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Chimichurri Steak, Potato and Salad Plate

One word: Chimichurri. If you don't reg, you should. A healthy and delicious way of laying flavor to almost anything. In this case, the filet mignon. This is my friends Organic Kitchen's Chimichurri Steak, Potato and Salad Meal Board!

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Steak and Chimichurri:

Tender, juicy filet mignon, yellowed on the stove and finished in the oven, fresh lime drizzled in chimichurri m simply dreamy. Chimichurri emerges in Argentina and is usually a simple combination of onion, garlic, olive oil, green herbs and lemon or lemon juice. Totally worth the five minutes to whisk up together!


Crispy fried potatoes are our favorite. We use 'new gold' potatoes for this board, but you can also use it at the same time fingering and even sweet potatoes. We roll them in olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and add fresh black pepper and put them in the oven. When we're frying, we prepare salads, we cook steaks. It takes about 50 minutes from the start of the whole meal to a wonderfully delicious finish!


Keep it simple here: greens, apples, pecans, and feta or avocado and lemon lemon in light! What a lovely meal!

This Cooking Adaptive!

I'm showing this as a two-person meal served on a plate, but of course you can make this amazing meal for two, four or six people and serve it to the plate!


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Microwave cooking and nutrition

Are microwaves bad for your health? Almost every American house has a microwave. The convenience they offer is undeniable. However, despite the widespread use of microwave ovens and excellent safety recordings, some people suspect that cooking microwaved food makes it somewhat less healthy by removing foods from eating. Do you cook with microwave? Are microwave foods healthy?

How does microwave cooking work?

Understanding how microwave ovens work can help clarify the answers to these general questions. Microwave ovens cook food similar to radio waves but using shorter energy waves. These waves are highly selective, mainly affecting water and other electrically asymmetrical molecules - one end is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. Microwave ovens cause these molecules to vibrate and rapidly generate thermal (heat) energy.

Are microwaves safe to cook?

Some foods, when they are exposed to heat, from a microwave oven or a normal oven, are broken down. Vitamin C is perhaps the most clear example. However, since microwave cooking times are shorter, cooking with microwave does a better job of preserving vitamin C and other nutrients that are decomposed when heated.

When going to the vegetables, cooking in water takes some of the nutritional values ??because the nutrients flow into the cooking water. For example, boiled broccoli loses glycosinolate, a sulfur-containing compound that can give vegetables the ability to fight against cancer (and many find it distinctive and some find it disgusting). Steaming vegetables - even steaming microwave - is it better? In some ways, yes. For example, steamed broccoli holds more glucosinolate than boiled or fried broccoli.

Are microwaves bad for your health?

The method of cooking, which keeps the nutrients in the best way, is a method that quickly heats, warms food and uses as little liquid as possible. The microwave meets these criteria. Using the microwave with a small amount of water evaporates food from the inside out. It contains more vitamins and minerals than almost all other cooking methods and shows that microwave foods can be really healthy.

But let's not get lost in details. Vegetables are good for you in any way you prepare, and most of us don't eat enough. Is the microwave oven good or bad? Microwave is an engineering wonder, a miracle of convenience - and sometimes advantageous in feeding.

Learn more about safe microwave cooking. See. "Microwave food in plastic: Is it dangerous or not?"

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