attachment with a heating bowl so I can keep the dough at a high temperature. 150 degrees F worked well. Easy to handle, not sticky. Good recipe.

Hi, I loved this recipe as it tastes like Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits! I wanna use it as such one day and see how it works out. My question is: how long do these last? I bought a bagel pan so I made a lot of them and want to know if I need to freeze them or not.

Just starting a concerted effort toward low carb eating, so thank you for helping with your great website. So question, would those pea protein based cheeses work in this recipe (Daiya in Canada)? They have both ‘mozzarella’ and ‘cream cheese’ offerings.

Hi Debbie, I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by “rolled out”? Do you mean they are just bigger in general? If you divide the dough evenly it should make the bagels the right size. But, you can definitely divide it into more or fewer sections, if you want them smaller or bigger.

These were delicious! I am so grateful to have bread/bagels again. I used the coconut flour recipe. Could you tell me if the net carbs are different for the coconut vs almond flour bagel recipes? Thanks again!

I’m so glad you liked them, Amy! The nutrition info is slightly different for the almond vs coconut flour versions. The info on the recipe card is for the almond flour version. You can get the nutrition info for the coconut flour version from the fathead pizza crust recipe with coconut flour, as it’s the same ingredients… but you’d have to do a little math to convert to the right number of servings. Otherwise it might just be easier to enter your ingredients into an online calculator.

Hi there! I live in the UK, and I also grew up in South Africa, so dicovering the ‘metric’ link, was totally amazing- with one click, I now can use this recipe without having to use an elaborate conversion process- you’ve done half the work for me!

Many thanks, and keep up the good work. We are making headway with health-issues, using Intermittent Fasting and Keto.

Maya, I found that metric conversion differs from recipe to recipe. In one 2c of almond flour were 280g (and it failed massively), in another is it 220g. On another place, I found 2c to be 180g. Can you please help by saying how you convert US measures?

Hi Gorana, Sorry you’re having issues with the conversions. I’ve double checked and they seem to be the same throughout, but would be happy to look again if you let me know which recipes you saw had discrepancies. The correct conversion for almond flour is 1/4 cup = 28g.

I made these last night and wondered if you could you put a little note by the mozzarella cheese that you use pre shredded from the store and not to use “fresh” mozzarella? They are still tasty but came out more like a flat bread than bagel, I was wondering what I did wrong when I was reading the comments and I noticed you replied to someone about using “fresh” mozzarella. Just would be a good FYI, I typically don’t use pre packaged cheese/foods. I will definitely try again they are super tasty!

Hi April, Great point – I’ll add that in! Just to clarify, you do not have to use pre-shredded. It just has to be a low-moisture “hard” mozzarella, but can be in block form if you prefer. They’re definitely flatter and softer if you use fresh, as you’ve found. Hope you’ll try them again with the hard mozzarella!

I prefer whole milk mozzarella – I have Pollyo brand right now. Does it make a difference if you use whole milk or part skim? Thanks!! I really like the bagels – they were very tasty, but I need some more practice – my dough was very sticky.

I’m a fan! Ive made these successfully many times . I always use a food processor, and my hack for the bagel shape is to plop onto the silicone mat and put finger or end of wooden spoon in middle, agitating aggressively in circular motion till I get the shape I want. Works beautifully and no messy hands.

However, today I mistakenly bought sliced mozzarella. I tried to covert it to grams (used 282 grams sliced mozzarella). This resulted in a pancake batter consistency. All I could do is pour it on the mat and bake for 18 minutes. Looks/smells wonderful, and I’ll just cut into squares for sandwich bread!

I love these! I make them in a silicone donut pan that I bought from Amazon and they come out so cute. They freeze well, so I make 12 at a time. They are best toasted. I increase the baking powder a bit, 3 tablespoons for a double batch. Thank you for this recipe, which has become a staple of my keto diet. Been at it a year and have lost 50 lbs.

I made these bagels for the first time and they are EXCELLENT! Great recipe and easy to make. I froze them and toasted one up the next day and it was the perfect vehicle for my cream cheese and lox! Thank you for a great recipe!

Hi Kim, Yes, you can. Any shredded cheese that can melt to be smooth/stir-able will work. You’ll just have that flavor in the bagels. You can try cassava flour in the same amount as almond flour, but they would not be low carb.

I love these and I’ve made these with almond and coconut flour. When they come out of the oven, they are beautiful and puffy; howev, when they cool they end up very flat/thin. What am I doing wrong? Thank you. (I love them anyway :-))

Can’t wait to try this recipe! A trick I’ve found with mixing fathead dough is to mix all ingredients except the egg together before I melt the cheese and then quickly mix the egg in at the end. I’ve had far better results this way, unfortunately I learned the hard way lol!

They LOOK amazing–but are still too hot to eat! (How do you wait???) My oven must run hot, because they collapsed, so next time I’ll reduce the oven temperature and cook a bit longer. Still I love having an option for bready goodness when I get desperate!

I love health and trying to stay healthy. I am a bread person and figure okay I will try this recipe. With all my respect they really taste horrible, is there another way the recipe can be modified to change the texture in bread? Just feel it needs something…my apologies

Hi Lita, Sorry that they weren’t for you. Without being in the kitchen with you or knowing any details about how the steps went for you, it’s hard for me to tell if something went wrong or if they just aren’t for you. There’s a video in the post above so you can check if one of the steps didn’t look the same when you made it.

Thank you, Sarah! Yes, absolutely. You can follow the recipe for the fathead dough with coconut flour here, double the recipe, and add baking powder like you said. Then just follow the instructions for making the bagels like this almond flour one. I’m actually going to add that to the recipe notes!

LOVE THESE!! I’ve made them plain, and also as hamburger buns, garlic bread sticks, soft pretzel with coarse salt on top. I have to lower the temp and lengthen the cook time, either because my oven is weird or my elevation, but they turn out great!! One question – Do you keep them in the fridge or out in a airtight container?

Do these taste cheesy? I am not a big fan of cheese, only lightly on pizza sometimes. I am in desperate need of finding a way to make a delicious low carb bagel. But if these taste cheesy, I don’t know if I will like them. Thanks!

Love these bagels. Made them over the weekend. So easy and delish. I toasted and put either butter or cream cheese on them. Both options were great. I also used the everything but the bagel seasoning and have found my favorite seasoning

Hi Julia, The baking powder will react once you mix the ingredients, so I wouldn’t recommend that. It’s better to just bake the bagels and refrigerate them after. You can then reheat them in the toaster in the morning, or even the oven if you want.

Hi, I just made them but I’m wondering what the texture should be on the inside? Mine looked the slightest bit raw on the inside but I wasn’t sure if they were cooked and just seemed that way because of the cheese content? Thank you!

My bagels turned out really good. My daughter who isn’t Keto was very excited to try one. I have been wanting a hot dog so I decided to use some of the dough to make a couple of buns for my hot dogs. They turned out pretty good just might try shaping them different next time.

This was a fun experiment! I was very worried about the dough consistency at first, it looked like a hot mess of separated ingredients. I kept kneading and finally got a nice uniform dough! And they were delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

I made the bagels today. I used coconut oil on my hands to keep them from sticking. Very quick and easy. Beautiful and delicious right out of the oven. Looking forward to having one toasted with cream cheese for breakfast tomorrow. I think this bread would also make nice panini sandwiches. Next time:)

Hello, could you tell me, for measuring the mozzarella shredded cheese, is there a weight conversion for the cups stated? Or do you push the cheese in until it reaches the stated volume? or do you melt it and get that required volume?

Your website has been a life saver! I’ve made both your white and wheat bread and the bagels. I’ve liked all of them but especially the bagels. Absolutely yummy. One question, though. How do you store them? In frig it out? In plastic bag or glass container?

Hi Kerri, Sorry, I don’t think that would work. The cheese in this recipe functions as a binder, and nutritional yeast would not do that. I have several other bread recipes on the website that are dairy-free, but don’t have one yet that is egg-free.

Oooooh you made me so very happy this morning. I’m Starting my second week today. Yesterday was ROUGH, I was crying at the drop of a hat. A friend assured me this was normal, but as someone whose dealt with depression all their life, it was extra bad. I was determined for a better start this morning. I ran to the kitchen first thing and put this together precoffee like a madwoman. But 15m after I put those in? (My oven cooks a bit long) Oooooh worth it. The scent was worth it alone. The taste…yes yes yes. Thank you.

I think I went wrong with amounts as I didn’t have enough almond flour so used coconut flour too. Then I read that coconut flour needs more moisture so used 3 eggs and maybe not enough mozzarella. They tasted nice though but not bagels. I will try again.

Hi Nicki, I don’t have measurements for making them using a combination of almond and coconut flour. But if you want to use just coconut flour, you can use this fathead pizza crust recipe, double it, and use it to make bagels.

Hi There I just modified the recipe to use coconut flour flax and chia and what I did is used quite a bit of water in addition as those ingredients soak up quite a bit. The first time they came out great and I figured out why… I heated the water with the cheese! And it mixed perfectly. The second time, it looks like my mixture got too cold too quick and I have bits of cheese oozing. But it is rising better this time (more baking powder) and looks like some exotic cheesy pastry. I hope this batch comes out too it is for a friend tomorrow. I am also wondering why the first time my egg didn’t get cooked since I had both hot water and cheese but it must have hit the flour mix and been just right! I got lucky…

Hi Linda, Sorry that happened to you. They definitely shouldn’t taste gritty. It’s hard to say what part went wrong without being there but will try to help. Did you use finely ground, blanched almond flour? If you used almond meal, the result would be gritty. The other part that it could be is not mixing the dough well enough – watch the video to see what the dough should look like. Hope they work better for you next time!

Hi Yos, Every oven is a little different and the time may also vary depending on how thick you make the bagels. You probably just needed a little more time in the oven. For all baking recipes, the time is approximate and you can check for doneness. Hope you’ll try them again!

The first time I made these I struggled to get the dough fully incorporated, but the end result tasted so awesome that I had to try again. This time I used m food processor and it worked like a charm! These taste so good, even my teenagers like them.

I just made these and it made 15 mini bagels using a donut pan. I love these so much thanks for this recipe. I may add some cinnamon and stevia too the dough next time for a sweet after school year for my daughter

Hi Nicole, Sure, you can use any kind you like! They are on the savory side so I like them with butter, cream cheese & everything seasoning, or for a sandwich. But you could use a (preferably sugar-free) jam if you want to!

My bagels turned out great considering that until a month ago, I didn’t bake – well, maybe a boxed cupcake mix for the grandkids. Missing bread was my Biggest problem with a low carb diet to control my diabetes, but these bagels fill the void. I made 2 with sesame seeds, one chia, 2 poppy, and one plain just for variety.

I’m curious how you calculate the nutrition content. When I run this through the nutritional calculator at Sparks, it says it’s 6.5 gr carbs. The same thing happened with one of the desserts you posted.

Omg! These are SO good! Thank you for the helpful tips as well- my dough was not coming together so I put it in the stand mixer with the paddle, came together perfect. My dough was too sticky, popped it in the fridge for 20 minutes and oiled up my hands- worked perfectly! Thank you!!

I make these all the time, sometimes as a filled roll with reindeer sausage and cream cheese; sometimes with an egg wash topped with everything bagel mix or sesame seeds, sometimes as a Danish. But this week, I tried a variation that’s amazing. Slice a large jalapeno (thin slices) then chop some of it to get about a tablespoon chopped. Incorporate the chopped pepper into the dough before shaping. Sprinkle the shaped bagels with grated cheddar, top with jalapeno rings, then more cheddar. Bake a minute or two longer, until the cheddar is just the way you like it. So good.

First try and YUMMY! I couldn’t’ wait till tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee — had to have one as soon as they were cool enough to eat! Great recipe and easy to make. I made the everything bagels (I love spices) and will definitely do again. I didn’t wait to toast my first one because the smell in the house made me so hungry! One question: Do they need to be stored in the refrigerator and, if so, do you bag them or wrap them in saran wrap? What works best? I’d hate to think any of these would spoil before I could eat them! ?? Gotta try the fathead pizza crust next! Thanks for sharing!

