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Lactose-Fermented Tomato Salsa is a sharp and intestinal healing versi...

Lactose-Fermented Tomato Salsa is a sharp and intestinal healing versi...

Lactose-Fermented Tomato Salsa is a sharp and intestinal healing version of Pico de Gallo. Naturally Paleo, Whole30 and Low Carb, this will be your favorite spice during the entire season.

Making fresh salsa is amazing, amazing, odd and incredibly easy, you don't even need to be in the, Real Meals ve camp to do it yourself. It requires a handful of garden-grown vegetables to do a batch. This recipe is very forgiving. If desired, you can add extra heat or you can double the coriander if you love the plant. Taste and setting are your motto here!

Lactose Fermented Tomato Salsa - Pico de Gallo

This version of Pico de Gallo has an effect. Enjoy as you are, or set aside for the fermented magic of all healthy bacteria. This description has only 5 main substances and naturally Whole30, Paleo and Low-Carb.

Tomatoes called Salsa, Fresh Salsa, Pico de Gallo or Salsa Fresca - it doesn't matter - get some tomatoes and a handy chopper like that and get it. This salsa can easily be freshly tasted on # days, or you may take a few days to cultivate a nutritional supplement from probiotics.

True! This salsa is stored in the refrigerator for months ti cultured ab with live enzymes and probiotics.

Harvest Protection

If you are following me on Pinterest, you probably know that I have a blackboard dedicated to different methods to ere preserve harvest Beni. And this is a great way to protect the garden's tomato prize in the coming months.

I always prepare a big party (about 4 gallons of jar) and after we let them ferment, I transfer them to our garage refrigerator. Usually they stay with us for a few months, and when we go out, I'm going to my winter salsa recipe in the mixer in 5 minutes.

When it is cultured, I must remember that this salsa has a tangent that can be very strong for children. I enjoy it, but I know it's a personal choice. Therefore, it would perhaps be ideal if you still appreciate being considered fresh (after a few days of doing so).

Enjoy it as it is in your favorite foods. Store two weeks in the refrigerator for a fresh flavor. Since then, it will begin to cultivate and develop a thong.

Lacto-Fermented Salsa Fresca:

For fermented or culture salsa, add 1 teaspoon of added salt. Close the lid to the jar and adjust for 24 hours at room temperature or until cultured. Check daily to ensure that the salsa is completely immersed in natural juices or salt water. Press the salsa as needed on the back of the spoon.

Fermented salsa can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Recipe Notes

* Tomato: I prefer to use tomatoes in my garden. Sometimes, heirloom, sometimes steaks or roma tomatoes. If it is especially watered, you can drain some of the extra liquid so that the salsa is not very watery. ** Pepper: First you can sow the hot peppers for salsa at low temperature, but you can store them. After a taste test, you can add some of the seeds for additional heat if desired. *** Storage: Salsa is the best after 12 hours, containing all flavors. I usually put the salsa in the fridge immediately after making it and keep it there until needed. Keep at room temperature for 24 hours for rapid culturing, then store in cold storage. **** Fermentation: I learned that you do not need to add a culture or starter such as whey or sauerkraut juice. Enough salt and fermented over time.

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It looks delicious! How does the flavor change depending on how long you keep in the refrigerator? You said you could stand it for months, but if you keep it that long, is it still worth eating? Is the flavor still fun? Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Billy. The more time, the salsa gets a "ferementy" taste and smell. We still enjoy it, and we typically use it wherever we use salsa. But we have been eating yeast for years, so we are used to cultured taste. Onions are not crispy, of course, but they are still delicious.

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