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Never look at a pot of pressure cooker pinto beans again!! With loads ...

Never look at a pot of pressure cooker pinto beans again!! With loads ...

Never look at a pot of pressure cooker pinto beans again!! With loads of flavor and melt in your mouth tender beans, this recipe is a MUST for pinto bean lovers!

I never thought I could love beans so much. But these homestyle pressure cooker pinto beans changed everything for me!

I mean, it is a pot of beans, how special could it be? You could be wondering this…just maybe.

But every. Single. Time I make these beans (Teacher-Appreciation week, parties, for the family & neighbors) people go nuts over these. They comment how flipping delicious they are. I am telling you…done right…you will never look at a humble pot of pinto beans quite the same again!

And there will be no bank-breaking with this recipe….organic dried beans are very affordable.

I used my old pressure cooker for this recipe originally, and now I use my Instant Pot, which takes minutes to perfectly cook my soaked beans as opposed to hours. I simply ADORE my Instant Pot and think everyone should own one!

No Instant Pot? No Problem!!

You can also do these pressure cooker pinto beans stove top too!! I have done it many times…it just takes all day on a slow simmer to get those melt-in-your mouth creamy beans.

Credit for this recipe and technique go to my good friend and neighbor, Glenda. I had her teach me how to make a traditional pot of Puerto Rican beans. And I have never looked back…and consequently I think a can of refried beans would be sacrilege now! Gracias mi amiguita!


I like to make a big batch of these homestyle pinto beans and freeze the leftovers in individual mason jars. Just be sure to leave some room to allow for expansion!


By soaking the beans in a acid medium, you are helping break down some of the sugars that make beans more difficult to digest. So if you normally get some toots eating beans, this might be your savior! On top of that, you are unlocking the nutrients and making them more available to your body. Just DO it! Yes, you can bypass this step and cook your beans longer…or follow Whole New Mom’s technique for the quick-soak method!

Would like some family friendly Mexican fare to serve along with these beans? Here are some of my recipes you could try!


2cupdried pinto beanssoaked for at least 12 hours in lots of cool water and a couple of tablespoonsraw apple cider vinegar. While the soaking is optional, this helps break down some the phytates that give lots of people gas. Be sure to rinse them well after soaking to get rid of all it! Better digestion = better nutrition too!

Optional spices:


Place your beans in a large bowl, cover with at least 2" of water, 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or kefir.

Soak beans overnight or about 12 hours.

Drain and thoroughly rinse the beans.

Place in an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker along with the ham hock (if using). Cover with at least 2" of water (more is OK).

Cover the pot, bring to full pressure and cook 16 minutes (time starts when full pressure is reached). OR In an Instant Pot, use the 'Manual' button and select 16 minutes. Remove from heat and wait for the pressure to come down naturally, or do a quick release as preferred. The beans continue to cook in the next step.

Without draining the water (or adding more if you need to), mix in the pepper, onion, and ham and simmer, uncovered for 1-3 (or more!) hours, or until most of the water is evaporated and the beans are melt-in-your-mouth tender. Keep careful watch on your water level, and add more if you need to. I like to leave my beans a little bit saucy, but this up to you! You could also choose to mash them up a bit for a refried-style.

Stir in the tomato paste or sauce, if using, and any spices you may like.

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These beans were so very tasty! I a couple cloves of minced garlic because I love garlic and it was just fantastic! I did a 3 minute quick soak method with some apple cider vinegar and no gas for us!

Thank you for sharing

This sounds delicious and I am about to make them. I purchased all the ingredients in the ingredient list. Your instructions do not mention all of the ingredients, only the beans and ham hock. Is everything put in at once, nothings is sautéed first?

Tessa, such a great recipe!! I really appreciate finally having a go-to recipe for pinto beans, because I have actually always loved them. One of my favorite comfort foods! I’m super happy to see your soaking directions, the ham hock and the sea salt at the end — you wise woman! Truly perfect; pinning lots! ??

I have to agree, pressure cooking pinto beans is a total game changer. I made a recipe similar to this, and for the fist time, I made beans according to my bean-loving husband “as good as my mom’s or maybe better” haha

Ive been looking for a recipe that will cook the beans so tender like my Grandmothers. Her beans were so tender and tasty….but that was a long time ago. I am anxious to try your recipe and have one quick question…. What meat other then pork would you suggest to help flavor this dish?

Ok…so we’ve been using your recipe now for a few month…..several pots and we love em! My Grandmother would be envious. And we have found a replacement for the ham, we are using smoked turkey legs and oh my….it’s delicious.

I made this recipe with bacon instead of the ham and ham hock, only because it was what I had on hand at the time. So incredibly delicious!!! I can’t wait to make them again with the proper ingredients. This is now my go-to bean recipe. Thank you!!!

My husband is from Texas and these remind me of some of the delicious food we eat when we go back. I’d love to try these. Thanks for linking up with #freefromfridaysEmma recently posted…Free From Fridays – 6th March 2015

We like to pour the beans over corn bread or add rice of your choice in the beans or on the side, as well as corn bread. As a southern/coon ass cook, we just love them and always have the hot sauce nearby.

I use the saute button!! Just watch them…the liquid simmers off quicker on this feature as opposed to the stove! (Sorry it took so long to respond…my backend was not letting me log in but I just got it fixed!!!) Welcome to the Instant Pot world Nicole, let me know if you need more tips or help!!!

Hi Tessa,

I just love using my pressure cooker, it really speeds up the cooking time and the beans taste so good. Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday!

Come Back Soon!

Miz HelenMiz Helen recently posted…Tiramisu Parfait

Your Pinto Beans look really comforting and delicious, Tessa – perfect cold weather food! I’m hearing some amazing things about pressure cookers these days – it sounds like they have had a real renaissance. Thank you for sharing your experience and another delicious recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.April @ The 21st Century Housewife recently posted…Fruit Brûlée

Thank you for linking up at Tasty Tuesdays! Your post has been pinned to my Recipes from Tasty Tuesday board. I can’t wait to see what you link up next week!

Have a terrific weekend!




Hi Beth…if you have an Instant Pot with a slow cook option, use that. You could also use the saute feature, but that is so hot, you might get scalding on the bottom and a boil over a simmer, so watch carefully. I usually just finish it on my stove as I can control the temperature better.

These look amazing, Tessa!!!! Love when I can make things fresh from scratch. These would be such a great addition to a potluck or Mexican fiesta party too. I have to say, I love pinto beans (they don’t love me, but what’s new). They are so buttery and rich.

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