These are ABSOLUTELY delicious, but when I put them through my fitness pal it gave me closer to 500 calories a bagel than 360. Are there certain brands your using that are lower calorie? How are you getting your calorie information?

Hi Alissa, I’m glad you liked them. I am not using low calorie brands, but have frequently seen numbers in MFP be off depending on what versions of ingredients you select there. You can check the carb counts of individual ingredients I use in calculations in this low carb food list, which has values directly from the USDA.

Hi! How would you suggest storing these? I only ate one and want to enjoy the rest throughout the week. Can they be refrigerated and/or frozen? I added rosemary, parmesan and italian spcies – SO GOOD! Thanks for this amazing recipe!

Yum. They turned out great. I was worried I would struggle, but honestly they weren’t hard. Your tips were great. I used my stand mixer with a bread hook. I refrigerated for a short time before making them. They aren’t perfect looking , but I LOVE them Thank you.

I made these once before and they came out quite dense but pretty tasty. I want to try the recipe again, but I did have a few questions first. Do you think adding a bit of vital wheat gluten to these would give them a chewier texture? (I saw a comment that said they used xanthan gum to achieve this.) Also, do you think I would I need to adjust the other ingredients due to the addition? Thanks for the great recipe!

Hi Cherissa, I’ve never tried using vital wheat gluten since we are gluten-free, but it would probably work to make them more chewy. You’d probably need only a tiny bit so I don’t think you’d need to alter any other ingredients. I’m glad you tried and liked them already!

I tried using my standing mixer with a dough hook and I could NOT get them to be anything but sticky. As a result I made them as biscuits instead of bagels. They taste fine.. but I’m sad. What did I do wrong?!

Wow, these are so delicious!! I’m just starting my low carb lifestyle and this was one of the first I chose. So easy to make and the taste is wonderful! I did use the Everything seasoning. Will be making these again. Thanks so much for the recipe!! ??

Loved these! Did half a batch topped with sesame, half topped with Asiago cheese…both were a huge hit with my family. Can’t wait to make these for Thanksgiving breakfast for extended family!! I know it’s April but we plan early.

Attempted this recipe with the mozzarella I had in the fridge, not low moisture. The dough did turn out quick very sticky from the food processor, so I added a couple tablespoons more flour and when that didn’t work I covered my hands in oil to roll it up and it worked! And they turned out really yummy, but I had to cook for quite a bit longer than listed, about 20 mins. Glad I came across this recipe, I usually sacrifice a low carb day with a bagel every now and again and now I don’t have to!! Yay

So excited to try these! Made them tonite but wondering why they didn’t rise much at all. We did ingredients and prep as instructed. Couple of things: eggs were cold (not sure if that makes a difference), also I wasn’t sure when to add the eggs because the cheese was hot and I didn’t want it to firm the eggs up… how do you add this? I incorporated flour with cheese adding little egg at a time. I kneaded well with my hands for a good 3-4min. Dough never really firmed up, just stayed kind of sticky. I had to use a little water on my hands in order to roll it. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!!

Hi Alka, I’m glad you love them! I haven’t noticed an almond flour taste. You could try adding a little more salt if they are not salty enough for you? Marzipan is usually sweet, but I don’t find these to be sweet due to all that cheese.

We thought these tasted awful. If you eat Keto and like it, these are probably good. They have a nice consistency and toast well. However if you are truly gluten free or have Celiac, you are most likely used to mixing flours and using alternatives. As such, if you eat purely GF like us, they are not for you.

HI, I am NOT having luck with these. I just put them in the oven and within a couple min my oven had the parchment and the bagels BURNED. My oven is 400 degrees. Any thoughts from ANYONE on what may have gone wrong???

Hi Sara, I’m sorry that happened to you. I’ve never had the bagels burn so quickly. Was the parchment paper hanging over the sides? Maybe that triggered it to burn. I don’t understand what would cause the bagels to burn so quickly – they should brown but not burn. I suppose one possible reason could be if the dough wasn’t mixed very well, in this case if there was separate mozzarella on top, it might burn fast. I added some tips to the post about the dough itself and maybe that can help.

I can’t find cream cheese without carrageenan and other additives and I would prefer to avoid these ingredients. Can I swap the cream cheese for sour cream, crème fraîche or full-fat Greek yogurt? I read some people make oopsie bread using one of those options instead of cream cheese and it turned out fine.

If you omit the cream cheese and use more shredded mozzarella instead, how much mozzarella do you have to use? Thanks!

Hi Misty, I haven’t tried those versions but it might work. Maybe use a little less instead of the cream cheese since sour cream, creme fraiche, and yogurt are not as dense as cream cheese. Please let me know how it goes if you try it!

Good to know about the density adjustment! Thanks for letting me know. I wish I could find ‘cleaner’ cream cheese where I live but there is not a single brand that doesn’t have unwanted ingredients, and I check the labels of all the cream cheese brands I come across. Greek yogurt, crème fraîche and sour cream, on the other hand, contain just the ingredients that they should

My husband is new to keto and he doesn’t like any of the keto “bread” that I”ve made him…until I made him these bagels. WIN! Thank you so much for the recipe! I’ve been keto for a long time and can’t digest mozzarella so I make these with old cheddar and they’re amazing. Question: If I added fiber to these, would that lower the carb count?

Thank you so much, Kathleen! I’m so glad to hear that. Adding something wouldn’t lower carb count unless you increase the number of servings, but it would also affect the consistency. Either way, fiber doesn’t change net carbs but is included in total carbs. I’ve heard about some people using oat fiber in them (if you are not grain-free), if that is what you are referring to. You may be able to swap out some of the almond flour with that, which would lower carb count, but not entirely sure about how the texture would turn out.

Hi Paula, Mozzarella works best. It has the mildest flavor and melts more smoothly than others. You could try cheddar if you want but the texture will be a little different and they will have a fairly strong cheddar flavor.

I just made these and it was such a sticky mess. I must have done something wrong because no one else seems to have a problem with them. I did half the recipe though because I tend to try new recipes and then don’t care for them so I figure less food waste. How did you get yours so smooth and “bagel-like”? Mine look like lumpy blobs that really want to be a bagel, but didn’t do the homework right! It was nearly impossible to transfer them to my baking sheet! Help!

Let me preface my comment first with letting you know I am a trained chef and new to low carb baking. I am not a pastry chef but I do have culinary training in baking breads and pastry.

I was seriously nervous trying any Fat Head type doughs but thought I had to try yours because it was highly rated. I have tried some other recipes for other low carb items that failed miserably. I hate wasting time and money throwing away ingredients, plus my ego was bruised.?

I absolutely had 100% successful results with this recipe! They came out beautifully rich with a brown crusty exterior. I put garlic salt in the dough and Parmesan as a topping.

My professional secret I used to make these succeed was to heat the almond flour in a dry skillet over low heat until warm to the touch before melting the cheeses and also make sure your eggs are room temperature. Mix your baking powder into the warmed almond flour, dump into the melted cheeses then throw in your beaten eggs.

Before I try this recipe I would like to ask about the type of mozzarella cheese used. I buy preshredded low moisture part skim mozzarella that lists an anti caking ingredient on the package. This sometimes does hinder the melting of the cheese I have noticed on pizza and casseroles. Is this a good cheese for this recipe? Has anyone rinsed their cheese in cold water to remove the anti caking agent? I want to have success on the first try!

Hi Kristi, Yes, pre-shredded low-moisture part skim mozzarella is the same kind I use. No issues with melting for this recipe and it works great! I have never tried rinsing it, but let me know how it goes if you try that. And of course, tell me how you like the bagels once you make them!

Hi Jurg, I’m glad they taste great! Based on the picture you sent, it looks like you needed to make bigger holes in the bagels and leave more room between them. Also, sometimes the age of the baking powder can affect how much they puff up versus spread.

Thank you so much for this recipe! I made the bagels a couple of times and then I remembered I still had a few 4.5” paper molds around and the bagels became BURGER BUNS!!! Best burger I’ve had in a long time. The bred holds up beautifully, and there’s nothing like picking up a burger with both your hands and taking a big bite. I’d missed that. Once again, than you

Hi Sue, The recipe would need other modifications to work with coconut flour. You can try using the Fathead pizza crust recipe here to make the dough, and form it into bagels instead. You’d probably want to double it to make bagels.

Just made these for the first time today, awesome beyond belief! Prefer these over ‘regular’ bagels. Had one for breakfast with tons of butter, another for lunch with tuna salad. These are the best hands down!

Hi. Thank you so much for this recipe! Just made it and waiting to try. I added this recipe to the Loseit! App and it didn’t show any fiber. I used Bobs red mill and low moisture mozzarella. Also aluminum free baking powder. Did I do something wrong?

Hi Jodie, I’ve seen information all over the place in apps – some accurate and some not so much. Almond flour has fiber, so the bagels have it too. The nutrition info is on the recipe card. I hope you liked the bagels!

Hi Nancy, It’s hard to tell what’s wrong without being in the kitchen with you. If you can describe where it seems to diverge I can try to help. I will also be adding tips to the post soon to help with troubleshooting!

Hi Maya, I was hoping you could please tell me which type of mozzarella to use? I have seen two different types at the store; part skim, which is more of a pulled mozzarella, and full fat, which looks and feels like white cheddar. Thank you for your help ??

Hi Karen! I used low moisture, part skim mozzarella cheese in this recipe. Full fat is also fine, just make sure it’s low moisture. I wouldn’t use fresh mozzarella, it would be too wet. I hope that helps. Have a great day!

I would be really grateful if you give recipe with metric measurements. It’s so difficult to understand with oz and cups. I tried the recipe today, only needed to use more almond flour. I think because I tried to get gr and ml from google, and measurements were not quite right. It was delicious. Thanks

These are so awesome! And I have to reiterate… the EVERYTHING Bagel seasoning is a MUST. The bagels are delish…but that seasoning along with cream cheese on top…plus a little sprinkle of seasoning on top of the cream cheese …lol… it’s SOOO GOOD! I don’t miss real bagels at ALL!!!

We make these babies all the time, and have some alternative suggestions!

First of all, for a fluffier bagel, we always add 1 tsp of xanthan gum. Secondly, for those who are allergic to eggs, we’ve made this recipe with both flax egg and gelatin egg replacements. The gelatin egg (1 pkt gelatin + 1 tbsp room temp water + 2 tbsp boiling water, mixed til frothy) works best for us. And shape them big and fluffy! They seem to always flatten out a bit, so ultra fat works best for us when they go in.

This morning I almost jacked in my keto diet, two weeks in and doing ok – up until this morning. I woke up full of cold and feeling miserable, desperately craving a bacon roll.. This recipe saved the day!! Flicking through my morning emails, I spotted this on a pinterest email of recommended pins. I decided it sounded simple enough to give up half an hour, promising myself to go to the bakery if it didn’t work. Success!! Just made the most delicious diet saving crispy bacon roll with your keto bagel recipe, topped with poppy seeds. Just magic. So soft, light and warm from the oven. Just amazing. Cannot thank you enough for sharing this recipe and for not only keeping me on track but making me feel excited by something a little healthier. Now I just have to be good and not eat the entire batch!!

The first time I made these, they were wonderful! Chewy, great texture and delicious. The 2nd and 3rd time however they had a very acrid, bitter taste, I did accidentally use 2 TBSP of baking powder instead of one TBSP, has anyone else has this happen?

I have tried this recipe three times in the last two days. Each time, I have ended up with a very thick batter rather than a firm “dough”. To bake, I have just divided batter into six “piles” on baking sheet resulting in rolls that my family loves. I, however, would still like to be able to make “dough”. I have been careful to incorporate all ingredients as soon as cheese is removed from microwave and I have tried reheating. I hand knead for up to five minutes trying to get the right consistency. I use whole mild mozzarella that I shred myself, block cream cheese, clobber girl baking powder, Anthony’s almond flour, and beaten eggs. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Mary, Sorry you had issues with the recipe. I’m glad your family likes the “rolls”! I suspect that the mozzarella might be the culprit – is it “low moisture”? If it isn’t, that may affect the consistency. Other than that, chilling the dough can also help it firm up and make it easier to shape. That might be necessary if your kitchen is warm.

