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The ultimate casual dining.

The ultimate casual dining.

The ultimate casual dining.

I have no idea about the place, but this place, the pasta cheese, the casual dining on the highest level. If the kids are weird, give them cheese cheese and they'il be happy. When my father is miserable, prepare cheese cheese for dinner and he will be happy. And yes, even though I can't eat pasta and cheese (non-healthy, soya-free life!) I still make me happy.

The pasta cheese is a very simple meal, the taste is almost incredible to be delicious. I like to keep the vegetables of my family's pasta and cheese. Cooked carrots, a little purified pumpkin, broth, mustard, they are all well hiding there. None of my children were smart.

Well, except for the 10-year-old, because at the point where he took care of making cheese cheese in our house. Yeah, I'm trying to get myself out of my job! the #momw

Unhappy day.

It would be a shortcoming to say that my children and my husbands were not completely fond of pasta and cheese. And I was there, until the milk-free stuff touched the fan.

I was totally amazed to find that I had been intolerant of dairy products since I had entered the GAPS diet for several months and still didn't feel better.

Hope for despair.

Now I've eaten pasta and cheese that didn't contain milk before. With cashews. Ew. Some have fake tofu. Double ew. Friends, it must be a better way!

Then one day I was looking at Instagram. Because I do it sometimes. (If you feed too, don't hesitate to examine my diet, it is filled with exquisite gluten-free and paleo food!) But I still looked at the stories and saw a writing in a milk-free cheese cheese.

Of course I wondered. Was this version going to be like the others who were full of unhealthy milk subsidies or just tasted?

Vegetables to win!

I knew that I had to try, as I saw the hidden ingredients in this milk-free pasta and pumpkin in my cheese! Since I am still in the GAPS diet and cannot have any type of pasta, I have also tried it on my milk-free son. While eating without complaining, it was not affected.

So I set out to do it myself.

After a few attempts a few tweaks and a few months later I banged the nail into my head. At least in my son's opinion. And I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Note: This sauce is 100% Full GAPS Diet friendly. However, most gluten-free pasta is not. Serve in the lentil pasta to enjoy this in the GAPS diet! In Trader Joe's (this is their brand), on Amazon, you can even find some Walmarts.

PPS: If you can handle potatoes, this sauce is crumbling on the baked potato!

On the recipe card, I contacted some of the products I want to use from my affiliate partners. Buying from these links will not cost you an extra price. Thanks!

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