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Low Carb Biscuits Recipe (Keto Friendly)

Low Carb Biscuits Recipe (Keto Friendly)

Low Carb Biscuits Recipe (Keto Friendly)

Low Carb Biscuits Recipe (Keto Friendly)

This Low Carb Biscuits Recipe has me all excited about living the keto life! I’m not missing my bread at all! Wait! Did I just say that? Oh yes I did! I don’t miss the bread. I used to crave the bread but not anymore!

Guess what?!! Look at how we made a Keto Chicken Pot Pie Recipe with a slight twist from this low carb biscuits recipe! It turned out amazing! You can print this Keto Chicken Pot Pie Recipe here.

Update: I’ve had so many people ask me about the Keto diet that I decided to write a separate post on all of the information I’ve learned about it over the past 2 months. It’s basically a brain dump of all the things the are important to know when you get started. I call it the Simple Way to Start the Ketogenic Diet.

I am trying new recipes everyday. I should have category on the blog for failed recipes because I have a few of those too. In fact, let me tell you… don’t use coconut flour in the recipe as a substitute. It doesn’t work. Trust me.

I would love to tell you to experiment with your seasonings. I love adding rosemary to my breads so I would suggest you try that. You can omit the garlic and onion powder if you do. You can even try a bit of cayenne powder along with parsley. That combination reminds me of the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits. I would like to inspire you to experiment a little.

There’s a printable version of this recipe at the bottom of this post.

Oh and before I forget, you have GOT to try the Low Carb Cheese Crackers we made the other day! OH MY WORD they were delish!!!

Low Carb Biscuits Recipe Instructions

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

Mix all the dry ingredient together first.

Combine all the wet ingredients next.

Mix well.

Spray your pan with nonstick cooking spray. I used a muffin tin but you can use any pan you choose. Take a drop and drop a dollop of biscuit batter on your pan. I also spray my spoon with nonstick cooking spray because the dough will slide right off into the pan.

Low Carb Biscuits Recipe Nutrition

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Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

Mix all the dry ingredient together first.

Combine all the wet ingredients next.

Mix well.

Spray your pan with non stick cooking spray. I used a muffin tin but you can use any pan you choose. Take a drop and drop a dollop of biscuit batter on your pan. I also spray my spoon with non stick cooking spray because the dough will slide right off into the pan.


Made these tonight. I could rave all night about them. Used them along with the Keto Sausage & Biscuit Gravy receipe. I think next time I’ll try withiut the cheese. This was supper tonight and both of us loved it! Definately a do again.

We love this recipe as a breakfast biscuit. I sift the almond flour and leave out the garlic & onion powder. I separate the egg whites & yolks. I beat the whites to a stiff peaks. I fold the whites into the batter last. The sifting and beating the whites make for a lighter, less grainy biscuit.

These awesome! I first tried the recipe following it to the tee. The second time, I didn’t have sour cream, but someone previously posted that they substituted with Greek yogurt…and then I added some chives. Wow! Still awesome ?? Thank you for this recipe!

These are really, really so good. Thanks for the recipe! The first time I made these was yesterday. I have stomach issues with sour cream, so I substituted a 2% plain Greek yogurt, (Fage). Chobani would work too. The carbs are about the same as the sour cream, but less calories (140 for 2% per cup or 190 for 5% per cup). The yogurt also has more protein (20 grams per cup of the 2%, 18 grams per cup of the 5%). I used mozzarella. They turned out marvelous. I had 2 yesterday with my homemade low sugar strawberry jelly. I made a bacon, egg and cheese with one this morning. Mmmmm. Can’t wait to try them with other cheeses and flavorings! Thanks.

I just made this these biscuits and they are….AMAZING. i have three dumb dogs that got into my butter so I substituted coconut oil instead. They are absolutely amazing. Instead of using cheddar I used pepper jack. by the way..the dogs are fine. I guess they wanted in on the keto too. That is a no go from me. Doggie chow for the the canines in my household. I am glad it was only 4tbs otherwise I don’t think I would have very happy tummies.

I served these with slow cooker Italian sausages and Reuben topping for New Year’s Day. The biscuits were the best part of the meal. I made a double batch because I wasn’t sure of the yield. I used an ice cream scoop and got 16 biscuits for a double batch. I also topped them with shredded cheddar and let them sit in the oven to melt the cheese. I did that after I finished cooking them. They would have stayed vegetarian but I used bacon grease as my cooking oil. I would definitely make these again.