Omg! I almost cried when I tried these! I know that seems strange but I didn’t have high hopes and these are amazing. Most low carb bread recipes call for so much egg that it’s all I taste and I can stand eggs. This not only has a good bread texture it actually has a bready taste. Seriously if anyone is hesitant to try this please do. I have been holding on to this recipe for a while now and I wish I had tried it sooner. Seriously amazing. I can’t wait to have lunch tomorrow. Heck, maybe I’ll even have breakfast.

I followed this recipe to the letter today. I used a lower-moisture mozzarella and the regular cream cheese, not the whipped sort. After ten minutes of kneading, the “dough” was still a sticky mess and I had to add more almond flour (no, I did not use meal). The bagels did not rise, were dense and dark yet raw inside despite a few additional minutes (yes, my oven works correctly), and I had to throw the whole works out. All these happy replies by others make me feel worse, I bake a lot. ??

Hi Cheryl, I’m so sorry they didn’t turn out for you. I do think adding more flour might have made it worse. If the dough was very sticky, the easiest ways to remedy it would be either chilling it in the fridge or using oiled hands (or both). On the other hand, reheating a little might help, if the cheese cooled off too much (before mixing with the flour mixture). If they brown too much before the inside is done, you can try covering them to continue baking, though I usually don’t find it necessary. It may depend on how thick you made them.

Finally something close to bread and low carb that I can stomach. I tried a Flaxseed focaccia the other day and thought I was gonna vomit. These bagels I can stomach and now I can satisfy my bagel with cream cheese craving. The dough is a little sticky while mixing, but I found it rolls better when it’s a little cooler. I can’t wait to try a bacon and egg on it tomorrow! Thank you for this recipe.

Just made these bagels for Sunday Brunch! Wow!!! They are awesome. I followed the directions, except I used one egg and 1 egg white and beat so they were fluffy before I added to the other ingredients. I wanted to see if that would make them rise more. they looked like your picture. I also used the everything but the bagel seasoning. I brushed a bested egg wash on the tops of the bagels and the seasoning stuck nicely and didn’t fall off! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe!!!!

Hi Amy, Possibly sunflower seed flour could work, but you would probably detect a little of that flavor in there. Otherwise, it depends on your allergies – is it only almonds or all nuts? Macadamia nut flour (ground macadamia nuts) would also work great if you can tolerate that.

Hi, I made these last night and had one today and they taste amazing but I can’t seem to figure out why my bagels have 12 grams of carbs each (10 net) vs yours which have 8 grams of carbs (5 net). That’s a HUGE difference. I used a different brand almond flour but I compared the two and the flours have the same amount of carbs in them so that’s not it. Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi Aleks, I’m glad you like the taste. It’s hard to say where the discrepancy came from without seeing your calculations, but we double check the nutrition info here. It is likely due to a rounding difference – we count actual macro amounts, whereas some labels round up or down, which can make a big difference when using a lot of something in a recipe.

Hi, I’m sorry, I forgot to updated. It was the almond flour I was using! My info was entered incorrectly into MFP and once I switched to the almond flour you guys recommended (which is amazing btw) the macros are right on track! Thanks!

I just made these today, they are delicious!! I used a donut pan, they turned out perfect, the texture is soft, will be making these weekly! I added the ‘everything but the bagel seasoning’, sprinkled on the top before baking. I put tuna salad on the cut halves, my husband used just butter!! I am looking forward to toasting them for breakfast in the toaster oven. If I had a place here to add pictures I would!!

Thank you so much, Patti! I love those ideas for using the bagels. They do toast well, though sometimes it takes a bit longer. If you have Instagram, you can post photos there and tag me @wholesomeyumblog or use hashtag #wholesomeyum.

Hi Tamara, I don’t know what numbers Cronometer is pulling, but can tell you in this case it has to be incorrect because almond flour always has fiber (3g per 1/4 cup). The nutrition labels on Wholesome Yum come from FatSecret. For popular recipes like this one, I also verify by hand.

Hi Nelle, if it’s still sticky after a few minutes, that means the cheese cooled too much before incorporating with the other ingredients. You can reheat the dough a bit (about 15 seconds if using the microwave), then continue to knead again. Washing your hands in between can also help.

Hi Helen, Sorry that they were not what you expected. I do think there is some difference from a traditional bagel, but they are far closer than any other low carb bread I’ve tried. It’s also possible that they needed to bake a little longer to firm up more.

Hi Sharon, I usually freeze them after they are done baking, cut into halves before freezing. Then, you can pop them in the toaster when you want to eat. You may be able to freeze the raw dough also but have not tried that.

Help!! Everybody seems to have had so much success with these, yet mine didn’t rise at all!! I followed the recipe exactly, should I try a different oven temperature? Still delicious, I will just use them as pizza bases this time but really want to know what I did wrong for next time. Thank you in advance!

I am new to low carb and I have to change my diet per doctor’s orders. I have followed many of your recipes and they have been all good so far. I loved these bagels and my hubby too! The dough was challenging to work with but I think it will get better as I continue to make them. I had no problems other than sticky dough. They came out perfect. Such a perfect option for me who loves bagels. They were absolutely delicious and my health has been improving since I have been following your blog. Thank you.

Well, praise be these are absolutely awesome. I made 1/2 recipe just to try them out. DEFINITELY will be making these again. They turned out perfect. I used McCormick’s grill mates garlic and herb seasoning on top with sesame seeds. Thanks for the recipe.

So my girlfriend and I experimented and divided this recipe into 8 bagels instead and made mini ones to get the calories and carbs lower and then WE ADDED SHREDDED CHEDDAR TO THE TOP AND PICKLED JALAPENOS. YOU’RE WELCOME. ?? <3

Any suggestions or instructions you can give for adjusting the keto bagel recipe for higher altitude baking would be appreciated. I followed all the given instructions and read all the comments to be sure I didn’t make the mistakes that you said I might be prone to as a novice keto baker. My bagels only rose a bit and the 14-minute cooking dried them out a bit and caused some overcooking on the bottom. I baked them in the middle of the oven and usually, my oven is pretty close to spot for temps. I was thinking that the issue might be cooking at 5000 feet. Am really impressed with the site and enjoy trying and sharing the recipes with my friends. Thank You.

Hi Karyn, Sorry you had issues with the recipe at high altitude. I don’t live at high altitude so cannot do any testing there, but based on the issues you described, I’d recommend trying a lower oven temperature with longer baking time.

Our family just started the Keto Eating Plan. I have been trying so many recipes. I just made your bagels this evening with shredded triple cheddar. I bought a donut pan as a few suggested which I believe kept the bagels shape. We waited as long as we could as the smell was teasing us. They were FANTASTIC!!!! The Keto bread recipes I have been making cannot even touch the flavour and texture of your bagels. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

Since I have stopped eating bread over a month ago I’ve been looking for a replacement to no avail until last week when I found your website. How excited I was when I found the recipe for low carb bagels. I made some yesterday, I love them. You know the feeling you get when you have a slice of freshly baked bread right out of the oven, delicious. I would give it a 10-star rating if I could. God Bless you.

I’ve made these twice and they are terrific! I wish the dough would be easier to work with, but that is my only issue. They taste fantastic and are better than any other bagel recipe I’ve tried keto-wise. I can never get the dough rollable so I just shape some of it into a bagel shape on my silicone baking mat. Works great!

These low-carb, gluten-free bagels are amazing. Even my husband likes them and he can eat whatever he wants, whereas I need to avoid wheat. I’ve tried some other recipes for bread-like things and they always turned out very “eggy” in flavour, which was not something I enjoyed. But these bagels are lovely. Definitely worth a try. Very filling, and very satisfying due to the “good mouth-feel” they offer. I’ve had them fresh out of the oven, reheated in the microwave, and even toasted (both in the toaster and with a little butter in a pan on the stove). They are delicious. I can’t wait to experiment with flavourings like garlic, herbs, etc.

My only issue was that even pressing the sesame seeds into the dough before baking did not keep them on the bagels once they were handled out of the oven, but honestly, that is such a minor issue and I don’t care THAT much if they have sesame seeds or not. ??

If you’re looking for low-carb options or are avoiding wheat, you’ve got to try these.

I made these many times for my daughter and her friends who are gluten-free. I made cheese, onion, and jalapeño. 1 dozen each! They all have the recipe but they like it if I make them. Almond flour is my go-to product. Made a thin crust pizza dough for veggie pizza. Yummy!!!

These bagels taste great and we make them all the time. My son is a type 1 diabetic and does well on a keto diet. I was searching for creative lunch box ideas for school and these bagels have been a nice addition. They are easy to make and have available in the fridge for the rest of the week. Thank you for a bread alternative that can be turned into a creative sandwich.

Love Love this recipe! I so miss bread on Keto. Made this recipe with a everything bagel topping. Lox and Bagels are back in my home. This is an easy yet fabulous tasting recipe. My new go to bagel recipe !

These bagels are AMAZING!!!!! I love them so much and make them regularly. I was missing bagels for breakfast until I found these. I make everything bagels, rosemary and cheddar, sesame, poppy seed, and even cinnamon bagels. I highly recommend them!

Wonderful replacement for bread! I make them all the time. Makes a great breakfast with some flavored cream cheese. And if you make them without the hole, you can use them as a bun! I also make them into breadsticks. Very versatile.

I really liked the flavor and texture though both are unique to this recipe, not a typical bagel or bread. It was nice to have a decent portion of bread-like food without the carbs. It is good toasted too. I threw some shredded cheddar on top as it came out of the oven.

Hi. These are absolutely delicious, reminding me very much of a rich pastry in consistency. Thanks for developing and posting!

I just wish that there were some way to mix all the ingredients together before melting the mozzarella and cream cheeses. The mixing process is difficult because of the extreme stickiness of the almond, baking powder, and egg vs. the imperviousness of melted cheeses. I heat it up the second part of the melt cycle for 1 minute 15 seconds, at which point the oil has just started to separate at the edge a small amount.

I have found oiling a silicone spatula makes the job easier than my hands. I found a couple of silicone dough cutters on Amazon, and hope they work better than the spatula.

Watching your video, I wondered how you kept your hands so clean. Didn’t notice any washing or oiling.

Best regards.

After looking at the video again, and reading through some of the comments, I think that even though I heat for the time you directed, definitely my cheese mixture is much firmer, than the mixture stirred so easily with your spoon, so maybe I should try heating for 3 minutes, or until the cheese stirs readily as yours does. Despite the stickiness, however, mine still turn out wonderfully, although they spread more than yours. The more I write and think about it, yours must end up much better blended, which is why they are taller.

I’ll try heating my cheese mixture longer, and see how things work in the stickiness department!

Hi Don, Thank you, I’m so glad you like them! Yes, the cheeses have to be melted enough to be easy to stir, and the bagels will be taller if the dough is mixed well. I do like that the recipe is not too fussy and still works even if not mixed perfectly, though. And, I do usually wash my hands after dealing with the dough, that part is just not in the video.

Anxious to try these. Was wondering how this dough would do dropping into boiling water then baking like regular bagels. I’m going to try both ways. I wondered if anyone has done this and if it made them even more like the real thing. Can’t wait to make a bunch and freeze them, besides the everything, I’m going to make cranberry orange – yum!

Thank you SO much for this! I’ve been low carb 6 years and never knew I could enjoy something like this! I cut it into 8 servings instead to get my numbers a little lower and they are just HEAVENLY! Life changing for sure. ?? I’m going to use them to make mini pizzas too for portion control. ??

Hi Maya! Thank you for the recipe! I have made them a few times and I love them, they are very satisfying! Mine look like the picture! I just got them out of the oven! This time I use 1 Tbsp. Of butter with the cheeses and not stickiness! Norma

Hi Silas, Almond flour should not be gritty – it sounded like what you used is almond meal. It needs to be finely ground, blanched almond flour, that’s ivory in color. Hope you’ll try again with that kind.

I have a son following the Specific carbohydrate diet for Crohn’s. Would it be possible to substitute baking soda for the baking powder in your recipes, since technically, he shouldn’t have baking powder because of it’s corn starch content.

