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Smoked Salmon Salad with Cucumber Noodles

Smoked Salmon Salad with Cucumber Noodles

Smoked Salmon Salad with Cucumber Noodles

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Do you like smoked fish? So, this smoked salmon salad with cucumber noodles is for you. Lunch is great, as is the starter or "meal size salad" as we wanted.

Slices of smoked salmon on fun cucumber noodles coated with sour cream and dill sauce. Topped with cherry tomatoes, capers and one or two fresh broken black pepper. This plain smoked salmon dish served as a main course is also very easy in calories. For a great idea, the Smoked Salmon Eggs in A Hole is a crowd delight.

Smoked salmon and dill is definitely a winning combination. Most people have heard the famous pretzel with smoked salmon.


Did you know there are smoked salmon types? People are confusing, but there are certainly differences that make each one unique.

Lox is treated with a salt water and is non-smoking. It has a buttery structure and a very salty taste.

The smoked salmon dries a salt dry and then drinks for a little longer. It is also known as cold salmon, because the temperature never exceeds 80 degrees. The smoking fish does not cook and the texture is similar to the raw fish.

This is the most common species in salmon type stores. Thin slices are vacuumed and often found in the freezer compartment. You can also get fresh.

Hot smoked salmon (also called kipperli) is hardened with wet salt brine, then drink about 120 degrees F (or slightly higher) for a few hours.

Then there's gravity. Salmon is improved and non-smoking. Such curing uses much less salt and materials such as dill, lemon, sugar and vodka.

Smoked Salmon Salad Tools

With a few ingredients, this simple smoked salmon salad comes together in a few minutes. You will need:

Slices of smoked salmon

Cucumber noodles (great fun to do and eat)

sour cream


cherry tomatoes


Fresh broken peppercorns

I made cucumber noodles with my spiralizer. Do you have it? They're so fun. Once you have made cucumber noodles, you can immediately use it if you like. I wanted to remove some of the excess water, so I put the noodles in a little salty colander.

Allow them to wait for 15 minutes (or so), rinse out slightly (to remove some salt) and tighten tightly to a kitchen towel.

Put the noodles in the sour cream and dill sauce and place in the bowls. Add the smoked slices of salmon and add tomatoes, capers and black pepper on top. This much!


Over the years I have tried different ways to enjoy smoked salmon. I think the study is a wonderful and delicious ingredient. Breakfast can be included in the recipes until dinner.

Salmon Smoked Salad was a basic product during these last few HOT summer months. Using this garden with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes was definitely a breeze. The main course was wonderful (this recipe is ideal for 2 nice sized salads). Dinner is served when you add a glass of white wine. Hopefully try one soon.

What is your favorite way to smoke smoked salmon?

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Smoked Salmon Salad with Cucumber Noodles

Excellent dinner on any night of the week. Fun cucumber noodles in sour cream and dill sauce topped with smoked salmon, slices of tomato and capers. Salad Salad Salad Noodle is a fun and easy meal.


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I'm still swimming in the house cucumbers! My tomatoes have not yet matured (thanks to cold weather). I hope to start picking tomatoes this week! This light side salad makes a great addition to a delicatessen plate!

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