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Sunday is my meal day. I usually try to get a good part of the day, an...

Sunday is my meal day. I usually try to get a good part of the day, an...

Sunday is my meal day. I usually try to get a good part of the day, and I start to draw and draw at least one recipe, and maybe even write some things if I'm a little lucky. My plan was to work on a coconut coriander sweet potato. soup. Until my kids decided to rewrite my day. As a parent, I've learned to round things as much as I can. I was pretty annoyed when things didn't go the way I expected, but I learned slowly that you wouldn't take me anywhere.

Something I've been thinking about lately is my own solution. When I was young, I had an idea of ??who I was, what I loved, and what he defined. Admittedly, I thought that was also disturbing. I think it was a pure way of thinking because I believe that experiences will shape us. I'm not the woman I was 10 years ago, and today I'm not going to be the person I'm today.

One of the things proving my identity was that it was far from being fluent and constant was to have children. You see, I never really understood the kids before I was a parent. Not that I don't like them, not that I'm not exposed to them. Then came the day I found out I was pregnant. All the experience up to this point went past me, and while they were meaningful in their own way, they just overlooked the surface. The moment I learned, I was carrying a person inside me, my sense of self was shaken. I just wondered how to fit in this role that changes me, not from brutal nausea, from constant interrogation and blink. If you're a parent, it may be related to the fact that you've probably experienced something similar.

Then came the incompetent parenting that he worked on. Being a parent has, at least in a sense, forced me to wait for my selfish tendencies. As far as I hate to admit, I am at the mercy of my children most days. Rational thinking and persuasion are useless in 18-month and 4.5-year-olds. I was forced to bend and twist to do real adult work.

But occasionally, when my son works for the stool, I'll park it next to me and say, "I'll help you cook." For just a brief moment, my adult self and my mother's self can coexist and be. Very little hand, busy robbing sweet potatoes, helped to make soup.

That's why I came from the curry water. The combination of flavors was spot on. I decided to take these flavors and turn it into a soup. Not one of my favorites and sweet potatoes, but because it's coconut milk. And if there's food that brings me to my knees, coconuts. It's just amazing in my book.

This recipe is not complicated and if you are a spice lover, you are probably already sitting in most of them. What you need for this soup is sweet potatoes, coconut milk, onions, broth, spices and coriander. I keep most of these materials in my hands, so whipping is a great thing when you want to have a lunch to warm up.

Hello there! I thank Daniela. I have prepared this site to provide information and recipes about how to live well without gluten and dairy. Calm Eats focuses on intuitive food, paleo recipes that are easy in the intestine, as well as health and wellness ingredients to improve your every day. Get to know me better here.

5 Amazing Online Cooking Taught You All The Skills You Need

1. Savory.tv

Savory.tv carries a fist. It is based on the noble mission of helping viewers create restaurant-quality dishes in their own homes, because all content is created by professional chefs. In addition to the fun videos placed directly on the site, it also has recipes, tips, global food trivia, and little-known food facts. Find recipes easily by using the search box or by clicking one of the many recipe categories listed on the right side of the site. They also have a fun "Ask to Chef" feature, a blog chock full of beer and wine pairing suggestions and food, and many resources like how to find a sustainable farm near you. This video shows the preparation of the classic Butter Chicken recipe made at the Sahara Restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

2. The New York Times Food Videos

Do you turn your mouth into the New York Times food section just to irrigate seasonal recipes created by culinary coffees such as Mark Bittman? I did it too. The recipes are helping, but I would like to see how a professional chef is following them to get tips on everything from knife masters to food and beverage pairings. The New York Times Food Videos section does all of the recipes that they publish, as well as clips of great food news, trends, and discoveries, as well as an easy-to-navigate interface. Melissa Clark recently took us to her kitchen to show us how Satan prepared the Cooking Cake.

3. Everyday Food With Sarah Carey

Sometimes I enter the local market without a list and my mind is literally emptying. I see all these great food and I don't know what to do with it. Sarah Carey is our guide to take daily items from the market and turn them into healthy, cheap, fast and easy to prepare meals for ourselves and the whole family. The show features every Everyday Food, easy breeze style and infectious laughter that makes the show as fun as it helps. In this video Sarah offers us an easy, delicious and economical green juice recipe.

4. FudeHouse

Jeffrey de Picciotto is the real issue when it comes to pursuing food passion. He started as a trainee at New York's Dickson's Farmstand Meats and worked in the upcountry. The multicultural background and the experience he lived as a creative director and chef, FudeHouse met on site, filled with videos to teach you how to cook from the heart and soul instead. Would you like to know how to tie up turkey, make pork sandwiches with meat, grate ginger easily, or take out the perfect pizza crust? Jeffrey has helped you with tips, advice, recipes, techniques and encouragement. I think I fell in love. In this video, Jeffrey shows us how to make the restaurant-quality steak at home.

5. Sorted Food

They all laugh, make food and share in a British accent! This is the recipe for success for SORTED Food, an online cooking program funded by five chefs who offer the lighter side of cooking with equal piece of knowledge and fun. From the three-part series in chocolate to how to make sushi rolling, these blocks share everything they know about food and live a happy life inside and outside the kitchen. If you go directly to their YouTube channels, they also share their favorite online dining programs ranging from sweet Lovely Lady Pastries to Nicko's Kitchen. With their signature humor and impressive accents, they show us how to prepare a spectacular, highly satisfying Thai Noodle Broth.

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