Hi Mike, It depends on the recipe, but baking soda and baking powder aren’t the same because the baking soda needs something to react with. You can make a corn-free baking powder by using arrowroot powder instead of the cornstarch.

Hi, I just tried your recipe for the gluten free low carb bagels. Thank you so much for this recipe, they turned out beautifully. This was my first attempt at any gluten-free bread recipe. The one thing I really miss about eating gluten-free was bagels. Even my Dad and husband think they are great. Thanks so much. No cardboard taste or sawdust texture, which has been my experience with every commercial gluten-free bread product.

I have tried this recipe 2 times and failed both. ?? The first time I had only 150gr mozzarella and decreased the other ingredients accordingly, the second time I had all the ingredients in the amount as per your recipe. When I mixed the ingredients the dough remained very very runny and did not form a dough. Nonetheless, I still formed 6 “blobs” and baked them and the result was this mix between a giant cookie and a bun which was still very tasty but nothing like yours. I’m thinking that I’m not putting the right amount of almond flour. Can you give me the measurement for the almond flour in grams, please? I am in Europe and maybe the cup measurement I am using is different. Thank you!

Hi Nadine, Sorry you had issues with the recipe. A cup of almond flour is 112 grams. Also, make sure you are using finely ground blanched almond flour (not almond meal or “ground almonds”), and it should be hard mozzarella (not the soft fresh kind).

Oh my goodness! These bagels are the most delicious bagels I’ve eaten! Angels were dancing on my tongue! Maya, thank you! The first batch of dough was sticky, 2nd batch perfect. Both batches delicious! I put garlic/parm cheese on top as they went into the oven, garlic bagels! To say I am in KETO HEAVEN would be an understatement! Mahalo Nui Loa!!

I want to ask if I could make these bagels with half coconut flour. I bought so much coconut flour, and I’m trying to find a way to use it up. Also, can I use fewer yolks and the rest whites? Maybe less than half coconut flour? These look great, thank you for the recipe.

Hi Carol, I wouldn’t suggest modifying the flour or number of eggs in this recipe as it would affect the texture too much. If you’re looking to use up your coconut flour I have lots of recipes that use coconut flour! Just do a search on the website for coconut flour and you may find your new favorite coconut flour recipe!

Thank you, Haley! The system uses FatSecret as the nutrition calculator, and unfortunately I can’t tell where the difference in calculations was without breaking it down. But, I’ve verified that the numbers on the label for this recipe are correct. I’m glad you liked the bagels!

I have tried your recipe as is to great success but found myself with a bag of lupin flour so decided to try it out on this recipe. Haven’t tasted them yet but straight out of the oven, they are beautiful. I also skipped the baking powder and they rose and kept their shapes. Lupin flour has only 1 net carb per quarter cup so a lot less carbs than almond meal.

So I made these tonight. I am willing to bet my baking powder is a bit old and my cream cheese is un-American. So, a bit softer in consistency as if the only thing cream cheese is for is spreading on something. Anyway, they turned out brilliantly. The bagel was my number one bread sacrifice and I have not had one for 2.5 years. Even then I was very picky about my real bagels and started making them myself with barley syrup and extra gluten, boiling then baking – the whole thing. I am not sure anything keto will mimic the extra-gluten wheat flour bagel… but at this point I wouldn’t want it anyway. Thank you so much for this excellent modification on fathead dough – this will definitely be my new got to.

WOW!!! Yummy!!! I just started trying keto recipes and this one is awesome. I brought it to our Life Group breakfast this morning at church and was even asked for the recipe by someone who doesn’t limit their diet whatsoever and eats everything. I haven’t eaten a bagel in so long because of the carbs so I’m thrilled to be able to eat bagels again! I made exactly as written and topped with the everything seasoning you linked to – which is also awesome, I want to put it on more stuff. I pushed each bagel upside down onto a layer of the seasoning before baking. Thank you so much.

Hi, I am baking these now. Only thing is, I couldn’t find just almond flour. I could only find an almond flour/meal combo. Is that still ok? Will it still work? So excited to try these and really don’t want that to be a huge issue.

Hi Alexandra, Not with the same recipe, but you can probably use the dough from my fathead pizza crust (which is made with coconut flour) and form bagels with that. You’ll need more baking powder compared to the pizza version.

So, I just used this recipe to make tortillas in a cast iron skillet! They turned out awesome! I have made the bagels many times and love them! Tonight, I left a little of the dough out and tried it and it worked! I made a burrito with it lol! Thanks so much for the awesome recipe!

Hi Bridgett, I haven’t tried it with only egg whites. I think you can. They might be a little different (probably more dense) but should still work. One egg is about 3 tbsp egg whites, so that would be the equivalent replacement. I’d recommend adding a little more baking powder as well, and maybe a little fat like melted butter, since the yolks have a leavening effect and fat. Let me know how it goes if you try.

These are truly the best low carb rolls, bagels, etc. I made them the first time as bagels and they came out perfect. The second time I made them into six log shaped rolls , sprinkled with sesame seeds and Italian seasoning to be bread sticks with my low carb lasagna! Hats off to you for creating such a fast, easy way to make low carb bagels.

Hi Mel, Most shredded mozzarella is low-moisture part-skim. You don’t want fresh mozzarella (the white kind that comes in a log) for this recipe. Other than that, any shredded kind will work. If they tasted gummy, they were not baked long enough.

Wow! Make these!!!! I ended up using the stand mixer to make it easier to mix the dough as it is pretty stringy and gooey when you first add the cheese mixture. I used a little olive oil spray on my hands and wooden board (I have tile counter tops and dough and grout don’t make for fun clean up) when I started rolling out the dough and forming the bagels and it worked great to keep the dough from sticking to anything. I had to bake them for the whole 14 minutes and I actually broiled them for the last 2 min to give them a nice golden brown colour. They rose better than I thought they would and next time I will make the hole in the center bigger so they don’t end up looking like buns with a little crater in the middle. Ate one fresh out of the oven with butter and it was amazing! I can’t wait for an avocado tomato sandwich for breakfast tomorrow!

To make pizza dough can I just roll this out flat and shape into a pizza?

This recipe has just opened up all kinds of new options! I’ve obviously had to give up sandwiches, what with the bread and all, but now…they’re back! This works not just as bagels but as unshaped buns and rolled out square “bread slices”. I just love this, thank you so much for sharing!

Oh Maya, thank you for putting together this recipe! I have enjoyed Fat-Head for Pizza crust and I’m ready to bake bagels! Today!!! Bread-baking was my stepping stone into the kitchen at age 15 and I’m ready to try this recipe for bagels and perhaps…. ciabatta, baguettes, breadsticks, flatbread….I have missed baking bread so much, I cook very different now and together, my husband and I have lost 50 pounds! I’m going to do a search to see if you’ve got a recipe for pretzels!!! You are my new best friend! Thank you!

I have been excited to try these so in prepping for the week ahead they were on the top of my list. Barely out of the oven and 2 were gone. My daughter who generally doesn’t like low carb substitutions absolutely loved them. My husband did too. Definite win on these!!

I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found your recipe for this! As a bariatric surgery patient we are always looking for the highest protein count with the least carbs and the least volume as our new smaller tummies can’t handle big portions OR bread products! Having something like this opens up a world of possibilities so thank you once again! I made a double batch today and it came out absolutely perfect!

These are great! Thanks! I just made them for the fourth time. They store easily in the fridge and taste fresh with a quick toasting.

This last time, I doubled the recipe but only hand 16 ounces of mozzarella so used a whole stick of cream cheese (I think that’s 8oz?) and I actually think the consistency turned out even better! They’re more doughy and the raw dough was easier to work with. I also add some salt to the dough.

Wow – made these tonight and these are a genuine 10/10. They don’t taste exactly like bagels – the mozzarella is too powerful for that – but the taste is fantastic, they are easy to make, and they toast up extremely well.

This is the closest I’ve found to a genuine low carb “bread” product. Wonderful recipe, thank you!

Love this recipe. I make it regularly. I quadrupled the recipe and froze them in batches. We take out some each week and have “buns” for burger, garlic “bread” for Keto spaghetti, toasted bagels for breakfast. It has allowed our meals to be versatile. I am planning on making another large batch this weekend and use it as a pizza crust.

Delicious recipe!! I too found the dough too sticky to do anything with, even after about 30 minutes of kitchenaid mixing with the dough hook! I saw that all the ingredients were well incorporated, so I chilled the dough for about 30 minutes. It was then workable with a little oil on my hands. They are beautiful!

Ok….. So this is the best thing I have made hands down since I started keto almost 3 months ago. Period! I topped my bagel with a low carb cream cheese “icing” I made for a previous recipe because I had a sweet tooth this morning, I wanted to cry because I have missed bagels more than anything. I’m at best an amateur baker and these bagels could not have turned out any better! Thank you so so much for this recipe as this will now be a breakfast staple. Can’t wait to make breakfast bagels, or even use as a pizza bagel!

They smell soooo good and look good (although they are kinda flat) but for me it tastes way too much like cheese. I tried to eat one with cream cheese and it was like cheese overload. But I kinda liked the texture so I tried to eat another one as a bun for a bacon cheese burger. it was better. I am so happy for sites like this that allows me to try new recipes in finding a cool substitute for old favs (like bread). This wasn’t a hit for me but I’m glad it was a hit for others. Other comments wrote about a bagel seasoning… if it helps cut done on the mozz cheese flavor, that might actually make this work much better.

After cheese is in microwave for 1 minute, using a spoon – be sure to incorporate the cheeses as much as possible. Do the same after the second microwave. Mix the cheeses really well.

I sprinkled Mrs. Dash on them-, then lightly patted into the dough. On 1/2 of them, I added pickled jalapeno peppers, again lightly pushed down into the dough. Then I sprinkled all with Himalayan sea salt. (There’s no salt in the recipe).

Bake until the tops are toasty brown (ignore the recipe – everyone’s oven is different).

To store, let them completely cool, then place in zip locks and put in fridge. They should last up to a week.

You can toast them in toaster oven, oven or toaster. *Don’t nuke them*

When baking, ALWAYS use exact measurements, unlike cooking, baking is more of a science. That’s it!

I assembled everything I needed in advance. Whipped them out in about 8 minutes from start to finish, maybe even less time. They’re YUMMY!!!

I just made these, I used the exact recipe but they came out dense and quite heavy, more bread like. They look great, just like bagels though. I did mix the well, even though it was still a little sticky when rolling them out, maybe mix them for longer so the stickiness is gone? (Don’t even know if that’s a word, lol.) I do want to make them again though but they just turned out like any other almond low carb recipe. If you have any idea what could be the problem, I could maybe avoid it next time. Thank you.

Hi Sharon, They aren’t completely identical to bagels but the closest I have found. The real bagels I’ve had were pretty dense, so these were similar to me in that regard. I do think the fathead dough is quite different from other almond flour recipes. I hope you still like them!

Made these this morning and they are fantastic! Definitely going to be a staple. Have you made them in larger batches? Wondering if they turn out as well. Sometimes doubling isn’t always successful. Can’t wait to try the Park biscuits next! Thanks for working these out for everyone!!

The dough never became dry enough to roll into a log. Not sure what I did. Cheese melted in a minute and a half so just poured it into the bowl of my KA and started it mixing with the almond flour mixture and poured in the eggs. It blended together great and I wanted for it to turn into a dough that I could roll into logs. It never made it. I made 2 pizza crusts and 3 sort of bagels by spaying my hands with oil and forming as best as I could. Kept oiling my hands to keep them from sticking. Does the fat content of cheese matter? I use full fat mozzarella and full fat cream cheese. About how much weight does your mozzarella come out to. Wondering if my measuring the mozzarella was off. Any thoughts?

Hi Cindy, Sorry that you’re having trouble with the dough. I hope the pizza and “sort of bagels” were still good! Did you by chance use fresh mozzarella? It has to be the low-moisture (hard shredded) kind. The weight should be 10 oz.

