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This article took a long time to get from my head to your computer (or...

This article took a long time to get from my head to your computer (or...

This article took a long time to get from my head to your computer (or iPad or tablet or phone or whatever), because I'm very excited to keep this portobello mushroom pizza every time. I started eating them all before I took a picture.

Today, though, I've finally taken frustrating photos!

All I had to do was make extra, so I was eating mushroom pizzas and photographing mushroom pizzas at the same time.

It worked completely.

This is very exciting, because now I can tell you that all these mushrooms are oo pizzas ”and why you should make them immediately proooooobably.

Spoiler alert: Wonderland.

I like pizza. I LOVED. But pizza's not good for you. This is also a problem because I want to eat things I want to keep happy every day forever.

FORTUNATELY, portobello mushrooms make the place of traditional pizza shells quite delicious. This means that 1) healthy food means that 2) we fill with extra cheese and 3) we can eat twice as much delicious bite because 4) please see # 1.

Also, professional tip: Cook your mushrooms on a safe cooling rack in an oven where you place them on a framed baking tray. The cooling rack makes room for moisture to flow away from the mushrooms during cooking, which eliminates any possible glasses (pizza with juicy portobello mushrooms = THANK YOU) and helps to fry the mushrooms evenly.

My mushrooms were huge. I drilled a hole in the middle of each mushroom using a rod. Let them marinade with oil, garlic, salt, pepper, fresh basil and some balsamic vinegar. Cooked 15 minutes in advance. Also add halved tomatoes to the baking tray. After 15 minutes, the mushrooms were perfect. Put some cheese on them, then pre-cooked tomatoes. Chopped fresh spinach and more cheese were added. I cooked 20 minutes. They were delicious and different. Thanks for the recipe. A nice change and will be good for the company as well.

What Designers Can Try From Martha Stewart?

Like every housewife, Martha Stewart, a long-time developer of experience, can teach a few things to UX practitioners to bring back users for more.

You can compare the experience of spending time with people living in their homes to experience a brand. When you enter the home of a truly wonderful host, you are faced with a number of carefully designed options designed to give you a positive experience. In other words: you are experiencing the ın brand ”of that household.

Pleasant tastes, ambience and lighting, welcoming cuddles and talking, the best hosts are planning every experience that their guests will experience, taking into account all their senses and emotional reactions. Like every brand, good hosts want their guests to come back for more.

Although some houses have played a role in persuading people to carefully consider their guests' multi-sensual needs while Martha Stewart, Candice Olson, and Jonathan Adler had such personalities, many homeowners have done this in multiple points of contact for generations. In many ways, we can say that homeowners are original experience designers.

Like every good host, brands also want consumers to enjoy the experience of their products. However, very often, they do not understand the spectrum of the multi-sensory needs of their customers and thus fall behind the expectations of the meeting.

Brands, Martha, Candice and Jonathan, by considering the three important principles, including the best daily hosts, brands can design meaningful, multi-sensory experiences and establish long-term relationships with customers.

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