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Sweet Potato Cakes [Gluten-Free, without milk, cereal free option]

Sweet Potato Cakes [Gluten-Free, without milk, cereal free option]

Sweet Potato Cakes [Gluten-Free, without milk, cereal free option]

Sweet Potatoes Gluten-free Cakes are moist, light, dense and sweet enough. With a little walnut crumbs, they satisfy this longing for chocolate!

Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potatoes

I'm always happy when I keep the vegetables in dessert! Sweet potatoes add a nice moisturizing and natural sweetness to these gluten-free cakes. As I mentioned before, sweetening with all foods that protect their natural fibers is a good idea. The fiber slows the absorption of sugar into our blood flow.

It is an amazing source of beta-carotene, such as sweet potatoes, other carotenoids and dietary fiber. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help strengthen our vision, increase our immunity, prevent cancer and protect against aging. Get the sweet potatoes!

It is a simple blend of icing, melted chocolate pieces and marzipan.

No Food Processor?

I made these gluten-free cakes in a kitchen robot. My kitchen robot is the most valuable kitchen dish! It just makes things easier and cleans in the dishwasher. You can still do this without a food processor. Crush your uncooked sweet potatoes with your hands, beat your eggs before adding and mix the dough thoroughly.

Ice sprinkling on chilled gluten-free cakes.

Milk free

If your gluten-free cakes are also important for your lack of milk, be sure to use milk-free chocolate chips for freezing.

Sprinkle the chopped walnuts and warm the ice to harden.

Grain Free Option for Gluten-Free Cakes

The cereal-free option for these gluten-free cakes came late to the game. I've tested the recipe over and over and I took photos with rice flour. Then, using the skills I learned in the Elimination Diet Meal Plan, I decided to cut the cereals for a while since I was paying attention to my own diet. I've had a lot of disconnections on my face and I wanted to determine why.

In our recipe test, we had a lot of sweet potato muffins in the freezer. When I went to eat cereal, I noticed that only 1/4 cup of rice flour was standing between me and all the muffins! I changed the rice flour with quinoa flour and the results were perfect! Thus, the pictures were taken with rice flour and the video was taken with quinoa flour. Difficult to say the difference in taste or appearance.




Set the front oven to 350 F. Lubricate or cut with parchment paper with 8 inch X 9 inch pan. (I used a Pyrex pan.)

Combine baked sweet potatoes, coconut oil, eggs, sugar and vanilla in a food processor. (Make sure that the sweet potatoes are cooled sufficiently before adding the eggs, so they don't cook in contact).

The batter is spread into the pan prepared. Cook for 35 minutes or cook until the center tests are performed. Place in a rack to cool.


After removing the cake from the oven and turning off the heat. Place the chocolate chips in a oven-resistant container in the refrigeration oven. When they are sufficiently melted to mix smoothly, stir the marzipan.

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