These are amazing and a regular recipe of ours at this point! ?????? Thank you so much! Quick question – can you help me troubleshoot making a sweet version? I used the exact recipe, which I have had nothing but success with – but when I add sweetener (about 1/3c Erythritol/monkfruit blend) and cinnamon and a few raisins ( very few – chopped) the dough becomes very, very sticky and almost impossible to shape, and they just flatten out completely in the oven. Any ideas?

Hi Rebekkah, Thank you! I haven’t tried a sweet version of these yet. That’s so strange that adding sweetener has this effect. I would guess that since you are adding more of a dry ingredient (sweetener), you’ll need a little more cheese to balance that out and reduce the stickiness. Let me know if that helps!

Hi Gina, I haven’t tried any of those flours but they wouldn’t be low carb. I do know cassava flour can usually replace almond flour 1:1 without a problem from a consistency standpoint, so out of those options I’d try that first.

I’m relieved to see you address storing the bagels. I made them tonight, but was not sure how to store them myself. With just my wife and I it will last us a few days! We did try Cheddar Cheese on the top of 2 of them, but instead of bagels rising, they stayed flat. Still had a good taste though. Thanks for coming up with this recipe!

Hi Jennifer, It’s hard to tell what went wrong without being in the kitchen with you. Was the dough completely uniform? (It should be.) Once it’s uniform, it should become less sticky as it cools. It could be more problematic if your kitchen is very warm during the summer months. Working with oiled hands can also help.

Can anyone confirm exactly how long to mix it in the mixer with the dough hook? I used my kitchen aid mixer with the dough hook for several minutes but it still came out too wet and gooey that I couldn’t make logs and then bagel shapes as it was too wet to handle. Could it also be that I used part skim mozzarella and light cream cheese? Thanks!

Hi Tara, I don’t have a Kitchen Aid yet, but have tested it in a food processor using a dough blade. You just have to mix long enough for it to be completely uniform. It shouldn’t be sticky after this, but if it still is, it will become less sticky as it cools down a bit. The only other reason I can think of is if your kitchen is pretty warm. Another reader suggested using oiled hands to work with the dough, so that may help.

I just made these and they came out looking great! I adjusted the recipe for 4 bagels, and I didn’t have sesame seeds, so I put garlic powder on two and diced onion on the other two for garlic and onion bagels. I’m eating an egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich with one now!

I have one question — the fathead pizza crust recipe I usually follow (the one called “holy grail”) calls for the shredded cheese to be mixed with the flour *before* microwaving it. I’ve found that everything combines much easier this way. I’m not sure if that would be possible in this recipe because of the baking powder, but I feel like it could help with the stickiness? I’d imagine you’d combine the shredded cheese, almond flour, and baking powder first, then add cream cheese, then microwave it. I did find that this dough was much stickier (though It did become manageable by the time I got to the log rolling part), and thought that might help.

Thanks so much for all your work figuring out these recipes! I don’t know how you do it!

Thank you, Jessica! That sounds delicious. Regarding your question, the baking powder might react prematurely if heating before baking like that. If you have issues with mixing, I recommend using a food processor instead of your hands. I recently added this to the recipe card.

I made these bagels today, amazing!!! I also decided to do a throwdown of fathead pizza vs your bagel recipe. OMGSH it is EXACTLY like pizza crust! It crisped up, tastes amazing, you can pick it up like any pizza and is now my go to recipe. I just added onion powder.

12g/0.4oz baking powder is 1 tbsp. So if you’re not going by weight, just use a 1 tbsp measuring spoon. This is how the recipe is written, but I provided the weight for another commenter that requested it. Hope that helps.

Hi Nance, Sorry yours turned out looking different. I don’t post my email publicly to avoid spam, but if you fill out the contact form on the website I can get back to you and you’ll be able to attach a picture from there. Otherwise, feel free to post the picture on Instagram and tag me @wholesomeyumblog!

I just made the bagels. They didn’t look anything like the picture you show, and were rather small. I had trouble making the flax eggs – odd, because I’ve made them before with no trouble. I wonder if there are different kinds of flax seeds? Maybe I used the wrong kind? Anyway, all of that said, the bagels were DELICIOUS!!! OMG! OMG! I don’t make a habit of eating the same thing twice in a day – no point in trying to be low carb if you’re eating the same (low) carb things over and over. Those carbs add up! But these were so good, I ate 2! (I had a cup of soup with them) Thanks!

Thank you, Nance! I haven’t tried these with flax eggs but had people say it worked for them. Did you use flax seeds or flax seed meal? I don’t know if the whole seeds would work, I recommend using flax seed meal if replacing the eggs with flax eggs. I’m glad you liked the bagels so much!

Hi there, No, they would be too dry if you use 1 1/4 cup coconut flour. It would be around 1/3 to 1/2 cup. Coconut flour is a lot more absorbent, so without changing other ingredients you’d need about 3-4 times less of it compared to almond flour to maintain the same wet/dry ratio. But, you’d end up with fewer bagels. If you want to keep the # of bagels the same, you’d need to keep the coconut flour the same and instead multiply the amounts of all the other ingredients by 3-4 times. These are just estimates, as I haven’t tried them with coconut flour yet, so it’s just based on my experience working with coconut flour. To answer your other question, yes, the carb count would change with different ingredients.

I wanted to share my use of these bagels. Caprese style… fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar! Yum! I will experiment next time with some italian herbs added to the dough. Thanks for this great recipe.

Thanks. I will make these bagels with my substitutions. I’m an expert on substitutions (I’ve been on this restricted eating regimen for 5 years, and I bake a lot). I’m writing a book! I’ve lost 60 lbs eating this way. People always want to know how, so they convinced me to share my eating regimen. One thing I’ve missed so much are bagels. I love Daiya cream cheese. If I can make a bagel with under 10 (or under 20!) carbs, Oh MAN! I’m a happy camper! This will be my next baking project. Thanks. ??

I really miss bagels and want to make this recipe but for two things – I don’t microwave anything anymore, and I don’t eat eggs. Can I heat the non-dairy cheese in the oven? Can I use egg substitute? Can I make this recipe without cheese (I just want regular bagels)? Any reason I can’t use brown rice flour instead of almond flour? I’ve used almond flour in making pie crust, but I would think it would fall apart more easily in a bagel. Or, maybe not. I don’t know. Thanks.

Hi Nance, I’ll try to address each question, but can’t vouch for the results with substitutions, especially when changing so many things. You can definitely skip the microwave, but you’ll want to use a double boiler on the stove rather than the oven. (I’m 100% sure about this working well and I added this info to the recipe card.) Flax eggs might work in place of eggs, but I haven’t tried that. The recipe will not work without cheese, as it’s a main ingredient. I haven’t tried non-dairy cheese replacements myself, but there are people in the comments that said they had success with it. Brown rice flour is gluten free, but not low carb, so it depends on your preferences. I haven’t used it before (I only use low carb flours), but it might work. The almond flour definitely does not fall apart in these bagels, because the cheese holds them together well. Let us know how it goes if you make these with some of those substitutions.

In a similar recipe, I’ve found it impossible to mix the flax (or psyllium) egg in thoroughly so now I mix the dry flax (or psyllium) into the dry and add the water with the liquid. Then it gets uniformly incorporated.

Wow! I’ve made these twice. The second time I used 2 cups mozzarella, and 1/2 cup sharp cheddar. I also added 1 tsp. dried onion flakes, 1/2 tsp. garlic powder and Italian seasoning. They turned out perfect, and so much flavor. A++ Wish I could post a picture!

Wow I made these yesterday, and they are really good! I dipped the tops in melted butter, then used the Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel sprinkle on top. They were beautiful coming out of the oven and then they fell. Any suggestions?

Hi Carol, It’s not a typo, but it’s only an estimate since I haven’t tried it yet. Coconut flour is much more absorbent so you’d need a lot less… Usually a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio when converting between those two flours. You’d end up with smaller bagels, though.

Hi Dana, The dough is mixed well enough when it’s completely uniform (it shouldn’t have pieces of cheese separate from pieces of almond flour) and no longer sticky anymore (or just barely sticky). These are still not absolutely identical to a wheat bagel, but are closer than anything else I’ve tried. The texture is definitely worse if the dough isn’t mixed well. Hope that helps!

I tried this today and my results were bad too. I know part of the problem was probably caused by me because I tried to be innovative. I wanted a cherry flavor so I added 12 fresh cherries to the batter after processing them. I also added a bit of cherry extract. I put about 1Tbl more flour to counter act the extra moisture. Don’t know if that was the problem. I had a lot of trouble with the indexing, even reheating once. It finally looked well mixed so put them in my new silicone bagel mold. I know I over filled the cups and they came out more the shape of muffins with a hole in the center. They weren’t done so baked longer. They were very dense and heavy and still kind of gummy/moist, and not good tasting although I could taste the cherry. If I try again I’ll do them as written and use the processor or stand mixer with the bread/dough attachments?. Any other suggestions you might have?

Hi Marianne, Sorry they didn’t work for you. I haven’t tried it with those changes, so can’t vouch for the results. It sounds like the bagels weren’t baked long enough if they were gummy/moist, but maybe the bagel mold contributed to that. Baking on a flat baking sheet, like the original recipe, creates more air flow. I’ve had some people say a food processor or stand mixer helped them mix the dough better, so that’s a good idea to try. It’s important for the dough to be uniform prior to baking. I have some tips throughout my responses to other comments, as well. Other than that, I’m not sure if part of the issue could have been the combination of cherry flavor with the saltiness of the cheeses. I’ve only made a savory version of the recipe so far, but have had others tell me they did cinnamon versions. You may want to add a sweetener if making sweet ones like cinnamon or cherry.

They are in the oven as I type! I love fathead pizza, so I cannot wait to try these. My husband abhors cloud bread, so I’m hoping he will love these. He has always adored bagels. I know he misses bread. I’m a celiac, so giving it up wasn’t a big deal to me. Now that we are keto, I know he misses that more than anything. Praying he can have one for lunch tomorrow and sigh in total bliss while he eats it.

These are seriously amazing and a huge game changer for me! I’ve made three batches and used them for so many things! I’ve used this recipe exactly as stated except I am now making it into 8 bagels instead of 6 to lower the macros per bagel. Size is honestly still decent! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Great recipe. I made using a Kitchen Aid mixer and the “dough” hook, I also spread some almond flour on the cutting board before rolling the logs out, this helped cut the stickiness a lot. I’m trying to modify to make cinnamon raisin bagels this morning, adding Splenda, cinnamon and a few raisins, removing the salt. We’ll see if this works out

Fresh mozzarella puts off a lot of liquid. I used fresh mozz and ended up having to bench knead about another .5 c of almond flour. I will reserve my fresh mozz for salads and use block mozz in the future. Mine are in the oven now topped with TJ’s Everthing Bagel mix!!

I tried it last night with the almond mozzarella and vegan cream cheese from Trader Joe’s. It was very sticky and I added extra almond flour. They were hard to form and didn’t rise as much as I would like, but they tasted so good (my kids said like a cheddar bay biscuit). I didn’t get a picture before they were gone. Yum! Next time I will also add more baking powder.

Mine flattened out a bit… but they were still so dang good with the TJ’s seasoning. In the video, it looks like you use more than 1 tsp of baking powder. Should I have to keep them from flattening out?

Hi Holly, I’m glad you liked them. Yes, the recipe calls for one tablespoon (not one teaspoon) of baking powder. It may seem like a lot, but low carb/gluten-free recipes typically need more than regular wheat flour ones. Hope that helps!

