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Chicken and Spinach in Creamy Paprika Sauce

Chicken and Spinach in Creamy Paprika Sauce is a hearty, but easy chicken recipe that the whole family will love! It’s amazing in flavor because of dry white wine and sauted garlic. I also love the delicious paprika sauce! It is so creamy and buttery, with just a mild tang from the fresh lemon juice. You can make this chicken and spinach recipe on a weeknight right on your stove top!

Easy chicken recipe

I like to use thin chicken breasts in this easy chicken recipe. Or, if my chicken is too thick, I usually halve them horizontally. I love working with thin chicken fillets. And I made a number of thin chicken breasts recipes, such as this Low Carb Chicken. Try it too!

Make sure to season your chicken very generously. I always use sea salt, pepper and paprika as my spices. Then I sauté my chicken with butter until golden brown. So simple!

Paprika flavored creamy sauce

This version of paprika flavored creamy sauce is my absolute favorite, I have been making it for a couple of years now. Maybe more. I love that it’s a colorful sauce but it’s also really filling, and welcoming on a cold day. My creamy sauce for chicken is incredibly simple to make using heavy cream, wine and stock. I also sautéed garlic and added juice of a fresh lemon and of course paprika. The great thing about this sauce is that you can also use any kind of vegetables, such as spinach if that’s what you have on hand!

I use flour to thicken the sauce a bit, but it can be omitted if you are gluten free. Chicken and spinach go very well together with the paprika flavor here. I love it!

What wine do you use in this paprika chicken recipe?

When I made paprika chicken, I used Pino Grigio. It’s a pretty good wine. However, any dry white wine that you like can be used. When we talk good wines, I also think about Chardonnay or Riesling. All these are great choices. They will produce an excellent flavor for the chicken sauce.

When cooking with wine, you should never use “cookingwine”. Cooking wine is loaded with sodium and is not tasty at all. But cooking with a regular drinking wine will always give you a better tasting dish.

What can I substitute for wine

White Wine Vinegar. This is an ideal substitute for dry white wine. Made from white wine, it has many of the same flavor characteristics, minus the alcohol. Use 1/4 cup vinegar + 1/4 cup chicken stock to substitute for wine. This is my favorite substitute!

Rice Vinegar works too in the same proportion as White Wine Vinegar.

I do not recommend Apple Cider Vinegar because of its flavor.

Chicken or vegetable stock. You can substitute stock for white wine entirely if you are sensitive to vinegars.

Lemon. Because we are already using lemon, adding slightly more would compensate for the loss of flavor from wine. So simple!

What kind of skillet should I use

Make sure to use a good heavy skillet here, such as cast iron. It helps to have a large one too. I used 12 inch Lodge Pro-Logic Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet in this paprika chicken recipe. It’s well designed, has a helper handle and sloped sides. Overall, it’s a very sleek looking for cast iron! With so much room!

I do have other cast iron skillets, but prefer this one due to its size. It’s very large with even more space due to its sloped sides. Besides it never sticks or leaves weird black dots on meat like other cast iron skillets do. And it’s one of my most used kitchen tools!

Chicken and Spinach in Creamy Paprika Sauce

Chicken and Spinach in Creamy Paprika Sauce is an amazing one-pan dish with an amazing flavor from white wine and mild tang from the fresh lemon juice.

Course Main Course

Cuisine American

Keyword chicken and spinach, chicken in creamy sauce

Prep Time 10minutes

Cook Time 20minutes

Total Time 30minutes

Servings 4

Calories 330kcal

Author Olga


4Chicken Breasts(boneless & skinless)

1tspSmoked Paprika(for seasoning chicken)

1/4tspSalt and Pepper(each for seasoning chicken)

2tbspunsalted butter

Creamy Paprika Sauce:



1tbspflour (sifted)

1/2cupdry white wine

1/2cupchicken broth(sodium free)

1/2cupheavy cream

1tspfresh lemon juice(juice of squeezed lemon)

2cupsfresh spinach




Cooking Chicken: Season the chicken with salt, pepper and paprika, rubbing it evenly over both sides.

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a large skillet (I used cast iron skillet) over medium high heat and cook on the first side for about 3 minutes. Flip, and turn the heat down to medium and cook for another three minutes. Remove and set chicken aside on separate plate.

Making Creamy Sauce: Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in the now empty skillet. Add garlic and cook stirring frequently about 2 minutes. Add flour using a sifter until well mixed. Add wine next and cook for 1-2 minutes to allow alcohol to evaporate.

I made this for dinner tonight and it was wonderful! Followed the recipe exactly using chicken thighs and served it over rice. My husband and 13-year old son loved it! Next time I make it I’ll add mushrooms and make extra sauce. This one is a keeper!

Absolutely delicious! I have made A LOT of sauces for dinners like this but this is definitely my favorite!!! Added boiled potatoes and roasted broccoli and it was great!!! Would be Even better over pasta I think, though I’d double the sauce if I did that. Can’t wait to make this again!!!!

Hello – I’ve just made this, but added minced Spanish chorizo, and used Sherry vinegar instead of the lemon. I wad aiming for a cream of chorizo style sauce. With or without the modifications, it turned out very delicious, of course with a bold Ribeiro. I’ll add this to my ‘bag of tricks’. Thank you for posting.

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