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Pickled Onions Recipe Only 3 Ingredients

Pickled Onions Recipe Only 3 Ingredients

Pickled Onions Recipe Only 3 Ingredients

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This super easy Pickled Onions Recipe using only 3 ingredients is the perfect condiment for burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Made in minutes and no fancy equipment needed.

Do you like pickling and canning? I am not into all the involved steps, so this quick pickled onions recipe is perfect. In fact, you can even eat these pickled onions the same day! This is also a great way to make pickled zucchini too!

Quick pickles are great to have in the fridge during grilling season. The perfect topping to lots of great burgers, like in this homemade burger roundup.

Recently I shared a salad recipe, and I had a visitor comment that they would like the recipe for the onions I used in the post. So here it is, the secret pickled onions recipe used in my Best Cucumber Salad.

If you are like me, for the most part, I love things to be relatively simple when it comes to cooking. Yes, I do experiment and spend hours in the kitchen sometimes. Those are the days that I am trying out a new cuisine or technique.

Sometimes I will venture into the kitchen and make bread or pasta from scratch. Now, that did not take my baba all day to do. If she was still here, she would run circles around me. I will never be as speedy as she. How those ladies did what they did still amazes me to this day.

My mom was ALL about pickling and canning. The cold room was full of glass jars. Fruit, jams, pickles, sauerkraut, and even pickled eggs. It was quite the ordeal watching her get everything ready. Wash and sterilize the jars, make the brine, fill the jars and then seal them.

Weeks of work during harvest kept the shelves stocked all winter long with delicious, homemade preserves. Canned tomatoes for pasta sauce and soups, jam for your toast and my hubby’s favourite, pickled beets to eat with a meal.


I do miss all those wonderful foods my mom made. Unfortunately the “canning thing” did not rub off on me. I am all for “quick pickling”. This pickled onions recipe is just that, QUICK.

My husband’s family was from England, and as you know they do love their pickled foods. My first experience was with pickled onions made in brine. I am not a fan of malt vinegar, so although he liked these very much, they were not my cup of tea.

Raw onions can be a bit hard to eat, even red ones. Hubby does not like raw onions at all, so I wanted a quick and easy way to pickle onions. I didn’t want to involve any special equipment.

This pickled onion recipe is super fast, and you can even eat the onions in about 15 minutes if you like. The longer you keep them, the vinegar will turn a beautiful pink colour, and the onions will soften slightly. They will always be crisp and have a nice tang to them, even after weeks in the fridge (if they last that long).

You will need 3 ingredients:

red onion

rice wine vinegar


You can even turn this into 2 ingredients if you omit the sugar. I like to balance out the flavour a bit, so adding the sugar helps with that.

These pickled onions are made in minutes, I am not kidding. I just use a plain old sharp knife to slice the onions. If you want perfect slices, by all means use a mandolin. I am all about the simple here. No equipment, no cooking brine, no fuss!

All you do is:

thinly slice the onion

pack the slices in a glass jar

mix the rice vinegar and sugar in a measuring cup

pour over the onion slices

put on the lid



We like red onions, so that is what I used in this recipe. I think any onion would work. As for the vinegar, go ahead and experiment. Perhaps you like one type over another. I have used red wine vinegar to quick pickle a cucumber. Experiment and come up with some tasty combinations. I need to try these in my Snap Pea Salad Recipe. I bet they would be awesome.

You can see why this easy Pickled Onion Recipe has become a staple. With BBQ season here, they will be flying out of the fridge into salads and burgers all summer long.

Do you have a quick pickle recipe you make all the time?

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Pickled Onion Recipe Only 3 Ingredients

This easy Pickled Onions Recipe using only 3 ingredients is the perfect condiment for burgers, salads and sandwiches. Made in minutes, and you can even eat them the same day.


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Hi I’ve never pickled onions before and this looks like the easiest recipe ever. I have grown a lot of onions this year so I’m looking to pickle quite a few, could you tell me how long they will keep and do I have to store them in the refrigerator? Thanks

I very recently had breakfast with a friend at a jewish restaurant and the platter of food came with some pickled onions which were delicious! I kept thinking that I need to try and do my own pickled onions so I am very glad I saw this recipe. It looks so easy! I am definitely going to try them. How long will they keep in the fridge?

I love pickled onions on salads and with falafel, but I never remember to make them ahead of time! I love that your recipe can be enjoyed the same day… can not wait to try them tonight with our burgers. Thank you!

Yes! I am digging deep into salads this summer, and pickled red onions are a definite must for my list of ingredients. I love that you kept it super simple and to the point, too! And I love the balance in your life of sometimes making fresh pasta / sometimes going for super quick and easy recipes. I can’t wait to make these and keep these in the refrigerator for all of my summer salads!

A cafe near me makes the most amazing roast beef sandwich with pickled onions. One of my favorite things to order for lunch. I never realized that pickled onions were so easy to make at home! I’m going to have to make a batch of these for our salads and sandwiches this summer!

I love pickled onions and that these are so easy you can make them and eat them on the same day! We always eat them with carnitas, but I like your suggestion of putting them on burgers. That sounds so good.

I love having pickled onions on hand for burgers and other dishes. Loving this quick version! I am all about canning and spend hours in the kitchen canning everything, it will be nice to have a quick and easy recipe for a change ??

I have got to make pickled onions soon. I love pickles and I often make the basic cucumber and veggies but I have never done it myself but I know I will love it cause I love red onions. Can’t wait to do this soon. Saving it for later.

Yes! I absolutely love pickled onions, especially on tacos. I usually make instant pickled onions by simmering them in cider vinegar and a smidgen of sugar. But it would be great to have a jar of these gems ready to go in the fridge. They add such big flavor and beautiful color.

I love quick pickles too. When we have an abundance of a certain crop, usually fruit, we go straight to canning and freezing. But whenever I can, i like the quick pickling method. Your easy method is really perfect. I don’t like the sharpness of raw onions so your recipe sounds like it really cuts the sharpness out of it. Saving this!

I love pickled onions and I always take a huge heap of it when eating at Indian restaurant. It is so simple to make and I love the flavor and the color of the red onions. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to try it.

I love to can — at least I used to. When we lived out in the country I canned so many jars of veggies and fruit I couldn’t wait to move and not have to. Now, I miss it. I love the idea of having jars and jars of preserved foods. I even canned broths and soups. Well, with all the canning I did, I never pickled onions. We enjoy eating onions so this is definitely a recipe I have to try.

I can think of so many great ways to use these onions. I have never tried anything like this. I just love how pretty they look to and to have on hand for garnishing. I bet they are perfect for any salad toppings!

Funny, I made pickled onions/cucumbers just before I came across your post!. I do basically the same thing, but add a tiny — repeat tiny — amount of pickling spice. We love this combo with pickled herring, Ry-Krisp, potato salad with lots of dill, and Aquavit. Yummy!


[…] Since I was a kid, my mom made pickled eggs. In fact, she was a true “canner”. All kinds of pickles, fruits, jams, canned tomatoes, sauces and of course sauerkraut, lined the walls of the cold cellar. I am more of the quick pickle person, like with my pickled onions recipe! […]

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