Hi Maya, I am brand new to keto, so happy to find your site. I didn’t have your ingredients, but thought I could sub and try your recipe. I used almond meal, 4-cheese Mexican blend, and cottage cheese. I panicked a little with the almond meal comments, so thought I would just chop it finer in my Bullet. WRONG… it formed almond paste instead of fluffy fine flour, but the cheese was melting over the double boiler, so I forged ahead. Mixed 1T coconut flour with the baking powder and sprinkled it over the almond paste along with a small handful of sunflower kernels, followed by tons of black pepper and some chipotle chile powder. Then I stirred in whipped cottage cheese instead of the cream cheese along with the eggs into the flour mix AFTER waiting for the cheese to melt. This was a shaggy mess for sure, but I kept kneading with my bread spatula for a couple of minutes. I put it back over the double boiler a couple of times, and it reminded me so much of sourdough bread dough when I felt it was done… still a little sticky, but well incorporated. The dough rested while I was preparing the pan. Formed into rolls, and thought, why not put chopped pickled jalapeños on top instead of sesame? Chopped them up and patted them very dry, then pressed onto the top of a few rolls. I baked in my convection oven 400 for about 12 minutes, then turned them over and cooked for 2 more minutes. They were nice and brown and, surprisingly, not flat bread! I only have small pans so my 2nd tray was the broiler tray. The 2nd tray was baked for same time on the slotted broiler tray and these rolls puffed up way more than the first rolls baked in the flat pan. Per MyFitnessPal, macros for mine were 400 cal, 33g fat, 20g protein, 2.9g fiber with 7.5g net carbs. They are rustic and tasty, and I would make this way again, but promise to try it your way next time.

May I ask, what brand of mozzarella do you use? I’m wondering if what I’m using has too high of a moisture content. I’ve made these at least eight times. I love the flavor but the texture just isn’t right yet. I’ve made slight changes with almost every batch, tweaking to try and get the texture right…. I’ve read the previous comments and used advice offered there, to no avail. Hence my thought about my mozzarella. Thanks so much!

Hi Dana, I usually use Kirkland low-moisture part-skim mozzarella (pre-shredded) from Costco. The brand shouldn’t matter too much as long as it says “low moisture” and not “fresh mozzarella”. Other than that, the texture might be off if the dough isn’t mixed well enough before baking.

Thank you for your recipe! They turned out great! I didn’t have any mozzarella on hand, so I used pepper jack instead. I made a bagel egg sandwich with avocado. This will become a regular in my home! Thanks again!

I am not a baker and try to keep my keto foods as simple as possible, but I am having some serious carb cravings this week. These bagels turned out great and they taste as good as they look. I wanted something a little sweet to go with my coffee so I topped one with a tbsp of natural peanut butter…delicious! Thank you for sharing your talents!!

Wow! I loved these! I followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of one bagel, as I added some fresh blueberries to the last one I put together. I really miss blueberry bagels! They were a bit sticky to mix but I worked through it. And like another person said, I rolled them into logs on parchment paper and finished kneading them in the 6 individual portions. Anyways, they turned out phenomenal! I’d post a pic if I could! I will make these again for sure! I kept one for another day and froze the rest! Thanks for the great recipe!

Hi Katie, I used low moisture part skim mozzarella. The “low moisture” is the important part (don’t use fresh – too much moisture), otherwise it doesn’t matter if it’s whole or part skim. Hope that helps!

Thank you for this recipe! I have not been able to get this type of dough to turn out just right before. I subbed 1/3 cup of a low carb/low fat baking blend for the almond flour. I mixed the dough in my Kitchen Aid for about 5 minutes and then used a little butter on my fingers when first working with the dough. The dough texture is great. It toasted up nicely as a bagel and it made a good bagel dog too. Now I am off to make cinnamon rolls with it!

I can’t say enough about these bagels! After reading all the comments, after the mix was incorporated (still very wet, I weighed it out and split it into 6 equal parts. I kneaded each part separately with a little bit of olive oil between my hands. Worked like a charm. These are about to be a weekly staple. So versatile. I can use them for sandwiches (which I am extremely excited about), bagel pizzas… just plain bagels! I will definitely add some stevia and cinnamon next time for something a little sweet. My whole body thanks you to the moon and back.

Hi Colleen, No. Most likely this means the dough wasn’t mixed well enough before baking. (It should be uniform.) Otherwise, check your mozzarella – it should be low moisture mozzarella (I used pre-shredded), not fresh mozzarella.

I just made these and had a few issues: 1) Didn’t realize the difference between almond meal flour and blanched almond flour, I do wish the ingredient list clearly stated blanched almond flour not just “almond flour”. 2) Same consistency of dough issues. I was kneading and kneading forever, and it seemed it would never turn into dough like consistency. So I washed my hands and prepared my baking sheet and sort of left the dough alone for a bit, only then did it sort of turn to proper consistency, but I was frustrated at this point and went ahead and put them on sheet in round circles instead and into oven.

Hi Lisa, Thank you for the feedback. I have the almond flour I used linked from the recipe card. Almond meal isn’t quite the same thing, but I’ve had people tell me they used it for these and they turned out okay. The texture is better with almond flour, though. Regarding the stickiness, I addressed this in several comments above.

I split the dough in half and used one half to make cinnamon rolls. While not fluffy like a typical cinnamon rolls, they turned out amazing. I added cinnamon and Swerve to the dough, then melted butter, added more cinnamon and Swerve, mixed up and brushed it on the inside of the flattened dough. Rolled them up, grouped them together, brushed with more butter and baked alongside the bagels. Thanks for the recipe!

Oh my! I just made these and they were fantastic and easy! Thank you , thank you , thank you! Finally something I made myself that I didn’t totally goof up and I can actually eat. I put cream cheese on it and ate it absolutely guilt free!

Hi Jenn, Absolutely! Pretty much any nut flour would be low carb (the carbs will vary slightly depending on what kind of nuts, but all are pretty low carb). One of the lowest carb flours is macadamia nut flour and I love it. I haven’t tried it in this recipe though, let me know if you do! Sunflower seed flour often makes a good almond flour replacement, but just be aware it can turn bake goods green in color. In general, any nut flour you like should work, but I’d recommend pulsing it in a food processor (not too much to avoid making nut butter!), so that it’s a finer consistency. Let me know if you try an alternative – I’d love to know how it turns out!

I kneaded mine by hand for awhile and it stayed really very wet and sticky. Should I have just kept kneading? Added more flour? I ended up dropping them as lumps on the baking sheet and baking them more like biscuits. They seemed like they could have baked for a little longer but were still very tasty. I will try again. I used Just Almond Meal from Trader Joe’s, is that different from almond flour?

Hi Hannah, Please check my responses to some of the other comments about the stickiness. If the dough is still sticky before baking, the texture will be different. Also, almond meal is different from almond flour – it’s more coarse and will affect the texture of the bagels. I recommend a finely ground blanched almond flour like this one or this one.

Hi Pam, Sorry you had issues with it. Are you referring to stickiness or were they flat? I haven’t tried with Egg Beaters. I don’t think they’d cause any difference in stickiness, but the bagels probably wouldn’t rise as much (yolks are a leavener, and Egg Beaters contain very little yolk). If you’re having issues with sticking, try reheating enough for the cheese to be easily stirred, wash any stickiness off your hands, then knead again. Some people even use a spatula in the beginning of the process. (To incorporate well, the dough will be pretty hot when working with it.)

Fresh mozzarella has too much moisture to work well with this recipe. I tried it the other day and it was so soupy that I had to add more almond flour to get the consistency thicker. Even then, it came out more like a drop biscuit than a bagel. But that’s not a bad thing. The light flavor of the fresh mozzarella and the extra water gave it a much more biscuit-like texture and flavor.

These were way better than I had originally thought! Problem, though: Mine came out pretty small, like donuts instead of bagels. I followed the recipe exactly and made six of them. Maybe I rolled the logs too thin? But I still think they’d come out small.

Also, what low carb flour would you recommend? Today is the first day of the keto diet for my hubby and I, and I purchased some bulk almond flour at Winco yesterday. However, my bagels came out looking multigrain-y due to the dark pieces in the flour. It didn’t taste bad! But I’m just curious! I’m not a fan of coconut, but if the taste was very mild I wouldn’t mind trying that.

Sorry they turned out small for you – I’m not sure why. Mine are the same size as normal bagels (but not jumbo bagels). Are you sure you used the same amounts as the recipe? Or were you expecting them to come out the size of those jumbo bagels?

I usually use either this almond flour or this one. Regardless of brand, make sure you get blanched almond flour that is a fine grind (check that second link to see what it should look like). It sounds like the kind you got is actually almond meal (which they sometimes label almond flour, but it’s different). Almond meal is more coarse, so you won’t get as good a texture with it. It’s possible that it may have affected the bagels’ ability to rise and that could be part of the reason they turned out on the smaller side. For coconut flour, you’d need to make other adjustments to the recipe.

Morning! I just made these this morning. Very good. I couldn’t believe it. My daughters thought they weren’t too bad. Don’t know if they’ll eat any. Yes, the dough is very sticky, but I found rolling them into a log between your hands, rolling them on the parchment paper (carefully), and shaping them into a round, works great. I can’t wait to try other recipes.

When making fathead pizza, I have noticed that a spatula (not a turner, but the kind you would normally use for baking) works really well for getting all the ingredients to incorporate. Might help some who are having consistency issues. But you really do have to work the dough in my experience ?? I’ve made crackers with fathead dough and pizza crusts, and I can’t wait to try these bagels!

My dough was wet and sticky for a long time. I finally let it sit after kneading for about 5-7 minutes. I only used 2 cups of mozzarella because I didn’t buy enough. I had it stuck to my entire hands and fingers while kneading, and consistently didn’t change. I was able to scoop out moist handfuls, and ball up to roll out my logs. After 10 min, there weren’t browned at all, so I went 15. When I ate them, they weren’t chewy, and kind of had a gritty texture. Is this right? I’ve never baked with almond flour before.

Hi Nancy, There are a few issues here: 1) Using less mozzarella caused an incorrect ratio in the recipe. That would definitely affect both texture and ability for the dough to come together. 2) If the dough was still sticky when you formed your bagels and put them in the oven, this is what caused the texture to be off. The dough has to be completely smooth first. If it’s still sticky after kneading a bit, reheating it some more, wash your hands and knead again. 3) Another thing that might cause the texture to be off is the type of almond flour used. Did you use fine blanched almond flour, or was it almond meal? Almond meal can lead to a gritty texture like you described. Hope this helps.

Have you tried freezing them? I’m also wondering if making a double batch is a good idea and freezing extras. I actually have all the ingredients to make these. If it wasn’t so hot outside, I’d be making these today.

I made these bagels they were very flat. Would adding another tbsp of baking powder puff them up? Do you mix the almond flour into the cheese til it is smooth? Mine was rough like not all flour was incorporated.

Hi Debbie, I don’t think the baking powder was the issue. The dough should be smooth. If it was rough, it wasn’t mixed well enough. I have some tips in other comments about this, but my #1 tip would be to reheat a little more if it stops incorporating after kneading. The dough needs to be completely smooth before putting in the oven, otherwise the bagels will be flat as you experienced and the texture will be off.

This is the best LCHF bread recipe I’ve found! I use it for bread rolls and pizza bases. So quick and easy to make. I’m going to see if par cooking them and adding them to a stew will result in a dumpling like bread

I was under the impression that vegetarian simply meant no meat. If that’s the case, this is vegetarian. I know plenty of vegetarians who eat regularly baked products on a daily basis, which include eggs. If she’s talking about something that is “vegan” and not vegetarian, then you could try making a “flax egg” as a substitute for the actual egg.

I have them in the oven now, and it smells heavenly in here. I know why my dough was so sticky… I’m such a ding-a-ling! I put 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese instead of 2 1/2 cups. I had to add another cup to the mix and re-heat in the microwave. It then turned out to be a better dough consistency. It was all over my hands before adding that other cup! So make sure you’re measuring the correct amount of cheese or this will happen to you too! lol… ugh!

Thank you, Carly. Have you tried that yet? In this recipe the almond flour, cheeses, and eggs are all used to hold it together. You may need a sweetener for a sweeter bagel, even if using coconut, because the cheeses are salty.

Hi Maya and Patricia! I just made these with Diya dairy free mozzarella and instead of cream cheese, I used Forager cashew yogurt and a splash of unsweetened almond milk. (Though I imagine a dairy free cream cheese might work as well) I also didn’t have enough almond flour so I subbed about 1/2 cup cassava flour and they came out perfect! Thanks for the recipe!

