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Magic Broccoli

Magic Broccoli

Magic Broccoli

This is still the best fucking broccoli. Crispy golden-edged fried broccoli was finished with a lemon juice, rind and parmesan sprinkling. Very nice, but very easy, like magic.

This is the best broccoli recipe ever for Roasted Broccoli

When I first shared this broccoli recipe 4 1/2 years ago, I told him that this was the best broccoli I had in my life. And that's still true.

Of course, I was curious. The great chefs can make magic in the humble broccoli and turn it into a real fancy dinner.

But what makes this recipe the best recipe that makes the best broccoli recipe is that it is very fast and easy as well as very good!

Roasting is the key here. Roasted broccoli has a taste that puts plain steamed broccoli to extract! It sweetens, caramelizes, gets crisp on the edges and absorbs the taste of lemon juice.

And when you're done with a little parmesan Ve. OH MY GOD. Just so good !!!

How can you make the most delicious broccoli of your life?

Are you ready to see how easy it is? No more effort than steaming!

Two large broccoli heads (this one, 4, or 2 if available)

Just fry for 20-25 minutes until the edges become slightly brown and crispy (my favorite part!)

Move with lemon juice and flavor and parmesan, eat and serve

I'm not getting credit for this Magic Broccoli. It is based on an Ina Garten recipe - although it includes more fat, pine nuts and basil. It's awesome, but it's quite rich and a little more fake than I did for everyday purposes (I love Magic Broccoli!)

So this is a simplified and healthy version of the recipe. If you use too much oil to fry the broccoli, I understand that you wetted the flower like a sponge. So the side of a broccoli that should be quite healthy becomes excessively rich and oily.

Trust me, you don't need tons of oil to fry the broccoli. Especially when we finish with lemon and parmesan no!

Health benefits of broccoli

Broccoli is the power of goodness! Rich in vitamin C and K, rich in fiber content (good for your digestive system) and rich in health with other minerals and antioxidants. There are also studies showing that broccoli helps prevent cancer - although it is not certain.

To sum up: Broccoli is a powerhouse for nutrition and Magic Broccoli makes LOADS easy to eat !!

Magic Broccoli (the best roasted broccoli recipe I ever had!)

Video description above. It's deliciously simple to do but the best broccoli ever! I call it "Magic Broccoli" because it's a little roasting of magic and a pit of lemon juice and parmesan how it can transform broccoli!

Recipe Notes:

2. Broccoli stalk - the thick stalk that most people throw, just like the little stalk in each flower shop, really has a great taste. Peel only the outer layer - peel off the vegetable crust or stand upright and use your knife - then chop and use it in this recipe. I'm collecting things like this, and I'm using it in a Fridge Food recipe I do every week! Stir the potato fry (chop it with batons), finely chop and use it in soups, fried rice, casseroles, and even pasta sauces.

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I DO NOT TIME THAT. It's the only thing I do sometimes and I'm standing up from the bowl in the kitchen and eating. Depending on what is in the fruit bowl, I used the lemon, blood orange and lemon juice / flavor and I think I really preferred the orange rhythm! I've added the roasted panko to my last shot and it's delicious. I would never leave the store without broccoli anymore. Best ever

Hello, Nagi.

I am sooooo grateful for the recipes! Thank you for sharing your talent. I did your magic broccoli and it was absolutely incredible. Now I look forward to it! Last night I didn't have enough broccoli because I did with broccoli and brussels sprouts and it was really good! This recipe is definitely a goalkeeper. I love the simplicity of recipes - it inspires things! Thanks again, so ~

I never find broccoli. How can you cook WORST broccoli every time? I'm fusing mine and it's pretty good. I'll try it this way, but you should try fusing it in a large boiling pot, each time for a little bit, for about three minutes, until the fork makes the fork out of the stem - that is, the most delicious part. Vapor? Never.

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