I tried these today and I have to admit they were incredible. I added 2 tsp of whey protein powder to them and omitted the onion powder. They are awesome with Keto chili. I will be making these forever. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

I have made these countless times, always terrific, BUT…I double the batch and instead of powdered onion/garlic, I saute a chopped shallot in butter, and chop or mince a raw jalapeno. I toss these in with the flour, and drop the dough into 12 jumbo muffin cups. They are double sized, so double the carbs (plus the added carbs from the shallot and jalapeno). These make fantastic sausage-biscuit sandwiches (I make 3oz. patties) which are large and satisfying enough to use as a lunch…and they freeze beautifully. I make 2wks worth of sandwiches and freeze them, so you can just pop one in your lunch bag in the morning (great if you’re running late).

I pinned two recipes and thought that this one used cream cheese instead of sour cream. I used 4 oz. cream cheese, and they were delicious. Just wanted to share in case someone doesn’t have sour cream on hand.

I am new to a low carb and Keto diet, but am finally losing weight by following it. I do miss breads, etc. I tried this recipe today and they are AWESOME! I put them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, instead. This allowed them to spead larger, which works for sandwiches, but not too thin. These are just as good or better than the name brand cheddar biscuits.

I do have one question. What is the best way to store them? Currently I put a paper napkin in a food storage bag with them to prevent them from getting too soft or hard. I am leaving them room temp, but wasn’t sure if I should refrigerate them. Thank you for such a great recipe.

I stored my extras on the countertop too. It lasted 3 days before they were all gone. I’m not sure how much longer they would have lasted on the counter though. I didn’t have any issues with countertop storage for a couple days. I would imagine you could put them in the refrigerator too. I would just heat them up for a few seconds before serving them if I did.

Just made these tonight and they are DELICIOUS! Quick and easy. Just enough flavor from the garlic and onion powder and super fluffy. I will definitely be making these more often. I have been trying to find a good low carb bread recipe and they always end up to eggy. This was perfect!

Thank you for this recipe. I’m following a glycemic load/ low carb diet and crave bread often! These help with those cravings.

This recipe goes well with things like BBQ chicken, chili or hearty soup. You can cut back on the onion and garlic powders a bit if you want a milder flavor.

For a breakfast treat, I’m going to try the basic recipe and substitute cinnamon and stevia to see how that works. I’ll bet mozzarella cheese would work as a sub for the cheddar. And just thought: ginger or orange would make interesting flavors to try.

I did not make 12 biscuits, but 6, so I am doubling the nutrition amount to get the correct numbers for me. My husband didn’t care for them, but he tried them with s sugar free grape jelly. I didn’t think that would taste to good with the garlic & onion powder. I think I will omit those ingredients when I use them at breakfast time. I thought they were great just the way they were! I will be making again.

I have never gone back to a site to review a recipe before but I had to this time. These are amazing!! They are light and fluffy. A lot of low carb bread I have tried tasted too eggy. I will be making these again… soon!!!

Wow! I honestly think I prefer these over regular biscuits. My husband and I are eating low-carb and these give me the fix I need for my bread craving. They are absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this recipe and also to everyone’s comments. We are from the mid west and love biscuits and sausage gravy. We are on a low carb diet. I had tried another biscuit recipe before and it wasn’t good at all. So today I tried your recipe leaving out the cheese, onion, and garlic powder. I also was successful with thicken the gravy with almond flour and a little Xantham Gum. The biscuits are very good, light and not heavy and grainy. My husband is a very happy camper today.

DELICIOUS!!!!! I made 2 batches! I have tried sooooooooooooooooo many low carb bread recipes and they were horrible (plus had to mortgage the house to pay for all the almond flour….THAT I WASTED) so I was a little worried about “another” biscuit recipe…but these were GREAT!

Just made these….AND…..they are great!! The first try I only made 6 because I was scared they would be horrible (because I have made many low carb breads that have been) but these really are good! I didn’t use the garlic and onion powder and I ate them with a low carb strawberry fruit spread…. delicious!!

Just made this recipe. It was super quick and easy to make! I’m in awe of how close they are to a regular biscuit. The look, taste and texture are amazing. If someone else made them and gave me one I seriously don’t think I’d have known it was not a regular biscuit. In fact, I think they may even be better. I halved the recipe, which made 6 biscuits. I used blanched almond flour, mozzarella cheese, and omitted the onion & garlic powders. This is seriously the best low carb recipe I’ve made thus far. Thank you so much for posting! I’m hoping they are just as good in the morning, warmed in the toaster oven.

This is the first time I’ve commented on a recipe. OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are amazing. I made them exactly by the recipe. I made a rice cauliflower, broccoli & cheese soup also. Low carb deliciousness!!! Thank you for the recipe!

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