I have NO idea why mine are not turning out! I followed the recipe, watched the video, read all the comments… no idea! They rose a little better this time, but texture is off. They were extremely sticky and even after kneading for a long time, never got less sticky! Everything incorporated very well and I thought they may turn out. Nope! They are way too dense, not at all fluffy, puffy (teeny bit maybe from the baking powder) and chewy! I used pre-shredded mozzarella (Kraft) and Bob’s Red Mill super fine almond flour. The only thing I’m thinking is I should have used 2 cups of almond flour, not 1 1/2. Perhaps I overworked them, but they were SO sticky! Any other suggestions?

Hi Gail, Sorry they didn’t work out! The ingredients you used sound fine and 1 1/2 cups almond flour is correct. If the dough was still sticky, then it didn’t fully incorporate, which is more a matter of timing than amount of time kneading. The cheese probably cooled off too much before it incorporated well with the flour/egg. The flour/egg mixture is sticky on its own, and it only becomes less sticky when it mixes well with the cheese, which can only happen if the cheese is hot enough. If the dough is still sticky after a couple of minutes, I’d recommend reheating a bit, washing your hands, then trying to knead again. The dough should look like it does in the video before going in the oven, otherwise the texture will be off as you experienced. Hope that helps!

Hi Annie, Mascarpone will definitely work instead of cream cheese. Ricotta might also work. They might even be okay with a little more mozzarella and omitting the cream cheese, but the texture will be a little different.

OMG!!! I TOTALLY SOLD MYSELF SHORT THEN! I was thinking maybe each half was 5g net carbs – so would only eat one half or half of a half!! I make a yummy bagel dip to go with them! It’s mayo, dill seasoning and corned beef chopped up and mixed all together. Refrigerate it until ready to use. Thank you for this AWESOME bagel recipe!!

I made these a week ago! SUPER YUMMY!!!! I don’t do well with grams though–so my question is– is one serving”2 halves” or is it just “1 half” did I cut myself short last week by only eating 1 halve thinking it totaled 5g Carbs?!?! Thanks!!

Hi Lydia, Almond flour is *very* finely ground blanched almonds. Regular ground almonds (not blanched and/or not as finely ground) are almond meal. This will still work, but the texture won’t be as good.

Much better than cloud bread! The dough was very sticky so I opted for buns instead of bagels. DELISH~ Will be using these as hamburger/sandwich buns too! Thank you so much for this perfect recipe. PS: I also had one with butter, like a biscuit! YAY on that one too!

Hi Shermin, Sorry to hear that! It’s hard to say for sure without being in the kitchen with you. Possible reasons could be altitude, the amount of baking powder, or not incorporating the dough fully. I hope they still taste good!

Hi Robbie, This was asked a few times before, but like I mentioned it means the cheese cooled down too much before it was incorporated with other ingredients. Try reheating the dough a bit and wash your hands, then knead more.

I just made mine and they baked perfectly tasking great! I am very surprised because many recipes I have tried don’t turn out like the pictures and as tasty as they sound. These are amazing! The dough is very sticky and I found putting a little almond flour on my hands helped. They aren’t chewy though. Does this happen as they cool?

Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe. I look forward to trying different seasonings and toppings.

Made the bagels today then made bagel pizza for dinner. These are awesome! I overbaked them a tad, I checked them at 10 minutes and wanted them a little more golden brown and put them in for two more minutes and they got quite a bit darker. Also, mine flattened a bit more than the picture but still great though. I will use these for sandwiches and burgers. The best part is they are so easy!

Hi Michelle, It shouldn’t take that long. If it’s still sticky after a few minutes, that means the cheese cooled too much before incorporating with the other ingredients. You can reheat the dough a bit (about 15 seconds if using the microwave), then continue to knead again. Washing your hands in between can also help.

Hi Amy, Sometimes you need to reheat the dough and wash your hands before continuing to knead. If the cheeses cool too much before they mix well with the flours, it will be harder to incorporate. Once they incorporate better (but only after they do), the dough becomes less sticky as it cools. I’m glad your hubby enjoyed them!

Mine was wet and shaggy, too, but baked up just fine. I think that my almond flour is not fine enough so until its baked, nothing really wanted to stick together. The process was interesting, but the outcome was AMAZING and I will definitely be making these again!

Hi Katherine, These do work well with fine blanched almond flour. If you’re having issues with stickiness, sometimes reheating the dough a bit and washing your hands before continuing to knead can help it incorporate. I’m glad you liked them!

Hi Maya! I made these for the 3rd time today, and I only have the use of my right hand! Had carpal tunnel surgery last week on the left… but I was SO WANTING these bagels that I made bagel sticks!!! Haaaaaahahahahaha! They were a bit flat, but still sooo delicious. I topped half of them with “everything” mix and salt, then misted with EVOO. ?? It is amazing what you can do one-handed when you have to, like typing a message on your iPhone for instance!

Nina, thanks for the tips. I tried the recipe today (before I found out about your tips) and just dolloped them on the baking sheet. They came out delicious just in a different shape! I call them by bagel baubles! Easy on the go treats. I will try your tips next time I make these.

Hi Bethann, Sorry to hear that! It could be that the dough wasn’t mixed enough, the cheese had too much moisture, or they weren’t baked for long enough. It’s hard to know for sure without being there, though. I hope you still enjoyed them!

I have noticed mine comes out more like that depending what brand of mozzarella cheese I use. I’ve had the best luck with the 365 brand from Whole foods for the right consistency. But of note when the dough comes out too runny to shape I drop it on the parchment paper in balls and it make delicious biscuits.

I just made these and used fresh mozzarella. Unfortunately they did not rise or keep their shape. I have large, flat circles. They are also doughy in the middle and I am having to cook them forever. I will try again with the pre-shredded mozzarella.

Hi Jane, Thank you for the feedback. The recipe does use either pre-shredded mozzarella or block mozzarella that you use yourself. Some people have commented that they used fresh mozzarella as well, but I can see how it can cause issues due to the higher moisture content. This would be the reason for flattening and having to bake them longer. I hope you get the chance to try these again with a firmer (not fresh) mozzarella!

Love the ease and the low carbs on these, but does anyone have any idea how much sodium each has in it? Each ounce of cheese is 210, the cream cheese is high in sodium, and each egg has 70 mg. My husband is diabetic with a gluten allergy, but also has a valve replacement in his heart, so sodium is a major issue as well. Any info would be great. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer, Sorry, I don’t have the sodium info off hand but you can enter the ingredients with the brands you used into any online calorie calculator, which will also include the sodium. Maybe one of my other bread recipes (without cheese) might work better for you from a sodium standpoint. Thank you!

Hi Michael, It’s hard to say what went wrong without being in the kitchen with you, but I’m happy to help you troubleshoot. Did you mix the dough very well, so that it was uniform and no longer sticky? The step-by-step video above the recipe card may help, too.

I made these bagels tonight with what my husband calls a “healthy dose of skepticism”. Thus, the reason for my post. I am astonished at how easy the bagels were to make and they are absolutely delicious! I’m diabetic so carbs matter and I have not had bread of ANY kind in over 2 years! These will become a staple for me now. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this recipe. Even my hubby, who can have all the carbs he wants, says they are delicious! Thank you, thank you, THANK you!!!

This is the best low-carb bread recipe I have ever made. Thanks! My question – I can’t get them to really ‘toast.’ They get brown(ish) but I’ve not been able to make them get crispy, I think perhaps because they are very moist, from the cheese, I’m assuming. Any tips to get that yummy crunchy toast-like crunch? Thanks.

Hi Julie, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free 1:1 flour is a combination of rice flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum. I haven’t worked with it since it’s not grain-free and is very high in simple carbs, despite being gluten-free. If you want to use it for this recipe, it might work, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t tried it. Let me know how it goes if you do!

I hope it’s okay that I’m answering and I’m not the author but I just made these and they turned out great! If they’re still readily sticky that means you need to knead longer. When I still saw clumpy parts and cheese parts it wasn’t done. Knead until there’s a smoother look and they won’t be so sticky anymore. This recipe is great. Thanks

I got coconut flour instead of almond. Because of price difference. I will buy almond flour online, but couldn’t wait to try these. Are the amounts correct on the substitution? It is such a difference.

Hi Carrie, Coconut flour is a lot more absorbent, so you’d need much, much less. I would try 6 tbsp coconut flour to replace the 1 1/2 cup almond flour. Alternatively, you could increase the coconut flour a bit more than that, but then you’d need to add more eggs and possibly more cheese. Let me know how it goes if you try something with the coconut flour.

Hi Carrie, They might work with coconut flour, but you’d need a lot less – try 6 tbsp coconut flour to replace the 1 1/2 cup almond flour. Otherwise, I buy almond flour here for about $29 for a 5 lb bag, which comes out to about $6/pound (a lot cheaper than the option you mentioned).

I used Monterey Jack cheese as my mozzarella was pre shredded and I wondered if it would make my dough too stiff. I’m going to try it next time. The ones I just made were delicious! We put Trader Joes Everything seasoning blend on them! Better than the real thing for sure!!! Thanks. What do you think of adding psyllium husk powder 1-2 T to the recipe to add fiber?

I use pre-shredded mozzarella and it works fine (as would fresh shredded – both options work). Good to know that Monterey Jack works, too.

I’m glad you enjoyed them! I love that seasoning blend, too, and many people have told me they use it on these bagels.

I haven’t tried adding psyllium husk powder to these. They do have some fiber already from the almond flour, but that’s an interesting idea. I’d imagine you’d need to also add some water or other liquid to compensate for the moisture absorbing properties of the psyllium. Let me know how it turns out if you try something like that!

I have made these 3 times already and am so grateful for this recipe. They are delicious and have a texture that satisfies the need for bread. I have just balled up the dough to make great rolls for sandwiches and burgers. I am addicted!

If anyone is experiencing menopause, a keto diet has been a Godsend. For a while my body betrayed me and I was no longer in control. The belly weight was disturbing at best. But I have been faithfully keto for about 4 months now and I am getting my body back. Not to mention how calm I feel. Menopause is challenging enough mentally and physically and to self esteem, and the keto diet gave me hope for a post menopausal life. I don’t weigh myself anymore so I don’t know how much I have lost but I know I no longer delete pics of myself or wonder who that is when I see my reflection. I feel really good and for a while I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the rest of my life. Keto is very satisfying but it’s a little hard at first. Once you get past that uncomfortable feeling when going low carb, there is bliss on the other side. In fact, I sometimes have to make myself eat.

So give this delightful recipe a try. It is very happy and satisfying.

Love, Love, Love!!! I added garlic and ate it with butter. Now I have to run out to buy more mozzarella cheese so I can try a cinnamon version! I was ready to throw in the towel with low carbs today. I miss my bread and crackers. I may be making these bagels every couple of days!

These look delicious! I’m wondering what the consistency of the almond flour needs to be. I’ve never really cooked with it before (new to low carb). Mine seems fairly coarse, but I’ve seen some that are fine. Does it matter? Thanks!

Thank you, Kristen! Finely ground blanched almond flour works best. (I have a link to the brand I use in the recipe card – just use the pink underlined links in the ingredients list.) It might work okay with a coarser flour (called almond meal), but the texture won’t be as good.

Thank you, Teresa! Good to know that a fresh mozzarella ball works, too. It sounds like people have had mixed results with those. I haven’t tried it with fresh mozzarella yet, only pre-shredded or by shredding a block.

Thank you, Cammi! I haven’t tried it with fresh mozzarella. I used pre-shredded, but shredding a block yourself would also work the same way. I assumed that fresh mozzarella would work as well, but you’re right that it could be too much moisture. If you absolutely wanted to use fresh, one possible option would be to increase the coconut flour a bit, which would absorb more of the moisture.

Fabulous flavor! I followed a few tips after reading all the comments so I hope my comment reaches at least one person.

1.) add 2 cups of almond flour. 2.) use a Ninja or food processor 3.) The dough is extremely sticky even after kneeding for an absurd amount of time. So when it comes to molding put into dallops on a baking sheet. Then spray with cooking spray or coconut oil. Then you can mold very easily into bagel shape with the help of the extra lubrication.

Thank you, Scott! Either part-skim (2%) or whole milk mozzarella will work. I don’t recommend fat-free. I do think it would work as a loaf too, but you’d need to bake it for longer. I need to try that!

Mine looked great before they went into the oven, but flattened out. I know I kneaded it long enough, as it was not sticky and pretty easy to handle. Not sure why they flattened out, but I am going to buy some new baking powder to see if that was possibly the issue. The taste is pretty good, although I might add a bit of salt next time.

Hi Anita, I’m glad you like them! Those nutrition facts seem off, though. The almond flour alone has 160 calories and 2g net carbs per serving (each bagel has 1/4 cup almond flour), and the other ingredients add more. The nutrition info is listed at the bottom of the recipe card.

Hi Marsha, It might be okay but they won’t rise as much. I haven’t tried that, but baking powder starts to react right away so will have reduced efficacy by the next morning. I usually just make the bagels for the week in advance, put them in the fridge, and pop one in the toaster in the morning (or whenever!).

They definitely don’t stay around long… seeing as they came out of the oven half an hour ago and I have 2 left, since my 2 year old has claimed 2.5 of the 6 so far. LOL.

On a serious note, I am really liking these. I’m still new to low carb and bread is one of the things I’m missing most. These will be very nice subs for when the sandwich itch strikes. Only trouble I had was the dough sticking to my hands quite a bit (possibly not enough kneading, but it was starting to cool down and the mozzarella hardening up), so I ended up making buns instead of bagels.

Just made these and forgot to shape the 6 rounds, just baked like that. Didn’t look as pretty as yours, but still good! Also I think I should have kneaded them more. Can they be frozen on baggies? I don’t eat a lots of bread like items. So delish!

Hi Cheryl, That sounds right for the almond flour, except 2 cups is eight 1/4 cups, not ten. The mozzarella and cream cheese also add some carbs. The nutrition info for the bagels is listed on the recipe card – they are 5g net carbs per bagel. They’re quite filling, so sometimes I even have half at a time if I top it with something.

I cannot wait to try these and sprinkle them with some ‘Everything but the Bagel’ seasoning from Trader Joe’s. They look delicious! On my way to prep now. These are definitely on the prep list for the week!

My daughter begs me to buy bagels every time we go to the store. Making them by hand seemed like too much effort, but she finally wore me down. I made these this morning for brunch and they were a lot of work, but they’re really good and worth it! Next time I’ll mix with a fork as long as possible. I wound up with dough all over my hands. I might even chill for a minute or two before kneading. I found the best way to work it was keeping my hands flat and the dough ball moving. If it sat and warmed up in my hands it got sticky again. My kitchen is pretty warm this time of year, so being in a cooler environment may have been better. In the end, mine wound up more like bagel shaped english muffins, but they were delicious. I’ll definitely be making them again! I’m sure the more I make them, the easier they’ll get. I want to try cheddar and garlic for a nice sandwich bagel. Thanks!

Thank you, Joanna! The dough does get less sticky as it incorporates better. I don’t chill it because the mozzarella doesn’t really want to mix with the almond flour/egg once it cools down – it has to be melted to mix well. As I mentioned to another reader, I found that it helps to knead for a bit (it will be sticky), reheat a little more, then knead more… and as it mixes more, it will become less sticky.

I used goat cheese instead of cream cheese, poured melted butter over them before baking, and baked for a couple extra minutes. They are golden brown and smell AMAZING. Can’t wait to make pizza bagels with these bad boys!! P.S. The melted cheese is super hot, please be careful!!

Hi Bill, I haven’t tried that, but don’t think boiling them would be a good idea. In traditional bagel making, the water doesn’t penetrate very far into the bagels because the starches create a barrier pretty quickly and set the crust right away. Since these are low carb and don’t have that starch, I don’t think that would happen in this case. If you do decide to try boiling, I’d be curious to hear the results.

That being said, the bagels do come out pretty dense and chewy anyway (which is one of the goals of boiling in traditional bagel making). The other thing that boiling usually accomplishes is making the outside crusty, which you can also do with this recipe by just baking them for a little longer instead.

Hi Gillian, I haven’t tried it with dairy-free cheeses. I hope they turned out for you! The dough does get very sticky at first (even with regular cheese as in the recipe), but gets less sticky as you knead it. If it’s really sticky, I’ve noticed that sometimes it helps to knead it some to partially incorporate, reheat a little bit (not too much to avoid cooking the egg), then knead some more. It gets less sticky partly due to cooling and partly due to the ingredients incorporating better (the almond flour and eggs mixed together are very sticky, but once they’re incorporated well enough with the mozzarella, the stickiness is reduced).

Hi Gillian, I was wondering if using the non dairy cheese in these bagels worked for you? I would like to try these but to have enough non dairy cheese to try would cost me around $20.00. This makes them too expensive to try out before knowing if they would work.

Hi Becky, You’re not the only one that asked this question. ?? Almond flour actually has 1g sugar per 1/4 cup, so that is providing the small amount of sugar as shown on the nutrition label. There is no sugar added to these bagels. You’d have the same effect when baking anything else with almond flour.

I made these twice. The second time I used 2 cups of almond flour and they came out much better. Much fluffier and rose a lot more. The first time I made them I used the 1.5 cups and they were very flat and eggy tasting. I still liked them but I like my second batch better.

These are so good I almost want to cry. These saved me from cheating on my diet. I love that I can have a sandwich that actually tastes super close to the real thing. Thank you so much for this recipe I’ll be eating a ton of these!

Is the net carb count for a whole bagel or a half? I’m trying to keep carbs around 5g for a meal and wondering if I can make a bagel sandwich or just have half? Either way I’m incredibly excited to try these today!!

Hi Debbi, I haven’t had this issue before, but I suspect it’s probably due to the dough not being mixed well enough. I would knead it more to make sure it’s completely uniform. As for the stickiness, it does start out as sticky. But, just keep kneading it and it will become less sticky as it gets mixed better and as it cools down.

Hi Sandra, Yes, you can do it on the stovetop using a double boiler. Place the cheeses in a metal bowl resting over the edges of a saucepan containing boiling water. Heat, stirring frequently, until the cheeses melt and are easy to stir together.

Hi Lynne, I haven’t run into this issue, but would be happy to help you troubleshoot. Did you mix the dough well first, and press the ends together firmly before baking? Did they come apart during baking, or was it right away before baking?

Hi Laura, Golden flaxseed meal or sunflower seed flour would probably make a good 1:1 replacement in the same quantity as almond flour. (The bagels may come out green if you use sunflower seed flour, but they are just fine to eat!) Otherwise, you could also try replacing the 1 1/2 cup almond flour with 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons coconut flour. Let me know how it goes if you try one of these options!

From what I’ve read Tapioca starch is very high carb although some sites claim it’s mostly resistant starch (therefore not absorbed in the gut) What is your opinion Jess? I’d love to be able to use Tapioca starch in several low carb recipes but I’m trying to stay under 20gms carbs daily.


October 22, 2017

Hey Lyn, you are right about tapioca and carbs. I would say just use Cocount flour or use only a little tapioca. The great thing about this recipe is that you can play around with it. The original recipe is great! I was just looking for flours that would pair well with a cinnamon raisin bagel.

These are Awesome!! I mixed it in my food processor and had no problem with the dough. I love them. I thought you could probably add flavors and they would probably be as good if not better than the wheat versions. Thank you so much for your work in trying to keep foods that are loved but are too high carb or not gluten free. :o)

Thank you, Lisa! Good idea to use a food processor since the dough can be a little hard to work with at first (definitely not necessary, but a great tip if anyone is struggling with it). I need to experiment with flavors, too.

Hi Mary-Anne, Usually the dough gets less sticky as it cools. You could stick the food processor into the fridge for a bit, and/or use oiled hands to handle it. Both will help with any remaining stickiness.


January 4, 2018

I would actually recommend kneading your dough with a small amount of tasteless oil. This makes the dough smoother and easier to handle. It also gives the dough a nice, bread-like shine. I use grapeseed oil! Hope this helps!

Jill Hildebrandt

January 18, 2018

Made these this AM and they came out excellent! I stirred it all by hand and melted the cheese in a microwave but used part-skim mozzarella and light cream cheese that was in a container. It was very sticky but I just used a spatula to form a ball then divide. Baked in my convection toaster oven. I had garlic/pepper I used. Yum, thanks so much for the recipe!

Hi Wendy, I haven’t tried it, but don’t think it would work. There is a lot of mozzarella in the recipe and it acts as a binder for the dough. If you have another type of shredded cheese, that might work better in place of the mozzarella, but the bagels would taste more cheesy (since mozzarella is more mild than other cheeses).

Hi Susan, The consistency is a little different from regular bread dough, but it shouldn’t be wet or shaggy after kneading. It does tend to be sticky in the beginning. It sounds like the dough needed more mixing with your hands to fully incorporate it. If this gets hard to do, you can reheat for another 10-20 seconds and try again. This will make it more wet/sticky again, but that will diminish as it cools down (which happens pretty fast), as long as it’s mixed well enough.

Vegetarians eat dairy. Perhaps you’re a vegan. There’s an almond cheese I’ve tried (There may be others) by Lisanatti Foods- The Original Almond, but I’ve only tried the cheddar and it’s pretty good. I saw an almond-based cream cheese at my local market, so there are options out there. For the egg part, some vegans use applesauce but you may have to use less than what the recipe calls for so it’s not too much liquid (research before you decide). You should test and let us know if it worked.

Er meh GERD!!! If I had to talk to you right now, I COULDN’T! Because my mouth is CRAMMED FULL OF THIS SCRUMPTIOUS BAGEL!!!! Easy and SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICALLY DELICIOUS!!!

I sliced and toasted it and schmeared it with cream cheese… the taste is cheesy-esque, but plain bagely too. The TEXTURE!!! Oh MY, the texture… This is the first almond flour recipe I have made, and I have made a LOT, that actually gets CRISPY on the outside and softish chewyish in the middle! It doesn’t crumble apart AT ALL!!

Hi Mindy, They are fine on the counter for a few hours, but are best stored in the refrigerator since they have so much mozzarella in them. I’ve kept them for several days before they were all gone, but they’ll probably last at least a week (maybe longer) refrigerated.

EXACTLY like they look in the photo is how they turn out!! My sister, her bestie and I spent the afternoon making low carb and keto food. These bagels are the bomb! I’m not a big fan of the “cloud bread” at all and these are a solid, tasteful satisfying alternative. We even toasted them and added butter, melted into the holes, and it was delicious. Crispy and delicious! You won’t be sorry, we are THRILLED!! You will NOT be disappointed at all. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. Life on low carb is going to be a whole lot different now ??

Hi Stacy, Almond flour actually has 1g sugar per 1/4 cup, so that is providing the small amount of sugar as shown on the nutrition label. Of course there is no sugar added to these bagels. You’d have the same effect when baking anything else with almond flour. Hope that helps!

Hi Terri, Regular baking powder works just fine! If you’re not sensitive to gluten, there’s no difference. Often times even regular baking powder is gluten-free anyway, but not always – so I mention it just in case, since I labeled the recipe gluten-free.

Hi Dawn, Great question! As is, the bagels do have a slight detectable flavor from the mozzarella, but it’s not strong. Since mozzarella is pretty mild, this can be hidden if you add a bit of sweetener to the dough prior to baking. (I haven’t tried it so don’t have an exact amount unfortunately.) I think the cinnamon and coconut should work great if you do that. Let me know how it goes if you try it!

I don’t taste the mozzarella at all. In fact, I fried one the other night and put cinnamon and a small sprinkle of sugar when I had a craving attack. It was actually pretty good. Tastes like a fritter. I didn’t taste cheese at all. Don’t judge me. ??

Mine don’t look like bagels. They spread out and get very flat. Never thought of a donut pan. May try that next. If anyone can tell me what I may be doing wrong that is keeping them from rising for me, I would appreciate the help!

The first time I made these, I used a silicone donut pan. The portion in the pan was undercooked. I dumped them onto a cookie sheet to finish cooking. So, I wouldn’t recommend the donut pan. I’ve made these several times; they’re easy To make and delicious. My husband is the bagel king, one of the reasons we had to cut carbs!

I haven’t tried this crust with a dairy-free cheese alternative. I think it would probably work if it has similar properties (melts like regular mozzarella and holds together well). Let me know how it goes if you try it!

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